Tarbooj Sharbat | Watermelon Lemonade | Watermelon juice

Namaskar! Welcome to Nishmadhulika.com We all love to eat watermelon. Today we will make watermelon’s
sharbat.Watermelon’s sharbat tastes really good! It gives you coolness and refreshes you. Let’s start making watermelon’s sharbat. Watermelon- 1/2 (1.5kg) Fresh peppermint leaves- 2 tbsp. Lemon- 1 Black rock salt- ¾ tsp. Firstly we will cut the watermelon. We will take out the pulp for the juice. We will cut it into smaller pieces.
So that it will grind nicely in the mixer jar. We have cut the watermelon now we will
make its juice.Put the pieces in the jar. Put the fresh mint leaves and black
rock salt.Now grind it nicely. We have grinded it nicely. Now squeeze the lemon juice and mix it. Now sieve the juice. We have sieved the juice. There is a little pulp left, we will throw it. Put the juice in the jar. Serve it. If you want it to be chilled then add ice cubes. If you want to drink without any ice then garnish with mint leaves. Watermelon juice is ready. We had used 1.5 kg watermelon.You can make
upto 3 glasses from this much watermelon. You can make your Watermelon juice, drink it and enjoy
it.And share you experiences with us at Nishamundlika.com We shall meet again with a new recipe.
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