Supplement and water flavor mixers review video by Muscle Research

What’s up guys its Tyler D from Muscle Research I’ve come to bring you Premium Powders Flavor mixers These flavors mixers were developed because Premium Powders has an extensive non-flavored bulk powder supplement line. They have Watermelon, Grape, Fruit Punch, and Limeade. These will help sweeten any sport drink, supplement or even water! These flavors have zero calories, zero sugar and they taste amazing! You add these to bottled water or someone else’s pre-workout supplement that has a bad taste. Check these out on Muscle Research, you can purchase the flavor mixers three ways… You can order them individually. You can order them as a stack with all four flavors. Or you can get any single flavor mixer at a discounted rate while purchasing any Premium Powders bulk powder supplements. This is only available at Don’t forget about their free shipping! Anyone who orders from Muscle Research gets free supplement samples and you just might get a flavor mixer sample. Come talk to me on the forum, y’know, come talk some trash, you guys are already doing really well at it! Tyler D out! Join the community discussion about this supplement at Muscle Research.

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