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Today we are going to do really something
different, wow I just love it, today I am going to do something really very different
which we usually can’t get to see because I am living in a village so I can do something
different which you usually can’t get to see in the urban life so let me take you to
the tour of my farm and show you details of some things and how we grow vegetables and
which kind of vegetable we grow and how we eat our food differently then you people so
let’s take a look. Today I am going to show you two things which
you can make anywhere, anytime and without fire and you need just few ingredients so
now let me tell you what we are going to make today. Right now I am making masala chana dal which
is very and you can make in just two minutes here I have masala chana dal or gram lentils
with some spices, it is a fried snack which is usually available in most of the groceries,
Indian grocery stores, have some fresh coriander leaves, half onion, lemon and one tomato. So now let me show you how to bind all these
things, so first of all I am going to finely chop this onion, half red onion, it is done
now I am going to chop some fresh coriander leaves, now I am going to chop tomato, it
is a totally different kind of tomato which is usually getting in India, it is called
desi tomato or non hybrid tomato which is little sour in taste as compared to the hybrid
tomatoes, it is really very good in taste and has lots of flavors. All the things are ready so now I am going
to put the tomatoes in and onion, little bit of lime juice, lots of coriander leaves, so
this is ready just mix it well before serving and you can add lemon according to taste and
now I am going to make our second dish. For that I am going to take half of onion,
one tomato and here I have two packets of chana which we call chana jor garam and it
is usually available at all the places in entire India because we people love it, it
is black grams, fresh black grams and has some spices and salt in it. Now I am going to take this out in a plate,
you can see exactly what it is, it is very crispy and very flavorful, now first of all
I am going to chop onion for it, it is one of the most popular street food in India,
you can find mostly in the western India side and north India side also in Gujarat and Maharashtra,
we people love to have this very often, it’s a fast time food and you can make it in picnic
or any function and your kids can also make it because its required no fire so it’s
a very good dish and required no time so that is really very good thing about this. I am going to chop some cilandro or parsley,
as we did earlier I am going to put tomatoes in it, finely chopped onions, some coriander
leaves on top and lots of lemon juice, now give it a nice mix, look at that it is so
easy and tempting, same way I am going to mix our dal so see within few minutes our
two delicious Indian street foods are ready. So let it give it a try to masala chana dal,
I like the crispiness of chana dal and punch of red chilli powder in it and this desi tomato
and the onion makes it really very interesting and it has lots of contrast in the dish. Now let me give it a try to chana masala or
chana jor garam, it is also called dabela chana in gujarati which means nothing but
this pressed black grams, both things are really very interesting in taste but I personally
like masala chana dal very much because it has a different taste and texture in it and
the crispiness of it, it is really interesting. Please like, share and subscribe to my channel,
it would really help me to make such kind of more and more videos for you guys.

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