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It’s July and I know you are all excited for it because it’s Ice Cream Week! This year is all about the infusion of fruits and herbs. I’m taking fresh fruits and fresh herbs, combining them into unique flavors, five awesome ice cream recipes, all brand new, all so fresh, and all exciting. All these flavors are coming up on this week’s Wyse Guide! This is the fifth annual Ice Cream Week. I know you’re probably wondering: “why do you do Ice Cream Week?” One, it kind of seems weird ’cause this year was all about brunch, which, okay, you know what? We could totally have ice cream for brunch. But honestly, I do Ice Cream Week because I’m obsessed with ice cream! And yeah, I actually am obsessed with ice cream. You guys are always asking: “What do you actually eat?” o you eat everything you make? Do you eat all those baked goods?” Okay, obviously I don’t eat everything, but you know what the one thing I always finish and never let go to waste, never give away as a gift? It’s ice cream. I love my ice cream. Growing up, Dad loved ice cream so our whole family loved ice cream and I love to make ice cream. When I was little, it was a lot more of a chore and really only for special occasions that you’d break out that White Mountain freezer, which seriously still makes, like, the best ice cream. But now, it is so much easier. I have an attachment for my KitchenAid, which is like any other countertop ice cream model. You just freeze the canister and then you can make ice cream. And this year, I’m completely inspired by what is in season and that is fresh fruit and my herbs. My herbs are exploding in the garden, so I like to use ’em in weird ways. Today’s is really unique. It’s a Szechuan peppercorn strawberry basil ice cream. Yeah, that’s right. It is weird because it has peppercorns in it and basil, but let me tell ya somethin’: once you get them just slightly in there, you are gonna love it. To start, all my ice creams are pretty much the same base. In a four-quart kettle, pour some whole milk. Yeah, use whole milk. Let’s not skimp on that fat. Mmm mmm. Some heavy cream. Yeah, whole milk and heavy cream. Yeah, you’re welcome. Then you just wanna have some strawberry puree. For this, when my strawberries are in season in June, I freeze them whole and then use them in all sorts of things. So just thaw some whole frozen strawberries out or if you can find ’em fresh, and then blend ’em up. I’m just using an immersion blender ’cause it’s quick. Just keep blending until it’s smooth. Once you’ve your puree, just put it right into the kettle, add some sugar, some corn syrup. The corn syrup only helps that when it freezes, it does not get large ice crystals so it’s really smooth and creamy. And salt. Then we’re gonna add that unique ingredient: Szechuan peppercorns. I know these are weird. They’re a fun pepper to use. They’re completely different tasting. Some people call them anise pepper or flower pepper ’cause it has almost a floral taste and it has this weird thing where it kinda has this numbing effect on your tongue. Completely safe, don’t worry, but it’s just fun. Put them in, like, a mortar or pestle or any way you wanna just crush them up a bit. You just wanna make sure they’re all opened and can crush up. Once they’re ready, just pour ’em right into your ice cream. Whisk that together then place it on the stove over medium heat. While that’s coming up to temperature, you can just whisk together a little bit of milk, and some Mira-Cleer or corn starch. You know, I’ve been making ice cream so much that I actually love using Mira-Cleer. It’s a lot like corn starch, but it’s also called clear gel. It’s slightly different. It actually thickens it a little bit better and does not let as much air into the ice cream as it’s churning. So it makes it denser, creamier, and richer. If you can’t find it, use corn starch. Whisk that together until it’s smooth and then set it by the kettle. As you probably noticed, I’m not using eggs. Yeah, no. No eggs, so you don’t need to worry about the curdling or tempering in those eggs yolks. This is a lot quicker and it’s more delicious in the end. Once that mixture’s boiling, just move it aside on the stove, mix that slurry one more time, and then pour it in while you’re whisking. When it’s all in there, put it back over the heat, let it bubble throughout that way you know all that clear gel or corn starch is activated. Once it’s all bubbling, you can just pull it off the stove and then finish it off. To finish this off, we’re gonna add some basil leaves. I’m just using fresh basil out of the garden. Just pull the leaves off and pop ’em in. We’re just gonna let this steep for about fifteen to twenty-five minutes. You don’t wanna let it go too long or you could get almost some bitterness out of the basil so just enough that you get the light flavors of the peppercorns and the basil. Once they have steeped, you can just strain them out right into a container that you can put in the fridge. Strain out all the solids. You don’t wanna crunch on pepper while you’re eating it. Ya just want the flavor. Once it’s strained, pop it in the fridge and let it chill well. Any countertop ice cream freezer where you freeze the canister in the freezer needs to make sure that you have a chilled base to put in it. If it isn’t, it will not get hard. After you chill the base for about eight hours, you know it’s gonna be really well-chilled. Just get your canister ready, whatever your instructions are. Pour the base right in and then churn it. In about twenty to twenty-five minutes, you are gonna have delicious ice cream. At this point, I always say make sure to put it back into the container and then freeze it for another four hours so it really firms up. But you know what’s great? If you use clear gel or Mira-Cleer thickener, it’s almost ready to eat as is. It makes it so much thicker and harder as it freezes. Once you’ve chilled it and firmed it even more, you are ready to serve this. It is delicious. Those flavors are unique, but it is still ice cream but it is just an awesome excitement for your taste buds. If you agree and like this and wanna see more awesome ice creams, make sure to come back and check out For the recipe, go to the description box and until next time, get out and start churning ice cream.

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