Hi guys,welcome back to my channel. I’m Jessica Tang,if your new to my channel. This is the part 2 of my unboxing video. Because i don’t want my other video to become longer. That’s why i made a part 2. Today i’m going to unbox is… if you know this, if you’re here in Taiwan also. PX Mart grocery if you buy something.A stick blender by Jamie Oliver. Here it is. I really like this, because when my son still a baby. when he is small, i really love to make baby puree,like apple sauce squash also It’s really great to have this. Later i will show it to you. So that you will more understand what i’m saying. Let’s start to unbox. Here it is, i will show it to you. just like this only. That’s Jamie Oliver if you know him, if your watching his channel also he does a lot of cooking video,like pasta. If you open the box you will see like this, it has a manual, Leave me a comment if you know what they called this thing. what they called this? Amount of water or fruits. How much do you want to make. like water etc.I really don’t know what they called this thing. Just put like this, Make sure you locked carefully. Just twist it, This Stick Blender is 2 in 1 All the same like the first one. Always make sure you locked carefully. If your not locked properly it will not work. You need to remove the case. After you finish using you can always put the case back. to protect the blade, Remember to remove the case before using it. After you finish using just put it back. Just like this, If you’re making cabbage, like when you want to make lumpia. It is great tool to use.You don’t need to chopped, That’s all i want to show to you. This product that i unbox is, from PX Mart Grocery here. You need to collect their stickers, for example if their requirement are 30 pieces. or 25 stickers. You just need to complete,and if you want to avail their product,which one do you want. Just tell them, If you choose the small product. Sometimes you don’t need to give additional money. But just like this that i purchase you will need to give additional money. I hope you enjoy watching my video. Please subscribe to my channel. And Like my video as well. Just leave me a comment on my video. Thank you so much for watching. See you on my next video.Bye.. chopper bowl chopper adapter chopper blade stick blender motor blending beaker


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