Stem Citrus Fruit Sprayer

Enjoy fresh citrus
juice directly from the fruit with the
Stem Citrus Sprayer. This ingenious little
contraption sprays citrus juice with the
touch of a finger. So you can flavor
seafood and salads, or keep cut fruit
from oxidizing. Just insert it into
any ripe citrus fruit, and press down on the pump. The serrated teeth make
inserting the sprayer a breeze, and you’ll get an
even distribution of just the right
amount of juice. Since you’re tapping
the fruit directly, you know you’re getting the
freshest, healthiest juice possible. When life gives you lemons,
stab those lemons with a pump and get spraying. [SQUEALS] Buy the Stem Citrus
Sprayer now at (SUNG) [CLICK CLICK]

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