Speed modeling bathroom in Blender

Hi! Today I finished this my strange interior
architecture bath image. It was very challenging for me, because I
have not very much used to model realistic interior scenes. So there also might be a lot of things that
would need to be fixed.For example, the proportions might be slightly wrong. I didn’t measure anything. I just created and then scaled. For fun scenes I think it is very much good
approach, but if your target is to have completely ultra realistic scene. Then you should also measure things to be
correctly sized. First I wanted to have foam there on water
and everywhere, because it would look very cool, but it is very challenging to do realistic
foam in 3d-software. So I just leave that challenge to some other
video. It would have been like 3 hours more work. I think most of us wished as a kid to do something
like this. Put lots of water into a bathroom and then
play like it was an ocean. I wished to do so. Maybe because of some comics. I was dreaming that I filled our house with
a water and then put fishes into it. It would have become basically an aquarium. But if
my father saw this image, he would have right away start to rant me. “Son.. Do you have any idea how much it would cost
to clean that bathroom from all of that water and sand?” “I don’t know maybe few hours of wor.. “NO! It would cost several thousands of euros. That kind of playing will lead to a moisture
damage into the structure of the building.” “Okay, but..” “I didn’t stop yet. Also the insurance companies don’t help
you at all with this, since you damaged your apartment by yourself. You would need to pay the whole bill from
your own wallet. And that would damage the rest of your life. That’s definitely something you don’t
want into your life, son.” “Yes but…” “I didn’t stop yet. You could not live in that apartment during the renovation.” “I’m sorry father, but.” “Stop talking so much son and work more. I need to go out now to do some works in our
yard. I’m going to build this whole our house
again from scratch today. … And if you use the sauna, leave the door
open after your visit, so the moisture can dry out. This is how you prevent mold damages.” “but I made this in 3d-software” “Nonsense! I can hear you speaking even from outside.” “Okay father, I’ll stop talking now then. I am sorry!” :'( “And clean your room! Now! Son!”

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