Spanish Poached Eggs with Paprika Potatoes

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today we’ve got a great episode we’re making another recipe using eggs and
potatoes I know I’ve been doing a lot of recipes with eggs and potatoes lately
why because they’re such incredible ingredients affordable easily accessible
and you can make a plethora of dishes with them yes I just said plethora I am
quoting the three amigos seriously guys eggs and potatoes such
incredible ingredients anyways we are making Spanish poached eggs with paprika
potatoes guys this is such an insanely delicious dish loaded with flavors so
easy to make and done in under 30 minutes
promises to be one of the best egg and potato dishes you will ever taste now to make
this recipe I’m using yukon gold potatoes just because I love the texture
of them second thing I’m using organic cage-free eggs why because in my opinion
there’s so much better than regular eggs and last but not least I am using an
extra virgin olive oil from House of Spain these guys are located in the beautiful state of Oregon but the olive oil inside
is extra virgin Spanish olive oil made with arbequina olives from southern Spain
then it gets transported to Oregon and these guys infuse it with CBD guys this
is such an incredible know I´m gonna go with extraordinary extra virgin olive oil
it is so smooth an aromatic has such a beautiful flavor we’re gonna flavor the
potatoes with this and add a drizzle on top of the poached eggs to give this
dish an incredible flavor guys get yourself a bottle of this link in the description
box below we’re gonna begin by grabbing two medium-sized yukon gold potatoes now
for this recipe I’m gonna leave the skins on the potatoes just because it
gives them a better flavor & texture let´s rinse these under some cold running
water and then pat them completely dry you guys wanna make sure that you
scrub these well that way you remove any of that excess dirt that’s on the potatoes
once we have our potatoes clean and patted dry let’s cut them into rounds
that are about a quarter-inch thick once you have all your potatoes cut up
let´s add them into a baking tray lined with parchment paper now I’m gonna grab
some of this House of Spain extra virgin olive oil brush the olive oil on top of each piece
of potato season the potatoes with some fine sea salt freshly cracked black
pepper and for the final touch we’re gonna sprinkle our potatoes with some
sweet smoked Spanish paprika be generous here guys alright now we’re gonna add our
potatoes into a preheated oven bake + boil option 250 degree Celsius which is
about 475 degrees Fahrenheit okay guys while the potatoes are baking
let’s get the rest of this stuff ready grab a saucepan fill a little over half
ways with cold water add half a tablespoon of white wine vinegar this is
gonna help the egg whites stay together season it with sea salt and we’re gonna
heat this with a low medium heat very important guys when you are poaching
eggs you don’t want that water to be boiling you want to be simmering that
way those eggs don’t break apart next we’re gonna grab 4 cage-free
organic eggs then crack each one into individual bowls this makes it so much
easier when you add them into the simmering water okay it’s been 20
minutes since we added our potatoes into the oven let’s go ahead and take them
out our potatoes are done our water is
simmering let’s start poaching some eggs remember guys very important you don’t
want this water to be boiling the secret when you’re poaching eggs very simply just grab a whisk
create a whirlpool and then add in the egg the secret guys when
you are poaching eggs you don’t want to touch them once you add them in there
you guys can see all those egg whites are nice and together you want to go
between three to three and a half minutes on a low medium heat this will
assure that the egg whites are fully cooked through
while those egg yolks are still nice and creamy it’s been three and a half
minutes since I added the egg into the pan this poached egg should be perfectly cooked egg whites fully cooked through
egg yolk nice and creamy using a slotted spoon let’s gently take it out of the
water shake off any of the excess water and transfer it into a dish using the
same technique let’s poach the remainder of our eggs once you have all your poached eggs done
I’m gonna add some of the paprika potatoes into a dish gently add two
poached eggs on top we´ll season the eggs with a little sea salt and some freshly
cracked black pepper we´ll top off the eggs with just a little bit of this
House of Spain extra virgin olive oil and garnish the dish with some freshly
chopped parsley our dish is done this looks insanely delicious let’s get
in there give it a try and see how it taste that is what we call creamy egg yolk
heaven here we go bravo such a beautiful flavor to this dish so
simple but so good those paprika potatoes are so good and they match
perfectly with those poached eggs and then that olive oil from House of Spain
just kinda takes it to the next level beautiful flavors to that extra virgin olive oil
guys when you’re poaching eggs very important to be on the low
medium heat it took me three and a half minutes today but sometimes it takes me
three minutes other times four minutes it depends what pan I´m using so make sure
you keep an eye on that that way those egg whites fully cook through and that egg yolk stays nice and creamy if you enjoyed today´s video hit that like button
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