Soupersize Your Juice – How to Make a Delicious Soup Recipe from Juice

Alright, this is John,
today for another episode for you guys and I’m here at 2015 Natural Products Expo West.
I’m here at the Tribest booth, and why I’m here today is to show you guys the benefits
of juicing and also blending. Juicing and blending are the best two ways in this entire
hall to get the best most-healthiest fresh fruits and vegetables in here. You may think
these foods in this Natural Products Expo are healthy for you but in my opinion many
of them are highly processed refined food that are shelf-stabled that have very low
nutrients. You know the most important nutrients are not only the vitamins and minerals that
many of these foods have but the problem is many of these foods don’t have the vital
chemicals and the vital nutrients. These are the foods that are you know, disease protective
and anti cancer for example broccoli has been shown to be anti-cancerous. When you start
processing foods you lose these protective properties of the foods. So what I encourage
you guys to do is you know, grow your own foods and vegetables is the best, but even
if you don’t do that buy them as fresh as possible and then process them at your home
so you lose the minimum amount of these beneficial vital nutrients and vital chemicals. The problem
in today’s age is not that people are eating you know vegan diets, vegetarian diets-you
know- carnivorous diets, omnivorous diets…the problem is people are losing their vital nutrients
and vital chemicals because people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables and I don’t
care your diet start and your xxxx or anything. We need to eat more fruit and vegetables.
These are the true health foods and unfortunately, in my opinion this industry has got a lot
away from that. So what I’ll be demonstrating for you guys
today is what I’ve been doing lately as one of my main staple means and that’s creating
what is in this mason jar that I made two days ago at my home. And this is what I normally
eat for dinner many days now. And what this simply is, this is a soup. Xxxx demo soupersize
your meal. It’s soupersize not S-U-P-E-R it’s S-O-U-P-E-R. Soupersize your juice.
So basically my soup here which is that I’m going to eat later for lunch is 100% fresh
juice and the base for my juice is pretty similar to this. It is fresh peppers and orange..I’m
sorry… It’s orange peppers and purple carrots. And there’s a reason why I choose
to eat the foods I do because I want to eat foods that are high in nutritional density.
I want to eat the foods that are rich in the color because if a food is rich in color it’s
rich in beneficial vital chemicals. You know, we know in the red color of tomatoes or the
watermelon there’s this stuff called the lycopene-in the orange color of the standard
orange carrots there’s like beta carotene and then the purple carrots there’s things
like anthocyanins that are very protective. Actually the cool thing about the purple carrots
is they’ve done studies when they fed purple carrots to rats, with junk foods-and then
they have fed just the rats the junk food without the purple carrots. And the rats that
had the junk food-not that I advocate eating junk food-with the purple carrots actually
didn’t gain weight like the rats on the junk food without the purple carrots. So that
just… in rats anyway it shows the power of the anti-inflammatory and the benefits
of colourful foods. So my soup these days are basically made with basically fruits and
vegetables and then I blend up some extra seasonings that I’ll show you guys how to
do. And today I’ll be using the Dynablend Clean Blender. It’s all glass with stainless
steel in the bottom so that your food won’t heat or touch plastic. It also has a nice
10-year warranty which is even longer than the VITAMIX. I’ll be blending that stuff
up. So and I’ll be adding some fixing to it to give it more vital nutrients inside
there. So I guess without further ado let’s go ahead and get started. Today we are using
the Solastar4 Juicer. And you know as much as I like the vital nutrients and vital chemicals
it’s really important to maintain and maximize those in your juices. There’re some high
speed juices that spin at high speed that will oxidize your juice more and reduce the
beneficial vital chemicals in there. For example, they did a publish study that came out in
the research journals last year and they took broccoli. They juiced broccoli at a low speed,
they blended broccoli at a high speed and they also used a high speed machine to process
the broccoli. They took the broccoli juice and the broccoli blend in a petri dish with
about half dozen kinds of live cancer cells and then they looked at the petri dish to
see which one-the slow-speed, high-speed juice or the blended juice, had more reduction of
the cancer cell proliferation in the petri dish and this slow machine had the most cancer
reduction in the petri dish. To me, that tells me we should slow juice because that keeps
more of the vital nutrients that’s actually kicking ass over the cancer. So I’m juicing
the orange bell peppers today it’s really easy to juice in here. We’re just going
to go ahead and stick these guys in here. Now, I’m choosing the peppers because one
of the nutrients that are deficient in many people’s diets and the answer is not a vitamin
C-serving from three halls over-it’s vitamin C. And bell peppers are one the highest fruits
in vitamin C even more than oranges. And by literally juicing the bell peppers we’re
turning the bell peppers into juice so now we are getting all the fiber, all the soluble
fiber, that is soluble in water-all the nutrition from the peppers, but we are getting rid of
the insoluble fiber. So this way it allows us to eat more peppers. Like I don’t know
how many of you guys will sit and eat six bell pepper. I probably wouldn’t, but I
could just juice six bell peppers through the juicer right quick and I have a bunch
of juice that I could now get the nutrition out of the bell peppers into me without having
to eat them all. Now, besides the bell peppers we’re also going to juice the purple carrots-I
talked about the purple carrots earlier, that will add some nice colored pigment to the
juice. You know what you could get standard orange carrots or even yellow carrots. I do
encourage you guys to eat purple carrots and eat foods of color. Eat dark rich pigmented
foods if you can find them and even better than buying them is to grow them yourself.
You know we think in our foods system that if you go into local health food store that
has a nice large produce section, you have like an endless abundance of different fruits
and vegetables that you can choose to eat. Maybe there’s 200 varieties in the grocery
near you. Now, that’s just a drop in the bucket of different plant foods that are available
on the planet. I want to encourage you guys to check up a website called P-F-A-F dot org.
That’s Plant Support Future data base. And in that database they go over all the edible
foods-all the edible plant foods in the world of the plants. You can grow these plants on
your own garden and have access to nutrients that you’re getting at your local grocery
store. Sometimes I like to add in like just one hot pepper like one kind of pepper into
this to make you know, add a little bit of spice to my juice, or to the soup base that
I’ll be making. And once again you know al lot of soup bases whether they are here
you are buying them prepackaged or you’re making them at home are using water. Now,
water is absolutely important for us-we are 70% water if we are super hydrated but the
problem with water is as much as we need to have hydration. Water is like empty calories.
Now, water is good because we have hydration but why not do better than just water and
when we juice the vegetables we are getting water purified through the plants into the
fruits and vegetables. So we are getting structured water-the cleanest water that we don’t have
to filter out the chlorine, the fluoride and all these chemical additives that are now
appearing in water systems and bottled water. We are getting nature’s structured water
along with nutrients instead of just drinking water and wasting the liquids we are drinking.
So I always encourage you guys to drink functional liquids. Water with nutrients-instead of using
just water as your soup base. Use juice as your soup base and fruits and vegetables as
your soup base. This is working quite well. The pulp is working…the pulp is quite dry.
It’s been pretty simple and easy to juice 6peppers, putting in this carrot now. Now,
the Solostar4 Juicer is the best juicer if you want to juice a lot of things like wheat
grass and sprouts and the micro greens which are powerhouses of plant nutrition. You could
also include a little bit of that in the juice you are making here. This is my favorite juice
base because of its nutrient density and it actually tastes quite good. I can tell you
I’ve definitely made some really not-good-tasting juices before so I really tried to keep it
simple. So before you start experimenting with all the produce left over in your fridge
and making a soup base that could taste really nasty. You know, stick to something simple
and easy that’s going to taste good. So, if I don’t do peppers-sometimes I don’t
do peppers-I’ll do a tomato base often times I do carrot base because they are actually
inexpensive- always available. Sometimes I do a celery base soup or even
a cucumber base soup. But I always like to get some dark highly pigmented vegetables
in there. My favorite is using actually the red peppers instead of the orange one. Probably
like the red peppers, orange peppers and then the yellow one-because they are not quite
as richly pigmented. And I actually do not encourage you guys to eat the green peppers
which are actually unripe orange and red or yellow peppers. They are often less expensive
because these guys take much longer to stay on the plant until they can harvest them.
Whereas when these guy first develop they are green and they can harvest them early.
So that’s why they are less expensive. They also are less nutritious. Alright we got the
last few bell peppers going in here. We are going to go ahead and..We are just using the
carrot as a pusher. Now we are just going to go ahead and push that carrot right into
the machine and let it juice it all up. And once again-you know-with this machine
we are able to make a nutritionally dense soup base. Of course you could also drink
this juice as well. But I want to turn this into something even better to maximize the
vital chemical and vital nutrient intake. Most Americans unfortunately are maximizing
their caloric intake and not maximizing the vital chemicals and vital nutrients and I
believe that’s the reason why most Americans-60% plus of Americans are overweight or obese
because they are not getting the nutrition their body needs. Alright, this is about done.
We are going to go ahead and turn this off. And the next step is we’re going to go ahead
and take this juice. We’re going to pour it in the blender. But no, we are not going
to pour all this juice in the blender, right? We just use this slow juicer at low rpm. Actually
the lowest rpm of any horizontal single auto-juicer to extract the juice out. The problem with
the blender is once we put it in the blender we turn this at high speed, It’s going to
run this in excess of 10,000 rpm. It’s going to create a little vortex effect and that’s
like if you scratch your car and you live near the ocean-it’s going to oxidize. It’s
going to rust. And when the blender is blending, it’s oxidizing lowering the vital nutrients
and vital chemicals of food which I mentioned earlier-will lower-has been shown to lower
the cancer-fighting ability. So for that reason I’m not adding all the juice-I’m just
going to add maybe half for just enough to blend it up and them we’re going to add
the rest of the juice that has not been blended at the very end just to mix it a little bit
up so we don’t damage the vital nutrients in the juice. So now we are going to go ahead
and make our soup base. To do that I want a little bit thick. I don’t just want a
watery miso style soup. So what we are going to do we’re going to add whole food thickeners.
So today we got one of my favorite-the macadamia nuts. We are just going to go ahead and add
some macadamia nuts in there. One of the other things-the seasonings I would like to use-we
are going to use the miso, so I’ve got about two tbsp of miso in there. Miso is a great
fermented foods. Whole food source of soy in your diet-I do not recommend processed
soy or isolated soy foods-but whole soy, I believe is good. It’s got to be organic
and non-GMO of course. Next we’re going to have some taco seasoning so we’re going
to give us some taco-flavored soup. This stuff’s delicious. Me and my girlfriend love to make
this soups like every time we get together. It’s totally amazing. Next then I want to
talk about this guy here-this is called the hormona-they are actually in the Hilton-coconut…
and these coconuts have a 3-month shelf-life from the time they are picked. They are not
dipped in fungicides or sulfides like some of the other coconuts in the market. And they
have this nice flexible jelly meat in here. So we’re going to add that in for another
thickener. Another thickener I like to use if you’re not into eating fats-I could use
sun-dried or dehydrated tomato-or sun-dried or dehydrated bell peppers in there that I
made at home in my Sedona Dehydrator –and act as a thickener that will also add additional
vital nutrients and vital chemicals . Another thing I’d like to add to blender of mixes
soup is I’d like to add some kimchi-You could also use some xxx . What this does-this
prepopulates your soup with some beneficial probiotic which are very important for us.
I mean this is not probiotics in a powder. I encourage you guys to get your probiotics
and other nutrients from foods because that’s where they came from first before this industry
came about. And there’s beneficial probiotics in here that basically feed on the fiber of
the food. We have a symbiosis of the beneficial proboitics living in us and they help us digest
our foods and also act as part of our immune system to help keep us well. So I think that’s
the main ingredient. We are going to go ahead and put this top on the DYNABLEND CLEAN and
we’re going to crank this guy up and get this all liquefied into a nice soup base.
Now while that is working I’m going to go ahead and start working on my fixings inside
or some of the textures inside my soup. I kind of relate this to the Japanese Udon soup-if
you’ve heard that. You know, I use to love Udon soups and now that I eat fruits and vegetables-I
don’t eat processed foods like that. I want to recreate some of the textures and some
of the cool things they’ve done. So one of the favorite things I like to do is I like
to basically use a machine like a Spiralizer and like take a zucchini. Now we can just
literally like make noodles out of zucchini. We are going to turn this guy off I think
it’s blended sufficiently. We can go ahead and take zucchini and just turn this into
noodles. As you guys can see as I turn this we got noodles coming out and the faster you
can turn the faster the noodles come out. So this is really cool. So you know, I don’t
want you guys to eat processed pasta or grains, or whatever they make them out of beans and
stuff now which is probably better. But eat more fruits and vegetables which is one excellent
way to do that. I mean this device, buy them on Amazon, buy them at Wal-Mart… you know,
whatever…Target. Like 10 15 dollars -really simple and real easy. You know zucchini raw
is amazing. It tastes so good. Has this noodle-like-look at these noodles, there’s like so long I
could keep going (laughs). The other thing is when you’re doing this is-if you’re
definitely making this for a lot of people you want to try break this up into smaller
pieces so that nobody gets a noodle that’s like 10-foot long in their bowl. And then
now that comes out. So I’m just going to go ahead and take cut this into a little smaller
pieces so it’s more usable and put those back in there. Now the other thing I’d like
to do besides doing zucchini you could also do things like carrots and what I’m going
to do on the carrots is I’m actually just going to put a slice halfway through the carrot
and this will allow me-instead of making long noodles this will allow me to make short noodles
that are already precut. So you could see now they are just going to dumpen out in little
small pieces. So I could have also done this with the zucchini. This will definitely save
you a little bit of time. So I’ve been cooking or ‘un-cooking’ you know preparing food
this way now for the last 21years so I think I got a few thing-you know-tricks up my sleeve.
And I’d really want to encourage people-you know-eat more fruits and vegetables. Make
a meal like this using the Solastar4, using the Dynablend so you can eat more nutritionally
dense foods. And if you don’t eat like this all the time
like if you’re going to eat something else-you know some processed foods, some meats…have
this first then have a smaller portion of what you guys know are not good for you but
have large portions of the stuff that’s good for you. I don’t want to waste my time
on stuff that’s not good for me. So I just eat all the stuff that’s good for me so
I’ll have the best results. So I’m just going to go ahead and finish spiralizing this
really fast. Got a bunch of carrots in there-another texture. I really really like the textures
of food and it’s some of these products. So there’s a juicer now that allows you
to turn bell peppers and carrots into a juice, create a nice liquid texture, the blender
that you could add nuts into to make like a thicker texture, and then you know tools
that allow you to make noodle-like shapes as well. Aside from the zucchini and carrots
were just going to go ahead and add some shredded lettuce in there. So I mean you can almost
think of this as a salad. So this is basically a salad with a lot of salad dressing. And
I love my salad swimming in salad dressing and now you could be guilt free with your
salad dressing because a lot of salad dressings unfortunately are made up of oil and vinegar
and are very high fat. This is much lower fat because we are using a whole food source
of fat as a thickener and also it’s really nutritious unlike oils which are basically
120 calories per tablespoon with very little nutrition aside from the fat. Some of the
fixings I also like to put in there-I also like to use seaweed or sometimes I use wakame
sea weed that I soak that has like chow fun noodle kind of taste if you eat Chinese food.
Today, well actually I got some nori. I want to basically slice the nori into little small
strips. And seaweed is an excellent food-plant-based food rich in Iodine many people may not be
getting in other trace minerals because it is from the sea. So we’re going to add a
bunch of nori in there. Another thing I’m going to add for a nice texture is diced avocado.
So that will add a nice texture in there as well-the diced avocado. Sometimes I’ll also
put in nato-so fresh made organic nato. Another really nice texture-beans are really good.
You can even take some of them like the kimchi and slice them into little pieces if you want
a little bit of zing. Maybe I’ll do that today. I’ll take a little bit of kimchi
here. We’re just going to go ahead and slice that up into little pieces. Not big chunks-we
don’t want big chunks in our soup. And were going to go ahead and add in for additional
zing and some flavor. I really like using some of the fermented foods because it adds
unique flavor called unoumami and it really activates your taste buds. So we got some-
you know-in the kimchi we got this unoumami flavor. We also have some of the salty flavor;
we got some savory flavor from the taco season. I think we are pretty much all set. So once
we got this all blended to a nice consistency -wow, it smells really good. We’re going
to go ahead and add the rest of our soup base. You see we blended this at high speed for
a couple of minutes and that maybe, lowered the beneficial nutrients-vital chemicals and
vital nutrients in the juice now we are just going to go ahead and add the rest. And no,
we’re not going to blend this at high speed. What we’re going to do is we’re going
to go ahead and put the top on and just put it on the lowest speed just to mix it up a
little bit. So we’re not going to really damaging that much. Now this is like extra
credit. Most people don’t even teach this step. But I want to try to do the things the
best I can. And over the 21years I’ve lived this lifestyle I always try to improve. And
some of my latest improvements is just not even buying foods at the grocery store I can
do better by growing them myself in my backyard. I teach that at
So now we’re going to go ahead and pour this soup mixture inside. And then we’re
going to go ahead and just stir that up. So this is how I make one of my nutrient dense
foods. I mean this is -as you guys saw-this is based around fruits and vegetables-entirely
fruits and vegetables. And this is what I love to do for dinner. And hopefully now that
you guys know how to make this, with the Tribest Solastart4, Dynablend Clean Blender, you guys
can do it too. You guys are interested in these appliances please check back here with
somebody in a black shorts that’ll be glad to help you out. And I’m going to hand this
stuff over to the people over here and they’re going to go ahead and put out little serving
for you. Thank you.

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