Solvent710 THC Emulsifier Tutorial and Blueberry OG Flavor Review

hey everybody and welcome back to
today’s episode of Myxed Up TV I’m Todd and today we’re gonna be talking about
solvent 710 today I have a new flavor it’s called blueberry OG for those of
you don’t know solvents 710 is an emulsifier liquid that you can basically
break down any waxes shatters hash things like that concentrates down into
a liquid form so that way you can date it today we’re gonna open up this
package we’re going to melt down about a half gram of wax here we’re gonna show
you how to do all of that we’re gonna put it into a vape and we’re gonna try
it out test out the new flavors we’re going to be using our Apex lab kit this
guy comes with empty Cecil style cartridges this is a nice
ceramic tank here with a little battery that we’re gonna put it on as well but
let’s go ahead and open up our package and get started shall we so when you
first open up your package you’re gonna notice that there’s a little tiny card
in here that’ll give you a slight description about the contents of your
package as well as your your little glass vial of your solvent 7-10 it says
right there on the front solvent 7/10 blueberry OG so that’s gonna be our
juice we’re gonna use the blueberry OG Kart that you can see here it has some
heating instructions on the back that you can use we’re going to show you how
to do a real quick method of heating it up today and mixing it and then it’s
gonna show you a couple of the different qualities and stuff so they actually use
to flavor these they use terpenes from actual cannabis plants there’s no THC in
it already so it’s it’s just an inert juice it’s deg and terpene blend it does
have this one is blueberry and berries it is a full spectrum from blueberry
Kush and it’s from an indica so that way you know at least a little bit about the
terpene flavors of the plant that comes from now what we’re going to do is we’re
gonna go ahead and start to load up our our little guy here so that smells
really good you can smell the blueberries right off the battens on the
inside that today I’ve got a just some regular
it’s like some wax here this is a full Graham here so I’m only going to use
half of this we’re gonna take about a half gram and then put it inside of this
jar and we’ll end up with a little juice that we’re gonna mix down now so take
your time pick your concentrates up however you
like and then just make sure you get them inside of your jar we’re just going
to go ahead and start dropping it down right on the inside here you could use
up to a whole gram there is a small chart on the back of how much that you
would want to use today I’m just going to be using a half gram for this whole
entire bottle because that’s kind of how I like my mix to be so let’s continue
here to break off some chunks and pick it up and just put it inside using a dab
tool would work really well if you’ve got one I’m just using our syringe that
we’re going to be using to suck this stuff out the juice out and put it into
our bait so that all came with our apex cake start you get our wax in here now
push all that down alright as you can see we’re just starting to push it down
into there real easy almost got the whole half gram in there just a couple
more chunks I’m gonna go out here and toss in and then we’ll start melting
down our wax and making our juice I really I really enjoy the blueberry
smell that that comes from and I said it’s really strong I hope the flavor is
just as strong too when we go to test it out all right get a little bit more in here excellent okay now that we have our wax
inside of our little jar here go ahead and show you guys that I’ve got about a
half gram on the inside of this little little vial here I’m gonna go ahead and
put the lid back on and we’ll give it a small little shake for a second here
just to kind of mix and get everything kind of soaked with your juice as it
starts to soak in you can see there so there’s a couple different methods that
we can use today I’m going to be using a really fast method to heat this up we’re
going to be using a small little torch now this method is it’s a little bit
more difficult you’re definitely going to need to watch it the glass is really
really thin so you don’t want to heat it up a lot we’re just trying to warm it up
enough to get our wax to start to melt and then it’ll all start to move around
inside there together so we’ll go ahead and start this out another way that you
can do this you can do the double boil method with hot water
there’s also another method that they show inside of here with a stovetop and
microwave instructions so personally I those methods they work great but they
take a little bit longer so today we’re just going to be using tiny little torch
and this little guy and we’re gonna just kind of hit it just a little bit we
don’t want to put a lot of heat on it we’re just trying to make it so that the
wax starts to melt down heat up the juices just a little bit but not enough
that we’re gonna break that glass now remember that glass is really thin it’s
not designed to be heat that heated up super super hot so we’re gonna be real
careful about how much we heat this guy up all right so now that we have that a
little bit warm we’re just gonna go ahead and start to give it a little
shake as you guys shake it up you’ll start to notice that it’ll start to
dissolve into you juice I might need to warm it up just a little bit more but
not too much like I said you don’t want to be burning it you don’t want to burn
off any of your product any of your THC that you’re trying to mix in we’re just
trying to mix up the juice and get that into a nice viscosity that we’re gonna
bake on so all right there you can see now we’ve
got a really nice juice that we’re starting to do here the jar isn’t too
too hot anymore I’m gonna continue to shake it just for another second or two
we’re gonna really just get it mixed in make sure that all of that wax and
shatter or whatever concentrate you’re gonna be using gets nice and mixed in
this is gonna be a thinner juice since we did only a half gram but it’s gonna
be really nice I think you guys are really going to enjoy it and you can see
it’s really starting to mix down now really good mix solution there and
pretty quick and easy you know I mean we only took in a couple minutes to do this
and then you’re gonna be able to fill a couple different tops with it so this
one right here looks like we’re about good you could continue to to shake it
until it gets all the way dissolved if you want it I think we’re about good
here for my own liking but what we’ll do next is we’re gonna go ahead and put
this inside of our vape pen and show you how how pretty much simple it is so now
that we’ve mixed up our juice set that right there I’m gonna go ahead and get
our syringe here put this on top of our little syringe guy there we go once we
head in there there we go had a little bit of wax in
there since I was sticking it to move it but all right so we got our syringe it’s
got a little metal tip here that we’re gonna use and that all comes with the
apex kit if you guys want to check that out it’s just a really nice and easy kit
to use and we’ll take the lid off you still got the blueberry but now it’s
like a little bit of the waxy smell and on top of that blueberry so we have
ourselves our little vape top here and go ahead and unscrew this top here and
then we were going to add our juice so take our syringe we’re gonna soak up a
little bit of juice now this skull guy is I’m gonna hold a whole bunch this
only holds a about five milliliters or 0.5 and there you go we just tossed the
juice in just like that as it fills up our little vape here there we go perfect
now we’ll take our top here we’re gonna go ahead and set that right back down on
top and there you go all set and now you have just made a THC vapor bowl a juice
so we’re gonna go ahead and try this one out and test the flavor showing we’ll go
ahead and put our top down on to our vape pen here and this one is just a
simple pull so we can just go ahead and hit it I would recommend since we just
put the juice in this tank for the first time just to pull on it without it being
on the battery so that way we can get the juice to flow into the coil a little
bit and you can actually already taste the blueberry excellent so all we did
there was pulled on it a little bit to suck in some of that juice into the coil
now we’ll go ahead and put our top on to our battery here and we should be good
to go wow it does have that blueberry flavor very very nice well there you
have it guys super simple super easy that is our solvent 710 blueberry cush
as you can see over here you can change your concentrates into any flavor that
you want so we hope you guys really enjoyed this one blueberry OG is the
flavor make sure you check it out if you like all these videos please subscribe
as always i’m Todd this is Myxed Up TV and we’ll see you next time

10 thoughts on “Solvent710 THC Emulsifier Tutorial and Blueberry OG Flavor Review

  • What if you want to mix more concentrate than half a g like let’s say 1 g to fill 1 g cartridge. Or is that to much?

  • By far the best solution I've tried. Unbelievable flavor. Vaping their Pink Berry Kush and it's so yummy 😋 gonna pick up the Blueberry and try all 7 flavors. 👍👍

  • The Blueberry OG tastes great and was easy to use. I did find it rather expensive but with my 1 to 1 ratio mixing regime I found it worth it.

    I finely chopped 1 full gram of BHO wax in a small brown glass bottle about 2 or 3 times the size of the Solvent710 bottle. I then submerged the tightly capped bottle in very hot water, checking and stirring often as it slowly and partially liquefied. This can take 15 minutes or more, be patient. Once I was certain it wasn't going to liquefy further, without excessive heat, I removed it from the hot water bath. I then added 1ml of Solvent710 and started stirring.
    I stirred until I was confident it was blended well, then stirred a little more. Took about 10 more minutes for my batch. Then using a syringe, I filled a cheap generic, wicked cartridge and tried it out. Fantastic taste and easy to draw from the cartridge with large volume of vapor. Made about 2ml of juice.
    Rumor has it that if you use cartridges suited to heavy oils yet fill with a very light oil, flooding may occur. I mixed this for some Ccell carts, known for their ability to handle thick oils, but switched to cheaper standbys because my Ccells were still partially full. It is with this flooding in mind that I decided to go to a 1 to 1 ratio, preferring a thicker mix solution over a thin one, and knowing I could still add wax or solvent to adjust. Wasn't necessary as the final solution was of a perfect viscosity for the carts. With the Ccell carts I will probably shoot for a thicker mix next time, either adding less solvent or more wax. Slight increase in potency being the prize of the thicker mix.

  • How many grams does it contain just in the 710 bottle? If i did a 5050 blend of this with THC wax would it be thick or thin?

  • How is the high when you use a gram of concentrate? I mean how fast does it hit you and how long will the high last?

  • Just received this in the mail a little disappointed it came with a loose cap lost about 1ml of the juice, but thanks for the sticker I guess.

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