SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE | Whitney and Blakely

Today we are going to be doing the Smoothie Challenge with my sister Blakely So, if you don’t already know, the Smoothie Challenge is where you have yummy stuff, including Strawberries, bananas, and cookies and over here is gross stuff, including pickles, mayonnaise, sardines, and stuff like that So we both have a blender and a bowl of the foods So we will take turns, but first we will have a thumb wrestle to see who goes first 1 2 3 4 Let’s have a thumb war 5 6 7 8 This will be a piece of cake 1 2 1 2 3 You popped my finger ooo my thumb go So, I’m going first. So I am going to take a thing I got yogurt So I am going to put 2 to 3 scoops in my blender One scoop two scoops And since I got yogurt I got the cottage cheese. Blakely has to get the cottage cheese Yuck that’s not a scoop can someone take this off? another scoop…two scoops That’s not a scoop. Stop! okay that’s one scoop no, that was two scoops that equals one scoop doughnut currently, Blakely is opening the doughnut box how do you open this? I got two doughnuts I got brussel sprouts So, we both have one bad, one good although I don’t think cottage cheese is bad going to take my brussel sprouts and I’m going to pour them in is that three? one, two, three…yep Okay Alright, Blakely’s turn Banana Hello Banana Okay, my turn Chili pepper You’re lucky Blakely and I am going to put my chili pepper in my wonderful smoothie Your’s looks so good She’s got cottage cheese, a banana, and a doughnut And I have yogurt, chili pepper, and a brussel sprouts carry on Chocolate syrup! stop stop chocolate syrup don’t stand up, don’t stand up Oh it’s a banana split sundae Is that too much? pour as much as you want Your smmothie looks good. Okay my turn I have a feeling you’re looking in the bowl Coke! So that means I get Coke, and I get the milk Banana split…Ha taste the feeling we do not know if this Coke’s saying or not Taste the feeling Coke commercial Oooooh Wow nice smoothie Okay, Blakely pour your milk in Yours looks so good okay Thank you very It looks beautiful, just beautiful Okay Stop Don’t look What! strawberries How many do I put in there? As many as I want? put as many as you want in there ou look at this one ou bruise Blakely There’s a bug on that one There’s not a bug Okay My turn the world hates me right now I got pickle love pickles safety button Okay It says pickle should I put one or two? I’ll put two pickles in I like pickles Oh look it looks like chocolate milk mine looks like barf look, it looks like chocolate milk the kind that mom makes me three? Can I have one pickle, I love pickles pickle This is one crunchy pickle Okay, Blakely’s turn After our quick snack break She got Oreos! Whaaa where are the Oreos? You’ve got all good stuff Oreos Open it up It says easy open one two three It does say that it’s milk’s favorite cookie Yes! I wanted to put those in! Whoppers I wanted to put those in Finally pour all of them in SARDINES! Blakely, you’ve got like all that good stuff in there I’m not putting sardines in it’s only one No It’s my pay back I’m not having sardines I already got some on my head I already ate some These don’t even have the heads on them My pleasure Stop it! Get them away! Don’t be such a baby oops Since Blakely is young and she doesn’t need to be tortured yet I have decided to either let her eat it or lick it then she didn’t have to put it in her smoothie I’m so nice, but ooo I just spilled sardine juice sorry she has agreed to lick the sardine lick it do not move it don’t touch it with your tongue, lick it do not, do not, I’m not, move it oh it smells horrible Yay! she doesn’t have to put sardines in her beautiful smoothie I saved you…you should thank me Let’s take a Whopper break asparagus on guard I’ll have to break it in half can I break on in half please? yes one, two, three to decorate it looks like a it looks like an aquarium exhibit Pop Tarts last sweet thing So all the sweet things are gone and all that’s left are these two bad things so obviously I lost with the good and bad stuff she got litterly every single good stuff, except for the yogurt so we have decided that since her’s is so beautiful mine just looks so awful we are just going to add all the bad stuff to my botanical garden those are big fat spider webs look at hers compared to mine alright, now our bowl is empy Time to blend so here are our finished smoothies You can obviously see which one will taste better so let’s just get to blending Three Two One Hold on Blakely, Hold on hold on on guard on guard okay That was awesome, look how brown it is, now it looks like poop okay you ready, let’s blend again, Three, Two, One oh that smells disgusting mine does, oh smell mine smell mine, wait yours smell good, it’s mine that you’re smelling alright, so here’s my cup, here’s your cup smells disgusting okay, so here are our finished smoothies I’m not 100% happy with how mine turned out, I’m sure Blakely is But…now is the time where we have to drink it just one sip I’m still scared including that I got all those good things okay one two can I have a glass of water on the side please, me too, me too now that we’ve got our water on the side cheers one two three it’s spicy! I forgot about the chili pepper that tasted like barf that taste like barf since we both drank our, it’s hard to determine the winner unless you’re looking foodwise but we need a real smoothie expert to find the winner stay okay Hootie, come on Nooooo Yessss He’s testing both of them He likes it! Nooooo I won thanks for watching our smoothie challenge how did he? Bye you traitor

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