Sleep Issues W/ Juicing And DRY FASTING🍹🔥

hey guys I was talking with the friend
because a few weeks back I was having some issues with my sleep and I knew
that it had to do with the amount of juices that I was drinking on a regular
basis yes they’re cold-pressed juice and the natural fruit juices
however sugar is sugar and if you drink too much of sugar during the day it can
affect your sleep so I noticed that juicing and all the juice that I was
juicing was affecting my sleep because when I had went to my grandbaby’s baby
shower I wasn’t juicing I had my last juice
that day when I went into town and then I had stayed in to Boston for a few days
and I wasn’t juicing and I was eating you know solid foods and I was sleeping
well so when I came back home I didn’t quite get back on my juice cleanse with
my salads that I would eat when I wanted to solid meal quite yet I was still
eating solid foods and I wasn’t juicing and I noticed that I was sleeping good
so what I’ve been doing um because I’ve been doing a lot of dry
fast and dry fasting has actually reversed the insomnia that I was having
from the juicing because when I used to do dry fasting I would have insomnia but
because I’ve been doing dry fasting four to five day dry fast since February of
2019 and being consistent it has actually reversed the insomnia so when I
rehydrate off of juices I am very mindful of how many ounces of juices
that I’m drinking what I do now is set it getting a 32 ounce mason jar and just
opening it up and drinking it I take and I pour in like a 16 ounce mason jar
juice and I sip on it and I find that I drink less juice when I do it that way
when I portion control it I drink less and it helps my sleep
because by me portion controlling and knowing that I don’t need to drink 128
ounces of juice a day in order to cleanse the body out my my sleep is uh
like almost at a hundred percent I do contribute the sleep also being at
a hundred percent because of dry fasting but it also has been better sleep
because of the fact that I have cut back on the sugar that I have been consuming
while on my juice cleanses you got to keep that in mind because I’ve been
watching a lot of videos of people doing juice cleanses and not being able to
sleep can’t wait to get off of them and the reason why I’m bringing up this
video is because I want people to embrace the juice cleanses and see the
benefits you know of the juice cleanses without it affecting your sleep because
without good sleep you’re not going to reap the benefits of the juice cleanse
if you’re not getting at least seven to eight hours sleep because the body
wasn’t able to lay down and rest and get the you know the proper rest that the
body needs to to reset itself and function properly so be very mindful
when juicing or even being on a juice feast that you don’t overdo it I would
call that a sugar overload and have that affect your sleep because sleep is very
important especially if you’re juicing for weight loss
or even if you’re dry fasting for weight loss it’s very important that you adjust
things as you go along to fit you because there’s not a one size fit all
so that it doesn’t affect your sleep because weight loss is not going to
happen or hormonal change save you’re doing it for like anxiety or diabetes or
whatever you’re juicing or DRI fasting for it’s not going to correct itself
without the body being able to heal when we have those seven to eight hours sleep
that is crucial that we get every night so with all that being said please
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I’ll see you guys in the next video bye for now

5 thoughts on “Sleep Issues W/ Juicing And DRY FASTING🍹🔥

  • I'm fasting right now I got a few days off work I'm shooting for 24 hours minimum but if I don't get hungry I might go longer haven't had a 2 day fast in I don't know how long but I'll see

  • When your liver is trying to get all that extra sugar from your system, you won't sleep throughout the night without interruption. The body is amazing!

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