Šípková marmeláda s mixérem a odšťavňovačem

Hi it’s Dan with EUJUICERS.com. coming to you as always from our office in
the heart of Europe, and in this video I’m going to be doing something a little unusual,
or a little different. Certainly for me. At the end of our videos, I always say leave
a comment or question below. Or if you have any videos you’d like to see,
let us know. We got a customer request. I got an email last week from one of our partners. A few customers had contacted him. So I get this kind of strange, cryptic email
saying Hey Dan, can you make a video showing how to make briar jam. Now first of all, I’ve only made jam a few
times. And then, briar jam? I had no idea what that was. it sounded like something from Hogwarts. What am I, a wizard? Briar jam? So I did a little searching, and it turns
out there’s something called sweet briar that I wasn’t aware of. And it’s a form of wild rose. And what these customers wanted was a video
showing how to make rose hip jam. So that’s what I’m going to try here using
a Sana 707 horizontal juicer and a Vitamix, bringing out the big guns here to process
this thing. Now rose hips, just talking a little bit about
them, they’re the fruit of the rose. They’re related to the apple. My mom used to grow roses. She’d always pick them off because then you
get more flowers. But if you don’t pick off these little pods
afterwards, they’ll grow into kind of a crab apple sized fruit. They’re super high in vitamin C. They’ve got
some antioxidant qualities to them. And I know some people like to dry them and
make tea. I’d never seen rose hip jam, but apparently
it’s possible and I’m going to try it out. These were picked by one of my colleagues
actually this weekend. As we’re filming, this is mid-November. That’s kind of late where we are. You typically want to pick rose hips right
around mid fall. They say right around the first frost. That’s when they’ll be the sweetest. If you wait too long, they get kind of shriveled
up. I’ve got some here that look kind of weak
and if you pick them too soon, they might be bigger and plumper looking, but they won’t
be so sweet. So there’s a fine line depending on what climate
you’re in. They say right around that first frost is
where they should be best. So we’re a little late. Ideally, these would have been picked about
a month ago in mid-October here. Let me tell you what the process is. basically, the challenge with rose hips is
what’s inside. First of all, waht you have to do, they’ve
got these black little tips. These kind of star-shaped things. You want to pick those off first of all. Next, the big challenge is, if I open one
up here, there’s all these seeds inside. Now you think, Hey they’re related to apples,
what’s the big deal? Well, these are nothing like apple seeds. This is the big leagues. These seeds are like rocks. They’re like teeth. They’re so hard. We actually tried the other day, I was testing
it, and I tried running these rose hips through the homogenizing screen, thinking it will
crush these seeds. this will be perfect. It actually started to crack the homogenizing
screen. Because there’s a lot of pressure. Something has got to give. And again, these things are solid as rocks. It’s almost like putting rocks in there. It actually worked, but I wouldn’t recommend
it. So what I’m going to do here today is bring
out the big Vitamix, and this is going to be a 3-step process. The first thing i want to do is break up rose
hips. You see, the traditional way to make rose
hip jam is really time consuming. There’s two ways really. First one is, you open these up and by hand
you pick out each seed. Now there’s probably 25 seeds in one of these
and you’re talking hundreds of rose hips. You’re going to be there all day. The other method a lot of people do is they’ll
cook these. they’ll boil them for half an hour to an hour,
and then they’ll mash them up into sort of a paste, put that into a chessecloth bag,
and just let it slowly drip. Let the juices or fluids from there drip out. Again, pretty time consuming. i’m trying to do a faster way here. So the steps I’ll do, first of all, is I’m
going to put the rose hips in the blender with some water and run it enough to try to
break up those hard seeds so I don’t have such big chunks. But real small fine particles. And that will give me kind of a paste or a
mash. Then I’m just going to juice it. It’s a bit like making almond milk. Almond milk you mix together with a blank
screen, here I’ll be doing it there, and then you actually juice it. You separate the dry parts from the wet parts. So this is a two-step process, that’s what
I’m going to do. And then from there it’s just like making
jam. I should be left with some rose hip juice
in here. I’ll throw in an apple, part of a lemon, mix
it with some sugar, cook it for however long it takes. Probably 5 minutes because I’ll use jam sugar
with the pectin already in it. And that should do it. So I’m going to start right now. I’m going to put these rose hips in the blender. These have all had those pieces broken off
the end and I’ve also washed them several times. You want to make sure the rose hips are very
clean. And just so you know, I’m going to try about
a 1:1 water to rose hip ratio. I have half a kilo of rose hips in there. 500 grams, I weighed them. Oh, look at that. Water everywhere. That’s why we invented towels. So, that should be enough. Just about to the top of the rose hips there. And it doesn;’ matter because the juicer’s
going to strain all this out. So hopefully that’s ground finely enough. What I’m doing, I’m watching while I’m blending
and I can see the seeds in there. They’re starting out fairly big, and eventually
I see them turning into small little particles. Even medium sized can be dangerous because
again, they’re so solid. So I’ve got my puree here, and this is rose
hips and water. Full rose hips with those little tips taken
off. What I’m going to do now is feed this into
the 707. Inside I have the coarse juicing screen, that
will provide the least pressure. And if everything goes as planned, I’ll get
dry pulp here and a thick – it will take a while, it might even back up I;ll have to
go slowly. But a thick almost syrupy juice because the
fibers in the rose hips are absorbing the water. So here I go with this. Hopefully this will go well. So this is pretty thick. I’m going to have to add a little water already. It has to be pourable, you know. See if that goes any better. Now you hear that sound. Those are the seeds grinding in there. Even though they’re tiny little particles. But can you imagine when they were full sized
seeds, it was again like trying to juice rocks. I definitley want to take this slowly. Don’t want to overload the juicer. You can see it’s so thick, puree like, and
even coming out it’s like ketchup almost. Because it’s absorbed all that liquid. In fact, I’m going to add the rest, or at
least more of this water. What I want to do right now, I want to mix
in the apple and lemon. Now waht that’s going to do is add a little
pectin. It’s going to add a little flavor. A little juiciness to it. Even though the sugar I’m using is jam sugar
so hopefully it won’t be too much pectin. But rose hips are pretty low in it. And it’s interesting too. When you see this, this pulp, this is just
the seeds, those hairs, and the skin all ground up. Basically what the machine’s doing is separating
the liquid parts from all of those parts you don’t want. So far it’s doing well. The Vitamix ground them up finely enough that
it’s not causing any problems. So that 500 grams made quite a bit of juicy
goodnes here. Put this here to catch anything. Yeah I got about a liter. Mix it up a bit. And after I’m done mixing, I’ll get a hot
plate out, put in some sugar, try cooking it and see what happens. So I’m all set up. What I’m going to do now is just cook this
stuff. I’ll add the sugar to it. See if I can do it without spilling everywhere. I’m not so used to jam sugar. But I’ve been told by a reliable source that
it should only take 3 to 5 minutes of cooking. So I will start this, stir in the sugar, and
I’m using a 2:1 juice to sugar ratio. I’ve seen some people goes as high as 1:1. That sounds awfully sweet, so I’d rather start
lower and add sugar later if I need to. So I’ve cooked this about 5 minutes. I hope that means it’s done. It’s getting that glossy finish. That usually indicates it. So I’ve got a lot here. I’ll put some in a jar. I’m going to try it out, just a bit. It’s pretty good. I’ve never had rose hip . It’s sweet. It’s flowery, like a bit like Hibiscus or
something. So that’s it. It seemed to work pretty well using that Vitamix
and that horizontal juicer combined. It was a good way, a faster way, to separate
all those seeds. All that pulpy part from the liquid part. And this actually looks really smooth. Kind of silky. So I hope you liked this video. Like I said before, leave comments below or
if you’ve got some video ideas you’d like to see, please leave them there. We certainly consider every idea sent to us. Thanks for watching. I’m Dan with EUJUICERS.com. I’ll see you next time.

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