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I got a little
phone call from Shea. – Thank you.
– She wasn’t happy with me. So I’m going to take her
out to get some tacos and find out why I’m in trouble. So what’s going on? Not that much. You have fun at the mixer? It was cool. It was everybody was
blowed except me. Everybody was lit. Uh-huh, including you. You was super friendly,
super loud, super extra. I was the drunk uncle? Yeah. You was– ha, ha, ha! Yeah, that was you. My parents owned a liquor store.
Right? And drinking was the guy who
came bent like a L walking in, the woman who had
two or three teeth. It wasn’t attractive. And so for me, that’s a turnoff. You feel like it was a
bad thing for me to drink? Well, you’re more of
a controlled person. And you were more loose
than I typically see you. I ain’t did nothing
wrong at that mixer. Y’all seen it. I didn’t do nothing that– I wasn’t there grabbing
asses or nothing like that. I mean, it was just a lot. I don’t do all the time. You know? But on his journey, I’ll
say I’m gonna try to let my hair down a little bit. I’ve been having like,
champagne at the cigar launch. That night I had some liquor. It was extra. I don’t like it. This date has turned
into an interrogation by Officer Lioness Shea. I’m not gonna get into that. You sure you don’t
want to get into that? Nah. OK. I ain’t sign up
for this, y’all. I don’t want to
talk to drunk Mike. Damn. Drunk Mike. It was terrible.

100 thoughts on “Shea Confronts Michael About His Behavior at the Mixer | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  • Ummm, he wasn’t drunk and he didn’t act out or disrespectful at all. It was a mixer and he was being social. This girl and Tiffany got to go! Mike crazy if he thinks he’s gonna have it any better with Tiff! She just being fake now and realizing Alex May not pick her so in the 11th hour she trying to finesse Mike…hope they both ain’t rebounding from Shea and Alex because i dong see a natural chemistry with these two at all 🙅🏽‍♀️

  • Actually Im not mad at Shae, her feelings got un the way..Its not what you say, but how u say it…4 drinks, he handled it, so he was FOLLOWING the ASSIGNMENT given by Tommy & was having fun! She was jealous..let me tell u something there is a way she could have came off being authentic & sincere & leaving him feeling good about himself. Folks won't always remember what you say but they will remember how you left them feeling! Now bc of how she left him feeling, he moved on. All she had to say is, u drank a lil 2 much but honestly I was a lil jealous Mike! He would have been hugging me!!! I like keeping it true & real IJS

  • You don't own him, Shea! Sorry, but you just lost my respect.

    Edit: Shea used to be one of my favorites, so her acting out like this kind of saddens me.

  • She's started to act like Tiffany. I hope he doesn't stray from her and pick Tiffany & end up with the same result! 😂

  • 😐Hmmmm, although from the clips I have seen mike did not look drunk or behaved extra.
    👁👁But again, we may have watched the edited version on TV which did not show the full picture of the mixer

  • Lady i like you but you're on a dating show where men have to go through women to try to find the one to date. You can't get jealous and y'all aren't even in a monogamous relationship. If you didn't want to play games then you shouldn't have gotten in the game, because this show is basically a chess game

  • Mike needs to take me out on date! Enough with this show. Ontop of it the women r too old for him. Plus he wants kids. 😁😁

  • She you can't have his kids and he can't drink, sry they are not a match. The kid thing is already a deal breaker but I dated a guy who didn't drink and criticized me for doing it. At the end of the day we know how ppl can get when they drink and like he said he wasn't doing anything out of hand she just wasn't used to it. You can get a message across without making someone feel like your judging them and I feel like she was doing that, not cool. Also a lot of these ladies be tripping no offense I understand completely why SOME are single.

  • And this is how you lose a man. Now he is going to feel like he has to be something for her instead of being himself… She should be using her looks to her advantage, and be fun and flirty instead of coming off as a drill sergeant. They only tape the show for three weeks and she acting like it's been 6mths.🙄

  • She’s a Lil too much, I’m a Minister. But, to Each their Own I don’t drink I did in My Younger Days . However I can’t see how we Judge others Based off our own preconceived biases. Not Fair to put others up to standards when not one of us is Perfect.

  • I don’t drink, so I understand where Shae was coming from. To avoid conversations like this I don’t date men who drink socially. Shae should do the same….and avoid these guys younger than her.

  • Omg. I cannot stand judgmental people. Just like she has a right not to drink other have the right to.

    Also she needed counseling to get over her past. She said she stopped drinking because she didn't want a baby and a hangover.

    Girl your. child 60 years old now. Loosen up. Ugh.

  • I think Shea likes Mike more than she is letting on so if you don’t want him just let him go with no attachment .

  • She believes Mike's drinking was the cause of his alerted behavior at the mixer. She likes Mike and is interested in him; but she let him know she's not use to him drinking and that his behavior was out of character.

  • He was not extra, he needs to see the signs of how she tries to control things and get what she wants by manipulation. She’s not a straight up person and she will never think she is a problem in any situation.

  • Neither one of them are wrong for what they want for themselves in a partner. I just don’t think that they’re compatible for one another because she doesn’t like the effects of drinking at all and Mike does not mind the effects. That’s going to cause a huge rift between them. They need to move on from each other.

  • Shea you said you didn't want to be a mother again so why are you trying to be his. Let's be real. You were mad that he was flirting with Tiffany. Periodt

  • Girl get over yourself, he is not your man yet. its mingle time. let your light shine. get out of your fee fees. start playing chess, cards so you can learn how to play the game.

  • I get it. I don’t like to see or talk to drunk people either. Especially if I’ve seen them sober and sensible. It’s off-putting and uncomfortable. I gotta be drunk too to not care.

  • WHEN did he propose? Oh they just gettin to kno one another. Does she need clarity or is this typical behavior in the getting-to- know-you- stage. She gotta be careful.

  • Let the man relax, He didn't hurt anyone did he? You Sha should have married the preacher.Even he was more relaxed than you. You Sha wonts all the Control. Lighten up!

  • Y'all she is not controlling. Any woman that really loves a man wants to see him at his best. Furthermore, what type of fool wants to be with a man that gets obnoxious when he drinks? It seems though like their spark is slowly burning out.

  • As a woman I understand that when you see a guy you like in maybe a laxed way it can make you feel a bit different about him BUT I personally would not have said anything to him UNLESS he was like that more times than sober… And if he was kissing or touching on other females infront of me.. Then I would clearly say something….. MIKE was cool.. So She should NOT have even said anything.

  • Passive aggressive Shea instead saying she was hurt by him talking to Tiffany she made he was drinking. Mike did nothing wrong

  • Michael & Shea will part ways. Michael wants children & Shea doesn't. Children are not something to compromise about; you either want children or you don't. It's great that she isn't willing to have children just to keep a man as some females do.

  • Lets keep it real. Shea was pissed because Mike was getting friendly with Tiffany.

    As much as Mike likes Shea, he really should pick another girl. If Mike really wants kids, Shea is the WORST choice, and not just because she doesn't want more kids. She is 44, by the time a woman hits 45 they only have a 1-2% chance of getting pregnant naturally, verses 75% for a woman who is 35. Even then, there is a 53% of miscarriage.

  • Mike need to go on find a 30 something year old, so he can have a baby. Shea need to move on, they don't want the same things.

  • Shea needs to stop all that lying…. she was feeling some type of way that Mike was talking to Tiff… and Tiff pulled up on Mike to make Alex jealous….. this show should be title Desperate For Love and The Bachelors

  • Understand where shes coming from she should be super guarded from wolves in sheep’s clothing however it’s a mixer he was trying to enjoy himself and see who he will affect, she comes off little controlling.

  • Shea Chill! Let the man have his fun. Just cause u dont drink dont mean the rest of the world has to go by your rules, you gotta let a man be himself and have his own type of fun. Plus i dont think mike over Drank or was Drunk. He's like 6'5 probably weights close to 200 Pounds, he can handle a few drinks without getting drunk. Everyones drinking tolerance is different

  • This is yet another reason why mike needs to let her go not only shes not up for kids shes possessive and theyre not a couple lol these women are falling for these men yet the men are in like with the women its crazy the women think bcuz they have a good vibe with a certain man hes all theirs no sis its a competition hes suppose to mix and mingle he hasnt decided to commit to dating any one yet shea is very matter of factly its her way or nothing at all shes talking to him like a child i dont like that and shes always referencing her decisions based on past experience hence why she doesnt want more kids and now his supposedly drinking she doesnt see the person as an individual she sees a behavior of the past with them and goes on from there shea needs to loosen up a bit sis has the pissed off look feature all the time sheesh

  • This man main focus was Shea he was totally into her. He wants a wife and kids. Once he found out she didn’t want kids he lost his focus for her but still tried to give her the benefit of the doubt because he really likes her. But she comes with too much baggage you can’t compare a new man to your old man. He was keeping his options open by mingling with other women and enjoying himself. He can’t sit around while she figure out if she wants to have children. When you listen to her talk she doesn’t really want children she was talking about how they hands be sticky and the crying and staying up all night that doesn’t sound like a woman that’s nurturing that wants to be a mother again. Mike needs to move on. She has to realize she will run into men that will want children especially if they don’t have any. She was jealous because the attention wasn’t only on her.

  • I don't understand the point of this show, When a man has so many choices of Women, how can he be truly focused on one?? It's hard to get to know one women as it is. GOOD LUCK WOMEN. SMH.

  • I agree woth her she justknow what she wants I respect that so many of us except things for sake of something else Lets not trade n down play what we want in relationships rather it b friends, family etc. Hat off to u girlfriend 🎇🎇🎇👏👏👏

  • I don't see how this relationship will work, Shea is 45, Mike is 39, Mike wants children, Shea don't so why is she even going so crazy?

  • She doesn’t need start over again I don’t either I rather have her as she is and enjoy life together as great couples

  • THIS is why these women will NEVER have a man. Stop trying to check him and fall back into YOUR place. Let a MAN be a MAN and never disrespect him like that again.

  • Shay is feeling Michael and she was jealous and that's why she's calling him to the carpet.she just needs to be honest and tell Michael hey I'm feeling you you feeling me and they need to move forward from there.

  • OK shea. Mike was not stammering and slurring like you accused him of. Like is he not allowed to have a few drinks. Just admit it the drinking is not the issue. The issue is Shea did NOT like him touching Tiffany and I would have said that directly to him

  • Oh Shea just be honest. Thou were jealous AF that Mike was kekeing with Tiffany and someone else for that matter at that mixer. His attention was always on shea from day 1

  • Mike is so cute and respectful. Even though the Shea confrontation was a bit much for most men. I saw Mike's zodiac sign on the OWN website and he is a Pisces and Pisces need a bit more direction in life. They exactly like when they are lead even the men. And Shea seems to be a leader. This might just work.

  • I get it and I totally agree with her. She confronted the issue immediately and head on. Let him know "hi I dont like X Y Z", Thats proper communication. How he took it was on him

  • This date has turned into an interrogation by Officer Lioness Shea…Lml!!! Love it. Love these two together. Meant to Be :0)

  • Michael; a mature person-like
    Shay, who is open and functional addresses their concern this way. Face up. She will not ignore the stuff that bothers her. You are blessed to hv her Mike. Say to yourself "I need 2 look @ myself" because, u ain't dating urself. She is reflecting for you what she saw. That is what mature people do. Mature up Mike. Stay consistent and greatful that you recived gift Shay IN ACTION. Meaning, appreciatimg her inputa ans not having a double face by saying 'I didn't do anythig bad.' Okay bro 👍.

  • To me Shea moving to fast like they were already in a relationship.. they haven’t even been together a hot min ,,, but 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ hey

  • I can understand why shea feeling that way, like damn he's beautiful and has a wondeful personality. Who wouldn't want him

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