Sea Shack | beginners tutorial | blender 2 8 | Part 6

76 thoughts on “Sea Shack | beginners tutorial | blender 2 8 | Part 6

  • Best tutorial series ive followed in a long while since i am having a lot of fun and getting a full scene making me feel ive done something, also a lot of handy tips and tricks i didn't knew before!
    I hope you keep on working with Low poly scenes to show the handy tips and tricks the do's and donts!^^

  • on wave animation, I actually used the wave modifier because its quicker than adding physics simulation for those who have weak laptops like me. hehehe I'm not sure about animating the flag though, wave modifier does not look "realistic" on cloths so far when I'm playing blender.

  • A super low speed turntable, animated flag, fishes, water & boat, and why not rocks getting wet (and back to dry) at every wave (dynamic paint?). Clouds slowly passing projecting their shadows. I'm not sure if this is feasible with blender, pseudo random behaviors for the fishes, and the scene playing to infinite would be awesome. Like a Blender aquarium screensaver ^^

  • Great series Grant really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the hand painted series as I'm struggling to get to grips with that still lol!

  • I'm more interested in you moving on to hand painting! In particular, setting up brushes, and maybe any tricky stuff you're willing to show with vertex painting. I'm really interested in using vertex colors to drive animation like tree sway or fish swimming. Please cover that if you can!

  • Grant, I am confused. Оn your sketchfab, there is that model fully textured. Does Blender bake automaticaly all principle BSDF materials or you bake them all by yourself?

  • Can you please do a tutorial on how to import it to unity game engine with all those textures it would be a great help🙏🙏🙏

  • Three-eyed fish as easter egg?

    A bevel modifier would have been a better choice for the sea from the beginning.

  • Excellent tutorial again ! That would be great if you could animate the flag, the sea and the boat by the waves of the sea…

  • Hey 🙂 can you please make a tutorial of how to upload model from blender to sketchfab (if you already have one can you please link it)
    thank you very much!
    love your tutorials!!

  • Hi Grant, i have a question, how can I put a monocromatic background on my render, without interfer qith the HDRI shading?

  • Your voice makes me feel comfy. Perfect timing, great explanations, you're close to perfection. I don't know how much time does it take you to create a new episode, but I do appreciate the effort you put into it. Thank you sharing this with us and keep up the good work.

  • You can also group the top vertices of the sea with "C" key and group them and then apply decimate modifier to them to lower the top poly count without loosing the bevel and without any distortion due to shark fin polies… Just a haddy tip 🙂

  • You could easily reduce the polycount on the seabox by manually selecting for ex. every other edge loop and dissolving them. Decimate doesn't do a great job in general. Great series overall, thanks!

  • To add to my already long wish list (which could be an extension series – game optimization tips, simple animations in the scene, etc.): would you please consider adding yet another episode about baking those textures?
    I guess the original model was created before this tutorial. In the future maybe you could also record the making of the original model as a short (5min) timelapse video, which I think would have a value in itself.
    Last but not least it's such a joy watching/listening to this tutorial! Thank you!

  • So much things to learn. I just finished the Floating Islands from you and thought i learnt so much thing. Now i see this and it´s like i am a beginner again xD
    Nice vid btw!

  • Modifiers of linked objects are separate so even if you had made linked duplicates, you wouldn't have been able to change them all at once without linking or copying the modifiers again after every change.

  • Hey I am building the same scene from your awesome tutorials
    Thank You for sharing your precious knowledge
    However the shack in my scene gets the tint of blue from the hdri and the colours look dull

    I reduces the strength of hdri but still the colours don't pop like they do in your videos
    Any Suggestions?

  • Hi Grant,
    Just wanted to say that I have been struggling with Blender for a while. Now with the advent of 2.8 and your amazingly easy to follow tutorials, I'm doing in minutes what used to take me for ever with much banging of head on the table in frustration.
    Thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to your next tutorial series.

  • I re-iterated on the water settings, but still look like poo poo..

    I also used reference for the fish and made it a bit higher poly. Then duplicated and squished it together for a variants:

    Update: Maan, I figured it out why my water looks soo meh.. I had my rendering set to cycles. After setting the main renderer to eevee, and playing with the settings (roughness had the biggest effect) it started to look quite OK. I came to the realization my looking at your sun reflections on the surface and tried to figure out why it was orange and yellow, that's how I got to roughness.

  • Alternatively: You don't have to link all the stones to get the same modifier on all. Just select all stones, the one with the modifier last and link the modifiers by "Make links" (STRG+L) and select "Modifiers"

  • I love this tutorial so much! It's a little bit sad that the viewcount drops with every part. So thank you for extending this tutorial that much! I will work my way through all the videos!

  • I think you can hit F9 to get the "how detailed is my icosphere" menu back up on the screen after you move it or scale it.

  • 7:12 another thing to improve blender…there is the way to return options for objects, in terms of add-on…but I would like to see this as default in blender

  • One of the ways that I use to lower my poly count is to dissolve edges. I've found that to be a quick and dirty way of making low-poly models.

  • You could direct people to your website where the animation link is. Your teaching is fantastic. (

  • Hi Grant. Do you have a tutorial where you go through the export steps to create the spinning graphic scene? I know you have a tutorial about setting up the camera to spin, but I mean beyond that: exporting images, how to link them together into a gif, best way to format them for posting on different websites (instagram, personal websites, etc).

  • Hey Grant, Thanks a lot for your great afford making these wonderful tutorials.
    Also I have to ask how do you final render the water so clear and sharp? For me everything inside the water is always grainy and never has edges rendered sharply but blurred out somehow.

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