Sculptris to Blender Tutorial

welcome to a brand new Farlaineloco Tutorial this time i will show you how to
transfer your sculptris models into Blender this is an advanced Tutorial i
will not teach you the basic controls of Sculptris and Blender first open Sculptris open a model you have already
finished including the painting. there it is. Check the model for bugs and make sure the number of polygons is as low as it still looks… Good klick on the button that says: export
objects file create the new folder name it. and save… the object file… in it. now klick on that small button that says: show advanced tools. then klick on the bigger button below that says: save textmap. and save the file
into the folder of just before. !!! de de da de de dada cool beat !!!! haha just kidding
let’s get back to work.
open Blender. press ´´delete´´ then ´´x´´ on your keyboard to remove the default box. open the file-bar and browse to the line
that says: Import.
let it pop up and klick on the line that says: Wavefront obj. browse to the location of your exported
object file from sculptris. doubleklick on the file and it will
automatically load into the viewpoint rightclick on the model and it obtains an orrange edge. make sure that this box is set on ´´Object Mode´´ browse to the little red white checked
symbol that says: Texture klick on it. then klick on ´´New´´ set type to ´´ Image or Movie´´ klick on the ´´Open´´ button to browse for the textmap-file… you exported before. doubleclick on the textmap to load it
into Blender the images will be shown up in the preview. scroll down to the mapping category and
set the coordinates to ´´UV´´ now you are done. lign up the camera and lighting how
you like. in between you can check out the camera positions by pressing zero
on the numpad. click on the button that says: ´´Render´´ and then click on ´´ Render Image´´ -eviola- your first rendered image of a
sculptiss models with texture. next time i will show you how to add
armature-bones to your model to rig and animate it. like this……. remember, the cake is lie

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