Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – The Legend of Drunk Matt

[Rooster Teeth Theme Music] Gus: I’m glad we have…with Matt here actually, I forgot about drunk Matt until uh Geoff: I haven’t seen drunk Matt in years. Matt: I think Drunk Matt forgets about himself. [Laughter] Gus: I’ve experienced Drunk Matt only a few times over the years. Gus: For the first time was definitely San Diego Comic Con Matt: When I got drunk and I bought like 30 people dinner. Geoff: Oh god that was at Dave and Busters Matt: Yeah and then my wife was like “Well thanks now we can’t pay our mortgage.” [Laughter] Geoff: Was that where you complimented the lady’s tie? Gus: Yeah and then to the bartender he’s like “Nice tie did you get it for for Father’s Day?” [Laughter] Geoff: And the lady told [Laughter] Geoff: The lady pulled Gus and I aside and she was like “I’m going to kick your friend out.” Geoff: And we’re like no no no no no, it’s cool. Gus: And then you went to a booth, laid down and passed out. Security came by and told you, you had to leave. Gus: This also happened visiting video game developers or partners. Gus: Drunk Matt appears, we’re in the car outside of a meeting we’re like Matt don’t say anything, just be quiet. Geoff: It also happens immediately right? It’s like a light switch Geoff: Like do you remember one time, we were in Seattle and we’re in line talking about getting… Gus: Oh god. Geoff: getting there. And then Matt’s like, they’re having a conversation with us and we turn around and he’s suddenly gone. Geoff: And we found him like down the street to the left in a grocery store buying more beer Geoff: And like harassing the, the check-out lady. Matt: Oh! Gus: They wouldn’t let him buy the beer so he ended up having go to the self check-out. Gus: And I had to help you with your self check-out. [Laughter] Gus: Like you couldn’t buy beer on your own. Joel: That’s the great thing about the self check-out, never going to like take you keys away or Matt: No breathalyzer on the self check-out. [Rooster Teeth Animated Ending Theme] Gus: If you like this Animated Adventure subscribe to watch a new one every week. Gus: Check out our merch! Gus: And watch our other videos. Gus: You want to stare at my cleavage? Gus: Oh I’m not girl Gus? Fuck!

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