ROLAND GO MIXER – Review Lengkap & Cara Pemakaian (INDONESIA)

Hello Friends welcome back to my youtube channel this time I’ll show you a device for recording on social media like this called Roland GO:MIXER Before we continue Please subscribe to my channel by click the red button below just click the red button [ my doughter] guys, don’t forget subscribe to my father by click the red button below until it turns grey and don’t forget to click the bell icon… don’t forget to click like button #*@&*# %&$*(# who likes to make videos like my father please comment…comment below bye…bye..muach I apologize for the intermezzo as you see this Roland GO:MIXER is a audio mixer that works for and designed for “social media” meaning that if you often upload videos of your music to social media like you sing a song or play a drum or play a guitar or bass and you want to upload it to social media then this GO:MIXER will be very helpful How it can be very helpful? Let me tell you a story first once upon a time before GO MIXER existed “once upon a time” hahahaha if I want to upload a video I play guitar usually I use 2 methods: First I play guitar With backing track then I recorded it with a smartphone, which at the same time the smartphone captured the audio from the guitar amp so in terms of sound engineering … maybe it’s called miking technique ya i think so but that technique has the advantage of being simple, so when you finish recording a video completely finished you can upload it to your social media immediately but this method has disadvantage namely sometimes not all smartphones can capture the audio well if to capture video..I believe today’s smartphones can do it very well and it’s not good if you make music videos with poor audio quality like clipping or blur or not clear, not focus or small sound or became nasal mm.. the second method is I play guitar and record it with a video recorder it can be a smartphone or a camcorder and the audio was routed to a PC or a laptop this is the best method for recording your music because the results can be good it can even be better than using GO MIXER, but.. it’s complicated hahaha it’s difficult after all not all not all of us have a PC/laptop then even though you have one, your computer may not have a specification for music editing even though your PC / laptop has specifications for editing music, you may not be able to use it it’s complicated but if you can use your computer properly and it has a properly specs and qualified the result of the second method can be perfect because today people want to be instantaneous all want fast create a video and want to upload immediately then can it be used for live videos? this is a very important question too today Roland’s company understands it all and looks for a solution by issuing GO MIXER So the GOMIXER helps you to make a good video once you finish recording, you can upload it immediately can even be used for live videos well that’s the advantage so after GO MIXER exists, it is expected that videos from indie musicians who often upload their music to social media will be better than before are you curious? want to know how to use this go mixer? Let’s dig deeper.. This is the Go mixer, small compact you can take it everywhere it has several channels that we can use individually or simultaneously for starting introduction, this is the knob in the middle is a master volume so after we balance all the audio tracks we can raise the master volume from here but if the audio is clipping then the red lamp will light up so you have to roll off the knob slightly musical instruments that we can use with go mixer are mic, this is the input jack standard mic jack and this is the dedicated knob to adjust the volume level then a guitar or bass guitar this is the input jack for guitar/bass so if you have a bass or a guitar or the pedal, if you use some pedals, you can plug in here don’t worry if you don’t have an amp simulator because from my experience I don’t use an amp simulator, but the guitar sound doesn’t change, it’s still good the sound isn’t bad, no low level volume or no wimpy signal is occur nothing bad happen because the company said that the jack is high impedance or hi-Z hi-Z jack the others jacks are for keyboards or another instrument that have L & R outputs then we have two 3.5 mm stereo inputs for backing tracks from smartphone or from mp4 player or from a PC plug in here you can use it individually or simultaneously and for you, the karaoke singer GO MIXER provides a center cancel switch this serves to eliminate the original singer’s voice from your karaoke backing track but I have never tried it then here is a monitor out jack, for monitoring the sound being recorded you can plug your headset or speaker here you can plug your active speaker or headset here the last is USB to connect with your smartphone using the default cable from GO:MIXER You can use i-phone or Android-phone if you use iphone, it must be at least i-OS 7 if an Android-Phone, it must be at least OS 6 what have I tried with this device when I play guitar with backing track is backing track player’s output plugged here then I connect the monitor out to the speaker then connect the USB and I use the guitar input you can watch the video demo later the routing method is Guitar – Zoom G5 (mono output) – GO:MIXER (guitar input) – Vivo V7 the second method miking the amp using Shure SM-57 and plug here into this hole the sound is a bit different different sound character when this guitar input has more raw, while the mic input is smoother Guitar – Zoom G5 (mono output) – Peavey Bandit (power amp in) – Shure SM57 – GO:MIXER (Mic input) – Vivo V7 the last method I’ve tried is because I use Zoom G5 and I plugged the L & R outputs from G5 here the result from this method the guitar sounds more mixed with the music from backing track Guitar – Zoom G5 (L & R outputs) – GO:MIXER (instrument inputs) – Vivo V7 so when you get the instrument connect what you have to do is control and balance each outputs from the speaker or headset the amount of guitar output and the amount of backing track output but the 3.5 mm input doesn’t have a dedicated volume knob so you have to adjust the volume from the player if from a smartphone adjust the volume from the volume-button and then If all outputs are balanced then raise the master volume until the sound is as maximum as possible but don’t make the clipping indicator light turn on easy isn’t it? once you finish recording the video, you can immediately upload it to social media if you think this video is useful, you can click the share button to your social media or if you have a question, put it in comment thanks..bye

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