RoccusModding – 3D Blender Part I : The Habits

Welcome everybody, we’re here for the first tutorial on Blender For Legion Modding Once you’re done installing all the plugins Like, MultiEdit, Pose Tool and Wow Tools *Here you can see them* Let’s start I will teach you the basic shortcuts To edit the meshes with effectiveness without wasting much time We will import our model m2i Here I’ll take the Human one To turn you first need a mouse In Blender, without a mouse It’s hard to interact wit the interface Maintain the mouse wheel Click on it *while maintaining it down* It will allow you to turn the view’s angle When you click on the left shift key Hold the key down and move your mouse while holding down the mouse wheel It will permit you to move the whole scene To zoom, hold the CTRL key and move your mouse frontward and backward *holding the mouse wheel* Don’t zoom too hard because it will be long to go back Now you can position yourself more easily Now: How to edit a Mesh Here in Wow Tools, see the Geoset groups For this part, we will focus on the main body, hide all and show only the body using WoW Tools Imagine I wanna edit the top of the skull Right click on it to select the mesh To see what you select with ease, click on the G key to move it around Click right on your mouse to replace the mesh without moving it an inch from its original position To edit a Mesh for wow You need to keep its coordinate X Y and Z must be at 0 Click the TAB key to go in Edit Mode Now you can move it around without altering its coordinates Click on TAB to quit Edit Mode *Some useless speech* Go back to Edit Mode To quit a global select, click on the A key What if I wanna select all the dots ? Those are vertices you can move independently What if I want to move the Lines there ? The Edges *Click Here* Now you can select the Edges Or you can select the third little option to select the Faces, the triangle things
For large edit I prefer the Face selection mode For the very little details I use the Vertices selection mode Next, what if some part of the 3D are bothering you ? Click on Z to go on the Wireframe Mode It can help some people because you can see through and what you have selected I don’t really like this mode unless I need to have a really sharp eye How to select multiple Vertices, Edges or Faces fast ? Click on the C key.Here’s the Brush By moving you mouse wheel frontward and backward you can expand or contract its diameter (I can’t here cause I broke my mouse wheel) (Overwatch saltiness) You can have fun selecting the things to deselect, maintain the shift key while you’re selecting while maintaining the left click down and moving around Or Sometimes you can use the L key to select all the interconnected vertices, edges or faces Sometimes it works, sometimes not When it does not work In Edit Mode Select All ( A key) *Remove Double* Remove vertices not weld together Next, Imagine… You finish a part of your edit And this is now bothering your view You want to win as much time as possible and not avoiding selecting it by accident Case scenario : I edited the head like this I don’t want to select this edited part While it’s still selected Click the H key to hide it of the Edit Mode Now you can’t select it To get it back Alt +H key Done What if I want to delete a Mesh group ? I want to delete the torso and the head Click B Select the area of selection Click X, delete Hmm… Some more options Here we are in the object mode The Edit Mode, and for the weight paint, the Weight Mode On Blender 2.73 you can this black color, sometimes red or pink or blue It depends for this Blender version When you’ll do your textures There’s the UVMap (in the 2nd part of the tutorial) Texture Mode To see all your applied textures All done for this part See you in part 2

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