Replacing the Planetary on your KitchenAid Mixer

Hi I’m Jade from KA Parts. You are now going to put the planetary back on. To do this just slide it on get a drift punch and put it through the hole to make sure it is lined up properly. Then you get the pin and put it through just knock it back using the drift punch and hammer. The pin goes all the way through so that it is flush. Next you are going to be putting the drip ring back on. To do this just place it on and using a rubber mallet just tap down on it to make sure it goes properly into place, that there are no gaps. Now your mixer is back together, you can plug it in, turn it on and it should sound normal. And the planetary should move round freely. If you have any queries following this video or if you have seen any parts that you would like to order please visit us via our website Thank you for watching.

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