Rehabilitation Center for Alcoholics and Inpatient Drug Rehab

Rehabilitation Center for Alcoholics and Inpatient Drug Rehab. in this video we’re going to talk about
rehab your decision to go to rehab the ins and outs the good the bad the ugly
my experience with it and so on and so forth we’re going to talk about how an
acronym I especially like honesty openness and willingness congratulations
on demonstrating all three of these to begin with by investigating videos like
this and deciding on inpatient rehab if that’s the course you’re going to take
first let me introduce myself my name is James I am any grateful
recovering addict and alcoholic I spent 20 years drinking and using almost dying
in jails institutions death and I have spent the previous three years
recovering successfully and I post these videos to help you and loved ones find
experience strength and hope you’ll also find resources down below in the
description if you’re on your phone or tablet you have to hit this arrow it’ll
open up the description there will be links for a website and a website links
to my videos other resources you may find useful check it out as well as
links up here in this lowercase I – more of my videos my story things that you
may find entertaining and useful or your just point laugh at me I don’t really
care as long as we all get some you get the help you need and find
information today we’re going to talk about we have now I’ve been to three
rehabs one in Southern California phantes and Bujji paid for by the
electrical Union my second rehab was in Fort Lauderdale Florida now that happens
to be the epicenter of rehabs and also happen to be the epicenter of corruptive
rehabs and one point I’d like to make very quickly I’ll just briefly make be
careful in choosing rehabs if is a thirty five billion dollar industry and
where there’s money there’s corruption the rehab that ended up working for me
was in a VA Center in Asheville North Carolina when I got there I wanted to
leave there was nothing fancy it was very
clinical it happened to be exactly what I needed as addicts and alcoholics we
often the things that we don’t want to do are the exact things that we should
do including stopping the use of alcohol and drugs nobody wants to do that but we
have to or else we’ll die or go to jail or get pregnant or in the fight or
stumble again or by the way feel free to comment scroll all the way down comment
tell me you tried to beat my trifling ass stories of drinking and using I know
you got them they’re embarrassing they’re shameful let him go we’re only
as sick as our secrets just type it on down there be anonymous you
let it free free your mind and the rest will follow so anyway let’s get into it
you’re deciding to go to rehab 28 days Sandra Bullock you can find all kind of
movies and stuff on it it’s a shameful thing it doesn’t have to be it’s a very
good thing you’re doing for yourself getting better seeking help seeking
professional assistance to a thing that has controlled our lives to this point
it takes over and we need help with it you’ll find that in treatment inpatient
treatment centers sometimes we need to get away one of my things I want to
leave you with is your addict mind is going to tell you that there’s things
you need to do first before you recover you need to get a better job you need to
fix your relationship you need to pay your mortgage you need to take the
garbage out our attic Minds will tell us these things we don’t need to do these
things the very first thing that we need to do is get sober and address this
demon that is addressing the rest of our lives let me tell you something that
I’ve learned they told me this in the beginning
believe it of course because mark headed until I learned in myself anything we
put before our sobriety we will lose I put giving a college education before
my sobriety I lost it I put many relationships before surprise I lost it
my foot house apartment job car put those all before sobriety I lost
them all it isn’t because I’m a less of a person than anybody else it’s because
the diction is powerful it will take all we have to address it now so don’t
listen to that voice in your head that’s saying you can’t go to rehab yet go to
rehab you’re running to have people that care about you now a lot of these rehabs
are profit based however there are professionals and there are fellow
people in recovery that care about you as an individual and here is a very
important thing to keep in mind when you’re going through all of this it
doesn’t matter where you go it doesn’t matter if you’re on the streets of
Manhattan with a million people or alone in the mountains of Tibet it is going to
come down to you as an individual and what you do with the resources at hand
that get you sober h o w honesty open-mindedness and willingness you have
to be honest with yourself you have to be honest with others you have to stop
lying to yourself stop denying and stop convincing yourself of these delicious
succulent temptations to stay away from any meetings rehab my ideas got me drunk
in jail in hospitals so I stopped listening to my ideas and
gradually unfortunately for me it took a while but I now listened to others who
have done it I’ve done it listen to me go to rehab go to 12-step
meetings don’t be afraid of the God subject Bill W the founder of AAA a
hundred years ago was an atheist when he got together with with dr. Bob and
formed the 12 steps that have been a concrete method for a hundred years so
because he was open-minded and because he was willing and because he was honest
recovered the other thing I’d like to mention is if you haven’t been to an NA
or an a meeting you are about to experience them drug and alcohol
treatment involved going to 12-step meetings it’ll actually be the meat of
what your treatment is going to be all three of my treatments involved going to
a mini sometimes 3-day NA meetings all kinds of 12-step meetings experienced
the whole spectrum be honest with yourself be open and be willing to
he’s also going to be psychiatric ailment was going to be sometimes
there’s no geysers swing therapy there’s equine you know horse therapy depending
on where you’re going hopefully for you it’s a fancy place however some of those
places are just all shine and know whatever rhymes with shine that makes
sense no nitty gritty getting sober is nitty
gritty it’s going to be things we don’t like it’s not all horse riding and
bubble baths it can be this as long as you use the other not so pleasant things
to your advantage deep psychological reflection making
amends to all of those family members and friends that we have armed and to
ourselves acknowledging parts of ourselves that we don’t necessarily like
but loving and accepting them these are things that aren’t you know chocolate
and strawberries but we have to do them congratulations by the way
seeking out this video to considering we have considering help facing your demons
you’ve demonstrated the one of each of the h o– w you’ve been honest with
yourself you’ve been open-minded enough to
consider these things and you’ve been willing to go forward congratulations
this is a big thing for you give yourself a pat on the back give yourself
a break stop beating yourself up in addiction we we the first and foremost
thing we have to do is put down our addiction stop drinking stuff you
our mind clears up a little bit at a time rehab is a way to do that
pamper yourself let others wait on you let others help you let your family
members in like a friends in they no doubt are happy that you’re making the
decision for yourself but anyway let me see if I’m forgetting anything there’s
resources I’ll link them up explore it be open-minded you know give yourself a
break there are three heads that will take advantage of your insurance
unfortunately that’s the way the world works however even those rehabs you can
get something from they’re offering it to stay on par with their you know image
or whatever take it take everything you needs it is up to you it’s all in the
engines it is up to us as the individual to take what is offered to do what needs
to be done – talking and willing do whatever it takes
this is your life I guarantee you there’s a blissful unbelievable paradise
on the other side of drinking and using take it take what is yours it is yours
addiction and alcoholism has taken our lives take it back
do it for you sometimes it takes rehab to do that if that’s what it takes
drop everything and go to rehab drop everything and get sober and drop
everything and go to meetings drop everything and go to your life
be happy give yourself a break this is a big thing just take it easy go to rehab
get the help you need take and use the resources I’m here every Saturday feel
free to subscribe if you haven’t like share and comment this on this video
share it with those in need scroll down comment we need to hear
others experience strengthen hope and that’s what I’m trying to do here come
back if you like hopefully it helps go forth on your journey keep it clean keep
it real and just keep doing this damn thing alright I’ll see you

8 thoughts on “Rehabilitation Center for Alcoholics and Inpatient Drug Rehab

  • yeah…Some of those fancy rehab places that are "shiney" reminds me of the saying of "All hat and no Cowboy" Nice vid and info James! He said it right – "Drop it all and do it for you". Not 1 person will regret that decision!!!

  • Unfortunately here in Scotland there isn’t a ‘go to’ rehab system or availability. It’s a really grey area here to get into it. So much red tape. 🙁

  • Your place looks like it was designed by a new age rehab. Like you just went to pier 1 imports and said I’ll take one of everything.

  • I know it all to well putting things before sobriety….a comment I heard that stuck with me was “We gave up everything for one thing instead of one thing for everything.”

  • Had three years of sobriety and relapsed because I stopped going to AA and so relate to the putting things before my sobriety. I'm back in my program with a new sponsor and will be one month sober again on the 15th. I love the content of your channel. You're helping me too. Thanks.

  • Great video. At a meeting tonight, I heard an unusual number of recent relapse stories. They all ended with DUI's, jail, loss of family, life savings, or all of the above. No depressing day in sobriety compares to the hell of 1 day in active addiction. Very sad. And… I wish rehabs dedicated more time to introducing AA instead of all the other PHD-developed stuff out there.

  • How does this channel not get a zillion views? All great stuff, from 1 friend of Bill W to another… thanks for the effort.

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