Recette d’été : Comment utiliser son Extracteur de Jus Champion 2000+ ? / Juicer

Hello everyone and welcome Davidson Distribution Chain I’ll present the famous champion Purists know necessarily this is the first juicer imported Davidson Distribution in 1987 this machine still exists and continues to be recommended by naturopaths because it is reliable and powerful You will find in your champion’s package the engine champion a first container for juice or fibers a pusher a tami a dumpy the body of the extractor and knife to grind food I’m going to installation and you will see how everything is simple with the champion a little trick.. put a small drop of olive oil inside the knife this will facilitate its use and it will maintain it in good condition after putting the knife put the tami of your choice in the body of the extractor there are several Tamis, as Tami big hole to have a somewhat thicker juice then followed dumpy over put all on the engine Your champion is Ready! recipe today : i will to propose you Something very fresh that goes with the season of the moment carrots peach nectarine lemon beet apricot as you can see, it’s very fast you may not see it on the video, but the extraction rate is excellent We just have to taste our good juice so Needless to say as a little trick it is a pity not to use its fibers chickens or compost will love it Feel free * hmmm verry good * find us on our social networks in the description, and Davidson Good bye !!

1 thought on “Recette d’été : Comment utiliser son Extracteur de Jus Champion 2000+ ? / Juicer

  • bonjour;
    la vitesse de rotation est plus elevée que les autres extracteurs;ça n'altere pas les vitamines?
    j'ai un oscar neo à 60trs/min et celui ci 1400trs/min

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