Raw Food Dessert: Chocolate Mousse Tart (p2) – An Easy To Make Raw Food Recipe

To fill this tart crust, I’m going to make
a creamy, rich, chocolate mousse filling, and the secret ingredient is avocado,
but you will never know it’s there. All you’re going to taste is rich and creamy. So I’m going to use the food processor
again to make the chocolate mousse, and I’ll start off with my sweeteners. I’m going to use some
Medjool dates again, and this time, the dates have been soaked because I don’t want a dry, crumbly
texture like I did with the pie crust; I want it to be smooth and creamy. So I soaked these in water
for about a half an hour. So we’ll put the dates in the processor. Then I’m going to add a very unique
natural sweetener called agave nectar. Agave nectar is made
from the agave plant. It’s similar to a cactus, and it’s a
great sweetener to use in raw dishes. Of course, it’s raw. But it’s also a low glycemic sweetener,
meaning that it won’t spike your blood sugar level the way that
other concentrated sweeteners will. It also doesn’t have
much color to it. It has a very neutral taste. So it’s wonderful to use where
you just want to imitate white sugar, and that’s what we’re doing with this mousse. So I’m going to add the
agave nectar to the dates, and then I’ll process it to create a
paste and get that nice and smooth. We’ve got a nice, smooth
paste there to work with. I’ll add a little bit of
vanilla extract to that. That’s optional, but it really
intensifies the chocolate flavor. And now for the secret
ingredient, the avocado. I’ve mashed up a couple of avocados. I’ve mashed them well
so that they process easily and so that I don’t need to over-process it
because you don t want to over-process avocado. It can change the taste a little bit. I just want to process it the minimum that
I need to, so I mashed it well beforehand. Add just a little water to that
mixture to get it processing easily. We can add more later if we need to. And then I’ll process
that until it’s smooth. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be green. We’re going to be adding
chocolate to this, and it’s going to turn it into a
chocolate mousse as soon as we do. You’ve got a couple of options
when it comes to chocolate. If you’re not concerned with
eating 100 percent raw, you could use a good quality
organic cocoa powder, and that’s what I’m going to do. And that would be the
only non-raw ingredient, and it’s going to be
rich and chocolatey. If you’re trying to avoid chocolate,
you could also use carob. Carob powder is made from the carob
fruit, and it looks similar to chocolate, but it doesn’t really taste like it. But it’s another option. And recently, you can actually
get raw cocoa powder nowadays. It’s a little more expensive, and
you do need to order it online. I give you some resources in the back
of my book for doing that. So you’ve got three options: organic cocoa
powder, raw cocoa powder, or carob. Go ahead and make it chocolatey. I’m going to hold back a
little on the cocoa powder. Every cocoa powder has a different strength, so you might want to start off with
just a little less and then you can taste it and you can always adjust up. I’m going to add some water,
thin it out a little bit. And remember, with a food processor,
you’ve got to scrape down periodically. Isn’t that starting to
look like chocolate mousse? Chocolate is so wonderful in desserts,
and this mousse is so versatile. You can use it in so
many different things. It’s kind of like pâtés,
but with desserts. Just like the Not Tuna Pâté could
become five different dishes, this chocolate mousse can
become five different dishes. You could serve this
plain just as a pudding; you can fill a pie or tart crust, which is what
we’re going to do with it in a minute; you could add more water
and make a chocolate sauce; you could leave the water out, and
it would be a frosting, a chocolate frosting; and then my favorite, you can put this in
ice cube trays and then pop them out, and you’ve got fudgesicles. So this is a really, really
versatile chocolate mousse. It’s looking good. Nice and rich and creamy. You can serve this right away. It tastes good at room temperature. Or if you chill it for a few hours, it’s going to get very firm so
that you can make a clean slice. I even like the way
this pie tastes frozen. You just put it in your
freezer for two to four hours and then let it thaw for about
ten minutes before you serve it, and it kind of has that ice
cream cake taste to it. There are so many
variations to this dessert. I mentioned all the things you can do
with the chocolate mousse by itself, but with this pie crust or tart crust,
you could fill it with different things. I also like to make a key lime mousse, which is similar to this
filling, but no chocolate. I just blend the avocado with some
lime juice and some of that agave nectar, and you’ve got a delicious pie that
tastes kind of like a lemon meringue pie. You could also fill this pie crust
or tart crust with fruit fillings. You could just blend some berries–
blueberries, blackberries–with some dates. Make a thick fruit filling, maybe fold
back in some whole berries into it, and you’ve got a fruit pie. So there are just so many
possibilities with raw desserts. And for decoration, I’m going to
add some fresh raspberries. Raspberries go so
well with chocolate. You could also use sliced strawberries
and decorate the entire pie that way, too. Wow. Now we’re ready to unmold this tart. Carefully. Doesn’t this look like it just
came out of a bakery window? This really is an incredible dessert, and it makes an impressive,
delicious finale to any elegant meal.

71 thoughts on “Raw Food Dessert: Chocolate Mousse Tart (p2) – An Easy To Make Raw Food Recipe

  • i'm kinda concerned how fatty this pie is .. it's just fat, i mean ofcourse healthy fat but still ALOT of fat ..

  • AVOID agave. It is not only non-raw, it is close to HFCS!!
    See article at Dr. Mercola's website.
    Use instead grade B maple syrup or better raw honey if you can. Or stevia.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this dessert!! Thank you so much for sharing it on facebook. I've made several of your recipes and they are wonderful.

  • Whether or not you avoid the agave nector is up to you…but I was under the impression that avocados naturally block insulin to some level and I'm thinking that if you were to replace this with a high GI sweetener it could have disadvantageous results.

  • Okay, I have made this numerous times since skeptically trying it for the first time. I've made it for potlucks, family, EVERYONE loves it. It is hands down one of the best desserts I've ever tasted. Raw or not! I could eat the crust just by the spoonful! And it takes like 10 minutes to make!

  • Great recipe! Very easy to find ingredients and only takes few minutes to prepare. The result is just one of the best desserts I ever tasted. Congratulations and thank you Jennifer!

  • I simply don't get what the deal is with being raw. It's just to avoid additives that are in foods? Nothing that comes from animals? I mean, you are a raw eater but a lot of things we have are made from animals, things that you use everyday that use animal bones, hair, fat, skin. I've seen some of the "food" raw eaters make and it just looks like paste on top of paste with a dash of ground up food product. Gross

  • For this and the "crust", how do we know the measurements? I love your videos and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge! xo

  • thank you sooooo much, i m just discovering all the raw recipes and by this one you showed me and all my friends and family that it s possible to make something amazing and sweet and full of all those great flavors!!! also zucchini recipe is so easy and tasty!!! greetings from Slovakia 🙂

  • oh my gosh I've been craving chocolate mousse! Who needs the crust. Who needs a bowl. Just give me that spatula and food processor bowl, I'll clean it for you. lol

  • @ando1135 In a raw food diet, all that means is you're not cooking food above a certain temperature (because of the belief that it will kill the nutrients in food). You don't necessarily have to give up meat or dairy products.

  • Hey! Have you ever tried intellectus 424 diet (search on google)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about it and my buddy lost a lot of weight with it.

  • just finished making this and popped it in the fridge! Taking it to friend's place tonight, and can't wait to eat it!!!

  • I want this! Looks delish! Just gtta get dates and coco powder and agave… Oh, and avacado! Damn! Can't wait! I'm starving!

  • Thank you for your videos. They're so beautiful and so inspiring. It makes it easy to go raw, I'm heading that way know. So thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

  • I made it.. I added some cashew puree the filling and I also used raw cane sugar.. the whole thing is faaar toooo nitty for me and filling doesn't smell like chocolate, it smells of avacado so its really off putting..I don't like the smell of avacado, or the taste to be honest.. but I'm eating it with strawberries which makes it alot better..

  • Love your food but we now shouldn't using Agave unless in extreme moderation given recent research on its extremely high fructose content. Raw Honey is much better, again in mild moderation.

  • wow I just love all your video. You say bless sister. And don't listen to "Mortalf3. Because he or she need to do there home work thats all. so be it

  • Great vid. Love the ideas here. I love at the end when she looks at the pie and says how good it is, I laughed and half expected her to go Nom Nom Nom over it. Too funny. I bet she had a huge slice of that after the cam was off. )

  • This is so nice, but wath are agave nectar? In my country I have see someting like that as agave syrup, are that the same?

  • Hi Jennifer, am currently on a 60 day juice fast and my goal is to go raw afterwards. I just discovered your channel and since I have a super sweet tooth, this is exactly what I need, lol. Does a slice of this delicious-looking pie have a lot of calories?? I am going to check out more of your recipes now…..cheers

  • My husband had diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome and high blood pressure. There are still some things that spike his sugar readings well over 200 and agave nectar is one of them. Sorghum does not. I enjoy agave nectar's flavor best but I cannot use it. I do not have diabetes and it makes mine go up also. At first bananas spiked it alot but they do not now, 7 months raw vegan, plus raw milk after 2 months raw. Tomatoes spike it a little also. Cocoa and carob raises it over 200 also.notsurewhy

  • Hi Jennifer, I am dying to try this recipe. Is there anything else I can use instead of Agave? I heard it is so bad, almost as bad as sugar. Thanks in advance!!

  • Hi Felicity,
    You can use any liquid sweetener of your choice–maple syrup, honey, or coconut nectar (in my opinion all of these sweeteners are "sugar"–none is radically better than another). You could even use extra dates instead of the sweetener.

  • That looks amazing! Thank you. I have a question, when you say cocoa powder that is different from cacao powder isn't it? Can raw cacao powder be used instead?

  • This is raw food desserts without chemicals though, just using natural ingredients, everything you mentioned is the regular processed unhealthy desserts that we're trying to avoid here.

  • Thank you much, I appreciate the response and I just ordered your book. You made this so much easier. Thank you!

  • Have you come across Stevia or Truvia as a sweetner. It is very, very sweet and supposedly has zero calories and zero G.I.

  • Jennifer, thank  you for sharing this recipe!!! I am in love with this dessert!
    I want to make this pie ahead of time and I am curious how long this mousse can be stored in refrigerator?  I have the crust ready in the frizzer…
    P.S. I never thought that it would be so easy to cook raw foods.

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