Raw Chocolate Cake

Welcome back to Pastry Maestra! I’m Tereza and today I’m making
raw chocolate cake. First, let me make a little confession. I know that the title of this video is “raw”
chocolate cake, but I simply couldn’t resist
the urge, and I toasted my hazelnuts. Mea culpa! Of course, if you are on a strict raw diet,
you will use raw hazelnuts, and don’t
worry; the cake will still be amazing! Not only that, all the usual “bad guys” are
banned from this cake, meaning – no gluten,
no dairy, no sugar, and no eggs! Now, if you are maybe struggling with
that famous ancient dilemma that goes something like: “To bake, or not to bake, that is the question.” Today, I can help you with that. Bake we shall not! As usual, the recipe is on my site,
the link is down below. First thing I’m gonna do is prepare my
16cm (about 6″) in diameter cake ring. I’m gonna put it on a plate and line
the inside with acetate strip. I soaked my dates and cashew nuts in
cold water for a couple of hours. Naturally, I’m gonna strain them before use. To make my chocolate base I’m gonna
place my toasted and peeled hazelnuts
into a food processor. To make truly raw cake you should
use raw hazelnuts, of course. I’m gonna pulse my hazelnuts until
they are roughly chopped. Now I’m gonna add soaked dates, cocoa powder
and water, and continue pulsing
until I get crumbly mixture. The mixture should be sticky, and it
should hold together when squeezed. I will transfer the mixture into
the mold, spread it on the bottom of … …the mold, and smooth it out with
the back of the spoon. Then, I will put it in the fridge to set. While my base is chilling, I will make the cream. I’ll put soaked and drained cashew
nuts, cocoa powder, melted cocoa butter, … …maple syrup, and almond milk into a blender and
mix on high speed until smooth. It is very important that all the
ingredients are at room temperature … …or warmer, so don’t use the milk
straight from the fridge! My cream is smooth and I’m gonna
pour it into the mold over… …the base, and freeze for a couple
of hours or overnight.

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