Raw blend smoothie in Commercial Vacuum Blender Tribest Dynapro DPS-1050

Hi, I am chef Jenny Ross and we are live
today at BIOFACH. Today we’re using the Dynapro Vacuum Sealing Commercial
Blender to make a quick and easy blend. The thing that I love about this
particular combination is that it’s so high in antioxidants. But most people
don’t think about the fact that when you blend at high speeds (more than 30,000
revolutions per minute), you’re pulling excess oxygen down into your blend and
you’re breaking down all those beautiful antioxidants by oxidizing your blend. So
we want to keep in all the rich nutrient density of all the ingredients
we’re going to use today. We want to have better taste, better texture, and here you
can see a side-by-side comparison of the difference between vacuum blending
and blending at high speeds without vacuum. This is green apple from this
morning: the one on the right was blended under vacuum in the Dynapro, the one on
the left was blended in Dynapro, but without vacuum. So you can see the
differences, right? So when we’re making really nutrient dense smoothie blends
for our daily enjoyment and to get the nutrition we need, we want to make sure
we keep all of the beautiful things in tact. So let’s get going with this basic
recipe! We’re going to start with just some basic water (you could also use
coconut water, almond milk, oat milk ? whatever you prefer in your blend). We
have this in the Dynapro and now we’re going to add in some fresh fruit.
So we have our bananas and we have some berries going into the Dynapro. Now I
want you to see how nice this is on the side of the Dynapro: we have all the
measurements right here. So when you’re just basic starting out with blending
smoothies it’s very easy to get going just by keeping an eye on the side of
the canister. Now one thing that’s also great about the Dynapro you’ll see
right here. We have an indicator for when your blends are becoming warm. So this
blender is such a high power blender. It will cook a soup which if you want to do
that. It’s perfect for that about three minutes and you’ll start
see it warming up. But for this blend, this smoothie, I want to stay row. So I
can keep an eye here and make sure that my blend is not overheating and I can do
it from far away across the kitchen if I have to. So we have right now two bananas
in here. We’re gonna add a cup and a half of fresh berries to the blend. And now
we’re going to put in some superfoods. So, superfoods nutrition is a great way to
get in extra ingredients into your body. I love spirulina, I love berries, but
today it’s gonna be a magical berry blend. So we’re gonna add goji berries
into this one – just raw goji berries. Goji berries have 500 times the vitamin C of
an orange. So these are really nice to have in your daily diet. I love them with
raw cacao nibs. Also there’s a lot of great blends on the market now. We’re
here at BIOFACH – one of the world’s largest natural marketplaces, and we’ve
got lots of great combinations like this one which is designed to go as a cereal
topper it’s got all the superfoods in it but it’s great in smoothies too. So you
can see we’ve got more goji berries and lots of great seeds: we have chia seeds,
we’ve got pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of vegan protein.
We have hemp seeds – also an excellent source of vegan protein, chia which is
high in omega. So this is really gonna get us going for this incredible show.
We’ve got lots of walking to do. So we’re gonna go ahead and put two tablespoons
into the blend. Now comes the fun part: we’re gonna put on the lid, which is
completely sealed all the way around, and we’re going to use the one-touch vacuum
pump. The one-touch vacuum pump will allow us to just press once, walk away and come
back, and our chemistry will be completely vacuum sealed. It takes about
10 to 30 seconds depending on how much volume you have inside of your
canister. When the blue light goes out you’ll see that it’s time to go ahead
and start blending. One great thing about the one-touch vacuum pump is it can also
be used with other accessories from Tribest like our vacuum sealing bags for
our Sousvant Sous Vide circulator and also for our Glass Personal Blender. So you
have a lot of options which is one piece of equipment, a basic accessory
that can help save your food. And, you know, encourage your ingredients to stay
healthy and well. So now we have this sealing, sealing, sealing? It’ll be just a
few more seconds and it’ll be ready to go. So now, that it’s done, we’re going to
go ahead and do our blend. So between the time settings and the
manual settings you have a lot of versatility with how you want to use
this blender. I love to use the 30 second blend cycle on smoothies like
this one because I can press it, go do something else and come back, and my
smoothie is ready. We can also use the manual when we’re working with cheeses
and sauces in the Dynapro. As a Raw Food Chef I love to make macadamia nut
ricotta in the Dynapro. It makes it fast and easy. And I can use the manual
setting to go from low to high and back down again to make sure my blend is
really nice and emulsify. So we’re gonna go ahead and pour out our blend and
garnish it up with some more of those beautiful superfoods. This is a great
smoothie-bowl recipe. This has some nice body to it as you can see, but it’s
completely blended up all the seeds of the berries in the Dynapro. And the
other nice thing about this is I know it’s been protected from oxidation. So
again it’s one of the most powerful ways you can protect your blends. Vacuum
sealing the canister it’s like what cold-pressed juicing is for juice. Vacuum
blending is for all your beautiful Blends: smoothies, sauces, cheeses, all
your desserts. It’s a great way to work with raw foods in the kitchen and
improve and upgrade your raw foods game at home. So cheers to you everybody!
Here’s a smoothie bowl for you to enjoy all day long here today at BIOFACH.
I’m chef Jenny Ross, thank you so much for joining us live at the Tribest food.

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