Range Repair – Replacing the Large Surface Element (Whirlpool Part # 8523692)

“Hi, it’s Steve. Today we’d like to show you how to change
the surface element on your smooth top range. It’s a really easy job. All we’re going to need is a number two Phillips
screw driver and maybe a pair of needle nose pliers. Let me show you how we do it because we’re
going to be working near some electrical circuits. The first thing that we’ll do before we begin
the repair is to pull the range far enough forward that we can unplug it or to locate
the electrical panel and turn the breaker off or remove the appropriate fuses. Next, we’re going to open the door and we’ll
locate a Phillips screw on either side and depending on your model it may be up through
the top or through the side. We remove both of those and then we’ll carefully
lift up on the front of that main top once it is unsecured we can pull it forward just
far enough that we can access the wire harnesses that are connected to the surface elements. Now, these harnesses have a little bit of
tension on them so you may wish to take some string or some tape and just secure them so
they don’t fall down into the back it’ll save me the job of having to remove the back panel
to retrieve them. And just to press the locking tapes on those
connectors to separate them. Once we have both harnesses disconnected we
can then take the main top and set it on a suitable work surface. Now, on this model the surface elements are
attached to a metal frame that is secured to the main top of six screws. So, we’re going to remove those screws to
separate the two pieces, you know, if the screws removed will next pull those two pieces
together and then turn the whole thing right side up again, we can then lift the main top
off and set it aside. We now have access to the element that we
need to replace. So, first we’ll remove the wires that are
attached to the preliminary device just take note of where they are located, then using
our needle nose pliers we’ll just take those terminals right off. We’ll also inspect those wire terminals make
sure that there are no signs of any arcing or corrosion. And if there is we’ll need to replace the
actual terminals as well. On this particular model the elements are
mounted to the main top with a couple of spring clips so take note of where those are located
in case there are multiple openings for those clips. And I just pull the element and clip to the
opening pop it up screw. We can then flip it over. We’ll have to transfer these new clips to
the new element. Now, with then turned over you’ll note that
those two spring clips are attached to the original element a couple of Phillips screws. We’ll need to remove those clips and transfer
them to the new element. And also some numbers around the perimeter
of this element that will help us relocate those clips to the proper spot they’re all
numbered. Just discard the old element take our new
element and carefully lay it face down, reinstall those mounting clips in the appropriate spots,
tighten those securely. Then carefully turn the element in an upright
position and insert those spring clips into the openings. Next, we’ll reconnect the wires to the terminals;
we need to make sure that these are on nice and secure. If you find any that are a bit loose just
take your needle nose pliers and crimp those and again matured that they’re nice and tight
on the terminals. We’re now ready to take our main glass top
sit it on top of this assembly and then invert it so that we can attach the screws. Now, before we put the main top back on this
assembly, you may choose to inspect the bottom side of it. Let’s see if it needs cleaning and if so you
can just clean this with a normal glass cleaner, make sure it’s good and dry and lint free
and then we can reassemble it. So, carefully lower that top on to the elements,
grasp the whole assembly and carefully turned it upside down. Now, carefully line up the top, make sure
all the screw holes are properly aligned and then we’ll reinstall those retaining screws. I suggest doing the two Center ones first
that will help with the alignment. And then make sure all of them are tightened
securely. We’re now ready to take that main top, set
it upright and back in place on the range. First place that main top, close enough to
the back that we can reconnect the wire harnesses and make sure that both of the locking tapes
engage on them. And then carefully slide the top back making
sure it lines up evenly on both sides and allow the retaining clips on the front to
drop down into position. Reinstall those two retaining screws and tighten
those securely, close the door back up. We’re now ready to reconnect the power and
our repair is complete.”

9 thoughts on “Range Repair – Replacing the Large Surface Element (Whirlpool Part # 8523692)

  • I noticed a burn spot on the back of that top. If you noticed it too, is it something that needs to be concerned about? Wondering what caused it. Thank you for your video. Very useful information.

  • Absolute nightmare. Part select sent me a replacement part . It was damaged during shipment . I noticed the new/damaged element wiring set up was different. Part select refunded my money quickly. Whirlpool/Maytag sent me the same part – un damaged but still the black wire would not fit the new part. The only way to get a modified instruction is by a technician or a video platform like YouTube . They give instructions to take the old limiter and put it on the new part but both are either welded or attached. So if your new product comes in and you have to modify you’ll still need a technician to come out so not only do you not save money you will have spent more than if you bought a new stove . WTF has happened to this country . Corporate America is killing it.

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