Quick Preview: Custom Icons – Blender 2.8 Code Quest

well um I heard there’s new icons in the toolbar yes the icons are actually done as real 3d objects and here’s our proof as here we have a scan of Campbell button this is a Campbell this is a Campbell you had a chip a combo exactly and then we’ve taken the scan and inserted it as one of our icons so in the toolbar as you can see now we have three Campbell’s and there you go laters exactly and I can even open the Campbell open the icons is the icon file this is the icon file and I can make Campbell bigger save update the icons it’s like a little script is a custom script it’s a custom script and then it’s gonna Campbell takes a bit more time to calculate okay that’s it’s worth it though yeah it’s Campbell after all right and there you go we have a big Campbell now it’s bigger like it’s all worth it now the whole cold quest okay so yeah outside of the joke is a great way to make your own new icons right yes yeah and easier to adjust the icons nice you’re making in this in two points and for the time being because of and I promise to switch over to two point eight this week this week so that way we can say yeah using two point eight to make two point eight that’s how good it is that’s how good it is thank you very much

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