Quick & Easy Green Smoothie Using only 3 Ingredients

This is John Kohler with okraw.com. Today
I have another exciting episode for you and as I’m making my lunch today, ’cause I woke
up and drank about 32 ounces of water and then a little later got a little hungry and
had probably about 2 pounds of organic cherries, super delicious, and right now I’m actually
quite busy, got to get out of here and do some work in the garden and have a whole bunch
of other stuff to do, and like you guys, I’m super busy. I’m actually probably more busy
then many of you guys out there. I try to upload a video a day and work in my garden
and actually eat right and stay healthy, grow my own food and have a social life too if
I even have the time, but, you know, todays episode is going to be hopefully just a few
minutes and what I’m showing you guys and what I’m going to teach you guys to day is
I want you guys to take the time to eat right. Take the time to make something to nourish
your body instead of just grabbing something on the go and running. You know, many people
may focus intensely on their job and then work all day and then all of a sudden, ‘man,
I’m really hungry,’ and they look around. ‘Oh, there’s a candy bar machine,’ or, ‘there’s,’
you know, ‘free donuts in the break room,’ just grab whatever and start chomping on it
because they didn’t plan ahead, because they’re so engrossed in what they’re doing they don’t
take the time to eat right and I want to remind and encourage you guys that you are what you
eat and absorb, and if you’re eating junk, guess what? You’re going to be junk. So, I
want you guys to have the highest level of health and also the highest level of brain
clarity and energy, and I have found that by eating fresh fruits and fresh vegetables,
you can totally have that. So, in this episode I’m going to show you guys what I’m doing
in literally a few minutes to get some of the best foods on earth in your body so that
you can think clearly, have more energy, and be able to do the things in life you want
to do. So, what I got here. I got the blender here and I just took 2 coconuts, these are
white coconuts, I popped holes in them, and dumped the water in there. I’d rather use
fresh coconut water, whether their (frenel) coconuts or the Thai coconuts, though in general
I like to use the frenel coconuts, or if I’m lucky, I get the full coconuts with the husk
and make some water. The next thing I did was start to add spinach. You know, while
I could harvest it from my garden, I want to show you guys what’s quick and easy because
many people may not have a garden at their fingertips like I do. So, sometimes what I
like to do is actually buy preboxed greens. Now, these are baby greens, so baby greens
are more nutritious than grown mature greens plus the other advantage of these greens here
are that they are prewashed. Actually, they are triple washed so that you don’t have to
wash them if you don’t want to. Of course, some people may still want to wash them, but
they’re prewashed, so you can open it up and use them, ’cause I think I don’t have the
time to wash, so, and they’re prewashed so that they don’t have anything bad here. So,
we’re just going to open this guy up and put it in. I’ve already put a total of about 10
ounces of the leafy greens. I have 2 of these, I’d probably put another one in and make it
one full pound of leafy greens, this is organic spinach. What I like to do now is blend this
up. So, blending coconut water with greens. We’re just going to pule this on the blender
to get it mixed up because you do not want to overblend. As you can see, I’ve got the
blender here. I’ve also got the juicer here and by far the blender is a lot more easy
and convenient to use. If I say anything else, I’m lying to you. That being said, I do like
to generally juice my vegetables, especially things like carrots and leafy greens, and
blend my fruits and that’s what we’re having next. I’m going to add a whole bunch of fruits.
So, while I am not adding 30 bananas a day to my blender here, I’m going to add a ton
of bananas. This is actually all I have right now, and organic bananas to me are basically
an inexpensive filler, plus they make your smoothie have a nice texture. You know, I’m
not big on bananas ’cause mainly bananas we get imported in those cases are picked too
green, picked too fast, and they just aren’t enough high quality and they don’t have a
good flavor, like (gang) with a spoon, remember that? Well, (gang) with a banana really what
happens to me if I try to eat more than like 3 or 4 bananas. They just taste so terrible.
I’d rather have some fresh local foods any day. If there’s bad spots like this, you now
what I do? I bite off the bad spot because I don’t want to eat it. Alright, so I think
we put a total of 3 bananas. Let’s go ahead and put 4, 5, 6, 7 bananas. Alright, I’m going
to start a website. 7 bananas a day, ’cause I can handle it. Alright, let’s just blend
this up. Now, I’m not just cranking the blender up on high ’cause that’ll cause overblending.
What I want to do is I want to blend the bananas only enough to get them basically in a liquid
state along with the spinach and the coconut water in there. So, I’m going to do what’s
called the pulse blend technique. I’m just going to turn it on high for a second then
turn it to nothing. Turn it on high, turn it to nothing. We’re going to repeat this
about half a dozen times until my mixture’s fully blended. Alright, so there you go. Just
got this blended up, fully blended with minimal oxidation. Now all I have to do is drink
and then simple wash and rinse the carafe
afterword’s. So, no matter where you work, where you live, what you do, there’s always
some time for fresh fruit and fresh veg. You know, if you do go to work every day, maybe
have some extra equipment at work or bring your equipment to work. Of course, if you
don’t want to do that because that’s the best, I always recommend good, better, best, make
something in advance before you go to work, fill it up in a thermos, take it to work,
fill it to the brim, overfilling, keep it cold in the fridge, and, you know, if that’s
the best you can do, that’s the best you can do. Otherwise, just simply bring some fresh
fruits and fresh vegetables with you and live like that rabbit in your break room when everybody
else is eating their steak and hamburgers. Alright, so I hope you guys enjoyed this tip.
Once again, take time to eat right, ’cause, you know, you are what you eat. You’ll find
out that you’ll have more energy, better buoyant clarity and the investment you’re making now
in your health today will be worth it tomorrow. Once again, my name is John Kohler with okraw.com.
We’ll see you next time and remember; keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables. They’re
the best.

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  • … John, I was thinking about this the other day: why you are different especially compared to the Dervaes Pathway to Freedom. I came across their work before you. They show you their operation, but haven't made any videos in many years, and no how to instructions. You took up where they failed. So, thank you again for your time and efforts. Without you and your channels this journey would be a lot more difficult.

  • see everybody has time to make John's recipe. And we'll have more energy too to do ever more things. Yeah!

  • Do you drink your juices at room temperature? What do you think about adding ice or cold/frozen fruits?

  • I have mentioned this before, but the Dervaes motivated me to start my gardening channel and show what I am doing to teach others HOW to do it, instead of just show them what I am doing. I encourage everyone to check out my gardening channel so you can learn HOW to grow your own food.

  • as long as you find time to watch youtube and to write smarty-pants comments you are not too busy 😉

  • Man, I was blending the heck out of my banana-spinach smoothies! Also, I'm glad you said that about the juicer. I have the blender and the juicer right next to each other and find it much easier to just mix something up in the blender. I am trying to work to give equal time to the juicer.

  • Hi John, love your videos. I'm planning on buying an Omega 8006. I'll buy it from you if you can give me a good price. Could you do a video(s) re. the types of drinks you use? Such as water, coffee, tea, alcohol (beer, spirits, wine)? Also, can we take a peek in your refrigerator!? Also, what condiments, if any, do you use such as soy sauce etc. And finally, what if any supplements do you use such a multivitamins, etc. Thanks for the great videos!

  • I wish I can have bananas 🙁 but because I have heredity acne- I have to avoid high GI foods to prevent acne … I used drink banana and spinach all the time – until I realised I started getting so many little bumps on my face.. Makes it so hard for me to follow a raw vegan diet at time- considering I have limited options when it comes to fruits

  • John are you still promoting Omega juicers. I loved my juicer but the auger broke. It took ages to get the email address but they responded immediately saying the part was at the warehouse … I presume ready to ship. However since then they have gone "missing" and haven't responded to my emails for an update. If I have to buy another juicer, I'll be reconsidering whether or not to get an Omega.

  • It's because you used spinach. Spinach is high in oxalate. You should use dandelions, parley, kale or arugula. Spinach and chard are not hat good for you. As for fruit… well at first you might get spots not because of the fruit but because your body is cleaning it's self out. If you did it a while your body would clean it's self out and you would not have a problem. But it takes time. It's bit like a vaccine. At first you get ill then you get better. Well this is the same.

  • John, you are awesome and inspiring. Because of you and your videos, my husband and I have greatly improved our diets and even started a garden. Thank you very much for sharing all your great info with us.

  • John, I'm growing some Purple Tomatillos. Can you make a video and tell us what to do with them? Juice? Smoothies? Salads? Also, maybe how to tell when they're ripe. My green 'tillo plants aren't doing well but I've never had the purple ones much less grown them before so not so sure what to do with this plant that's producing so much. Also, are they ripe when they're purple or do they turn green eventually? Using rock dust too thanks to you! Thanks!

  • Hmm… so true- I stopped taking spinach and started implementing lettuce juice instead for now- and I have noticed no little bumps…Hmmm ill give Kale or parlsey a shot this time and see how I go… Thanks for the response really appreciate it 🙂

  • Are you sure it was from the bananas/spinach? If it wasn't all organic, that could be the problem too. I wouldn't worry about the oxalate as there are much worse things to worry about.

  • I just want to thank you so much John. I appreciate everything you do for us and for the earth! You truly are a kind and genuine person, thank you very much for all of your efforts 🙂

  • I don't think it's such a high amount to worry either way. But I would agree that a person shouldn't eat it all day every day. Mix it up with other greens, but canceling it out completely wouldn't make sense.

  • That's pure bullshit. If HFCS were very hard to metabolize, like you claim, then it would have little effect on the body and would simply be excreted from the body as unmetabolized HFCS.

    In fact, HFCS is easily broken down into sucrose and fructose within the body. It's effectively the same as table sugar or agave nectar. Metabolism of fructose disproportionately raises triglyceride levels. Which is bad fyi.

  • i've got a vitamix that has a variable speed dial with the high speed switch, what is the best way to 'pulse' on a vitamix? just turning the dial or switching it on and off etc.. thanks!

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  • okay, thanks for the reply. i myself was wondering that same thing as Thaneii since i know you would have no use for such appliances.

  • John, recently subscribed to your discountjuicers channel after having been watching okraw and growingyourgreens for months. These are my favorite channel. Quick question: Although nutritional yeast is not raw, many rawfoodists use it. What's your take? Do you recommend using it on the raw diet?

  • I eat a 1400-1500 calories green smoothies everyday for breakfast now. 8 bananas, 9 to 12 medjool dates and 2 to 3 hearts of romaine lettuce, 400 ml of water and some ice. I prefer the smoothie with the lettuce better than without, which is awesome because I didn't use to eat much greens.

  • when you blend it forms a vortex and you suck air into the blender, which causes oxidation and destroys some of the nutrients like vitamins and enzymes the longer you blend the more nutrients are loss, plus it taste better if its no over blended as well.

  • THANK YOU for telling us not to "over blend."  I have been searching high and low, trying to find out how long you blend the greens and liquid.  THANK YOU!  LOL!  🙂

  • Those greens at my walmart are about 4 dollars. I really can't afford 4 bucks a day on greens.  Would it be ok to use maybe a handful a day instead of a whole crate.

  • nutritionally speaking, unless you have your own garden or a farmers market that has fresh produce daily, frozen vegetables are better for you than so called "fresh" vegetables, since they're flash frozen and loose almost no nutrition like regular ones do

  • john can you explain why some juices separate allmost straight away from the juicer. so you have water in the bottom and all the green stuff floating on the top.

  • I use plain yogurt, banana, kale, broccoli, spinach, pear, protein power's from walmart or when smiths have specials. thank you nice video.

  • Sorry, but this is probably the 'worst' recipe I've seen for a Green Smoothie. 7 Bananas….WAY too much sugar. This smoothie will PACK on the weight in no time. I use 1/2 to 1 banana at most, plus perhaps half a green apple, or a few grapes and maybe a pear. But, 7 bananas, BAD recipe.

  • Do you only know one hand gesture? It was really irritating to watch you always pointing both hands at the viewer!!

  • Great video! Very Helpful and im thinking about snatching up this vitamix below


  • refreshing with an actual dude, if you search for green smoothie on youtube you get 1 million house wives babbling on about how smoothies releases toxins from your body…

  • The brown spots on a banana are actually very healthy. Unlike other fruits, as bananas age they become more packed with nutrients.

  • That is a LOT of sugar/fructose you are getting from all those bananas. That will cause premature aging in addition to liver damage and diabetes. You should eat those bananas before they are fully ripe. Then they don't have as much sugar/fructose in them. Instead, they will have a lot of complex carbs which have a better glycemic index and won't cause rapid changes in blood sugar.

  • Bro 7 bananas really… If I ate that much my stomach would explode.. I can't even eat a full banana without having a sore stomach.

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