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– Hey guys, I’m so excited to have a special guest in my kitchen. My dad, who’s back this year for his third annual performance. – I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. – I know, time flies.
– I’m happy to be back. – Now a lot of people ask me where I get my sense of style from and it comes right from my dad. I mean, I can’t take any of the credit. – Wait a minute! Your mom has great style too. – Yes, she does too. But my father is an interior designer. So people always ask me
what he does for a living. That’s what he does. And you know have a very
exciting new project where your home furnishings are gonna be available on line. Is that right? – Right, well you know, we
have gotten so many questions about where can we find your
products, where can we go? And it’s all at parigold.com. – Well good, that’s exciting. So we will put that
link in the description. You guys can check out what he’s doing, new project for dad. – Thank you. – Yes, little plug. Okay, so dad what are we doing this year? – Well, we’re gonna do savory puff pastry. And the reason I like it, this is my best friend. We keep it in the freezer all the time because you can do so many things with it. So if you take the first sheet. – Now these are pretty frozen I mean, this is the idea? – I like to do it frozen
because they puff up. – Better, yeah.
– Better. – What’s nice about this
brand of puff pastry, and I’ll put a link in the description, is that it’s already scored into the three panels right? – No rolling, you just–
– no rolling? – Keep it just like this. And you do an approximate middle. – [Woman] Okay, just cutting it in half. – Right, and then you
do the same thing above. And then you do like your little fencing. And don’t worry about if it splits because we’ll fix that when we taste it. – So basically we cut rectangles. And now we’re cutting these
little side rectangles which are gonna become the border of our? – [Man] Yes. – [Woman] And then? – [Man] a little egg wash. – A little egg wash, okay. Right here, can we share? – Yes.
– Okay. – Absolutely and what we’ll do is just make it a little adhesive I have to say. And if it cracks, not to worry just paste it together. – That’s what I love about puff pastry, it’s so forgiving. – Yes, you got it. – I also think the puff pastry around the holiday time it just makes everything fancy. You don’t actually need to do much to it. It kind of does all the work for ya’. – [Man] It does, so you get this little– – Yeah, I know, my little–
– fenced garden. – You’ll be all right. – Am I okay? Okay, I don’t have much room in my garden. (they laugh) – That’s all right. That’s all right. – Kind of like my real garden. – So then you wanna take your fork. And in the center, sort of down and then the sides will puff. – Know I know you’re
very excited about these. And I have to kind of share a funny story because this is just making me laugh. We were debating what recipe we should do for this Christmas segment. And I really wanted to do
my grandmother’s cookies that are called Marigoons. But he really wanted to do
these puff pastry squares. So we took it to YouTube, which is where all great
discussions are settled. (they laugh) And in the community tab you all voted. And by a landslide, at the time we did it, for his puff pastry squares. But then I said, “Okay, I just have to share the cookies.” So we’re gonna do that next week. – Oh goody, goody. – So you get both. – Well I thought it was kind of fun because people said, “Ah, let
the old man have his way.” (they laugh) – I think that was the best part. So now we’re gonna transfer
these onto the cookie sheet. – [Man] Yes. – Okay, so in this stage we are just baking the puff pastry,
just so it puffs up. This first time, we’re gonna go 400 degrees Fahrenheit for
about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how long it takes to puff up. Then when we put the filling in we’re gonna bake it again
to melt the cheese, right? – Right. – Okay, so our lovely puff pastry has come out of the oven. It’s looking good. – It’s perfect. – It’s perfect, so we’re gonna show you three different fillings. And we’re gonna start with
the tomato mozzarella. – Yes, so I like to start
with just shredded mozzarella. And then we take these roasted tomatoes, which you did a beautiful job with the olive oil– – We did a beautiful job.
– Yes, we did. – So just to let you guys know, and the recipe is in the description, what we did is we just took Roma tomatoes, sliced them, drizzled with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a little fresh basil. – Oh the aroma, oh! – The aroma was delicious. And then we roasted at 400
degrees for about 20 minutes. This is beautiful. Look at this. – [Man] See how lovely? – Totally lovely. – I love to do this, fresh shaved– – [Woman] Parmesan.
– Parmesan. – Yes, that is good. And then you can just put
it on your baking tray. Use the same parchment paper because it’s gonna go back in the oven. And that’s the first filling. So now for the second one. Okay, so now this looks like a little bit of a French theme. – Yes, it is. And you know, this is one
of your mother’s favorites. She loves this. And what I like to do is put a little bit of French mustard on the bottom. Because it gives just
that little bit of zing which I think you like, I know your husband does. – Yeah, no, it’s great. So we’re gonna do
mustard, ham, and cheese. And now you cook the ham beforehand, which I think is so funny. – I just sauteed it in a
little butter, no seasoning. Just to kind of get it a little crispy. And then we’ll put the Gruyere. – Cheese, yes. So we’re using just Gruyere cheese, that has been grated here. – A little bit. – This looks lovely. Okay, so second one down. On the tray it goes, here we go. So now we’re gonna do mushroom and cheese. – Right, which a lot of people love. – Yeah, what’s not to love? – I’m one of them. – It’s delicious. – Now this is a mixed combination of the mozzarella and parmesan, right? – Mozzarella, parmesan, fontina, it’s just that Italian blend cheese. – Yeah, which I love. – I’m such a fan of it
because it’s so easy. – So these mushrooms we sauteed with a little salt and pepper and also a little thyme from your beautiful herb garden. – I know, it is definitely– – So convenient. – It’s so convenient, right out there. – [Man] I happen to be a mushroom lover. – Me too, I know there
are people out there that really don’t like mushrooms. They’re usually the same people that don’t like raisins. There are a lot of people out
there that don’t like raisins. It’s like an internet conspiracy. – Only you would come up with that one. – You must try them. They’re so good. Okay, so here we go. Now look at that, how spectacular! And we’re gonna put them back in the oven, 400 degrees for– – I just say five minutes. Just until the cheese
is melted, that’s all. – Just until the cheese is melted. Okay, and now we’re
gonna garnish these up. So we’ve got our tomato mozzarella which you’re gonna put some basil on. – Yes, I think it’s really fun to keep this at a green and red and a little bit of snow. – It almost reminds me
of a lady’s corsage. But you’re really so artistic. I probably would have
just taken a little basil. But I love how you got that. – The apple doesn’t
fall far from the tree. – You did it first. You’re the best. Okay, then I am gonna use some chives to do like a little x part. – Yeah, very nouvelle cusine. – Yes, exactly, something
more contemporary. And then for our mushrooms we can just do some sprigs of thyme. – So pretty.
– Looks really great. – Excellent. – Oh this looks so lovely. And I must say, these look extra beautiful on your plates. I just inherited these from my parents. – Well, they’re really your Nonnie’s and she would have loved what you do because you are her, reincarnated. – Reincarnated. – Okay, I think we should try these. Should we jump in? – Absolutely–
– try the mushroom. – [Man] I’ve been wanting to. – Me too, this looks delicious. So good. – Thank you. – I see what you mean. These are delicious. – You heard her. She admitted it. – They’re good but I’m
making the cookies next week. (they laugh) – Okay cookie. – Thank you so much, again, for coming on. It’s always such fun to have you here. – My pleasure, happy holidays. – How to do our Christmas tradition. – And thank you all. – And happy holidays to you all. See you next time, bye! ♪ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♪ ♪ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♪ ♪ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♪ ♪ And a happy New Year ♪

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