Pomegranate Punch ||ഒരു അടാർ മാതളം ഡ്രിങ്ക് ||Refreshing Drink for Summer||EP:344

Hi. Namaskar.. How are you? Hope all are doing good. Here I am fine. Today we are going to do a simple and humble drink with pomegranate. Its a very beneficial fruit. I used to have it everyday when I was pregnant. During my second pregnancy I wasn’t able to drink it. Doctors did ask me to, but I used to vomit after that. Many pregnant ladies ask me what is important to have at this time. So, here is an important juice for you to have now. When pregnant ladies are having this, don’t add soda to it. Have it as its juice itself. Many people have not seen our last post Poha Upma. At the same time many have made it and sent me photos. I have made and posted this because many of you requested. So don’t forget to watch it. So without any delay lets see how to make an awesome drink using pomegranate. Ok. Now lets see how to make our pomegranate punch. I have 1 big and a small pomegranate for this. There are many ways of removing the seeds from this. I shall show you two ways. You can follow any of these or any other way you like. I shall show you my way. Cut round the skin at 1/4 part of it. It has many divisions inside. That’s why we are removing the upper skin from it. Now I have done it. Now you can see its chambers. The white lines show where the chambers start from. So we shall draw downwards from the white lines. This is to separate the chambers. There are lots of seeds in these chambers. Lets start from here. Cut it deep downwards. Repeat at all the white lines. Make sure you cut till down. Now I have cut downwards at all the chambers. When you pull it downwards, you can easily remove the seeds. This is how you can easily remove the seeds of the pomegranate. When you do it this way, you don’t make any stains on your dress. You can easily remove it also. Hope you have understood this way. I do it this way. Shall show you another way too. Take some water in a pan. Slit lines anywhere you like. There is no particular place to cut. Put it into the water and begin to deseed it. When you do it this way, the stains don’t come out anyhow. You can easily remove the seeds to the water. You will neither loose its juice nor have stains anywhere. You can follow any of these methods or any you are comfortable with. Rise the skin part and remove the seeds in the water. I’ve seen some people hitting the back side and removing the seeds. There are many ways to do it. You just have to find out an easy and convinient method for you. If you are comfortable with any other way you may do that. At the end our need is to make pomegranate punch So you may deseed it in any ways. I have deseeded a big and a small pomegranate. I got 2 cups of seeds from them. Now we should grind this in the mixi. Do not over beat it. Just beat till the red portion is grinded. The seeds shouldn’t get grinded much. Transfer the seeds to a jar. I am not adding any water to this. You may grind 1 or 2 glasses. I am making 1 now because only one person is here. I prefer serving all these fresh. I will keep the other glass in the fridge. You can use it whenever you need. I shall grind the seeds in the jar and come. As I said, I will not over grind it. Just whip it few times to just get the juice. If the seeds get grinded completely, the colour changes. I have grinded it without water. Let me strain it. Since I have not added any water, this is its pure juice. Strain it well. See the seeds are still seen and the red juice is derived. When you do it this way, you get its true colour. Now we shall add sugar as needed or substitute it with honey. Next is lemon juice. That depends on your taste. According to the sourness in the juice,you may decide the amount of lemon you need. First lets mix the sugar well to it. Let me taste and see.Just to know its sourness. Its very sweet. So I shall add 1tbsp lemon juice to this. You can adjust this according to your taste. Now I am adding 2 mint leaves. You can just tear and add. It gives good flavour to it. I am adding 3 cubes of ice to it. You can even do it while assembling it in a glass. Stir all these well. Ice is optional. Its actually nice to have without ice. It looks beautiful when adding ice. That’s why I am adding. Personally I don’t ice to any juice. Mix well and pour it to a serving glass. If you want you may add little ginger and green chillies to this. That depends on your taste. When giving kids I don’t use soda also. I add water. I am using soda just to get that punch feeling. Some people use sprite. You can replace it with whichever you like. Let me take a serving glass for this. Lets pour this to a glass. I used a glass to pour so that it doesn’t spill. Lastly we have to pour soda to this. This is optional. This is just for the special effect. Pour slowly because it will overflow. Pour little. This is enough. Or else it will spill out. Now this is ready. This is our pomegranate punch. Let me taste and see it. As I said, I usually don’t use ice. But just for you I shall taste and see. You also taste and see and add whatever you feel is less to it. So CHEERS! Arrey Wah! Its very tasty. I like such combinations with soda. Some wouldn’t like it. You may use water for that. When you have guests, you can serve such impressive colourful drinks. Hope all of you liked it. Do try it out and don’t forget to send me your feedback. So until we meet with my next recipe.. Thank you.. There are many complaints that Janchettan is very serious since some days. Not smiling to them.. People are saying you have a BUJJI look and all.. What happened Jan? Hi.. How are you? They are saying you are acting like a pompous. Whats the doubt on that? Has my pompous spreaded to you? Everybody says I am like that. Now I came to know it spreadable. You don’t have to curl your mustache for that. Ha..hah.. I have trimmed it else would have done it… You can show the action now… The barber shop people have trimmed it off.. Else would have given it a try..

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