Pillow Book’s rumored premiere date, Hu Yitian’s GGS spinoff, Zhang Ruoyun’s drunk scene 01.18.2020

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update January 18th 2020 edition. In this edition, Zhang Ruoyun shares his most
memorable scene in Joy of Life and Eddie Peng looks for love, but first.. And I’m just hearing this last minute as I
am editing – that The Pillow Book, starring Dilraba and Vengo Gao – might be airing on
January 22nd. I checked MyDramalist and they indeed have
it premiering on Jan 22nd. However I checked The Pillow Book’s official
Weibo page and they still haven’t announced anything so it remains a rumor until something
more official is released which could be soon. I will keep you guys updated on this. Handsome Siblingsstarring
Hu Yitian and Chen Zheyuan has premiered. The drama is an adaptation of the classic
wuxia novel of the same name by Gu Long. It’s one of those really popular ones that
have been adapted numerous times into movies and dramas
including the 1999 Taiwanese TV series ‘The Legendary Siblings’ starring Jimmy Lin and
Alec Su and the 2005 China-Hong Kong TV series ‘The Proud Twins’ starring Dicky Cheung and
Nicholas Tse. Handsome Siblings tells the story of twin
brothers, played by Hu Yitian and Chen Zheyuan, who are separated at birth. They both grow up to become supreme martial
artists and are raised as enemies to each other,
but when they meet, become fast friends and acknowledge each other as brothers. The female leads in the drama are Liang Jie,
who starred in The Eternal Love series with Xing Zhaolin, and Vicky Liang, who had a supporting role in Oldboy with Liu Ye. Anyway, I checked out the first episode and
it’s got that sort of lower budget wuxia drama feel to it
in the sense that everyone is overdubbed, it’s action-packed, and the story is very entertaining
and moves really quick. The drama streams on iQIYI and for international
viewers, is also available on Netflix with Engish subs. Because it is available on Netflix, I get
the feeling it might be a while before it arrives officially on YouTube, if even at
all. I’ll keep you guys updated on that front. If you don’t have Netflix, you might have
to venture into the unofficial streaming sites territory for English subs but we’ll see what
happens. And staying on Hu Yitian, he is rumored by
multiple sources to star in a spin-off of Go Go Squid! According to Chinese entertainment site ETtoday,
Hu Yitian is tipped to star with Li Yitong in Fish in the Secret Chamber
and filming is slated to commence in March or April. Go Go Squid! was one of the hottest dramas
of 2019. And although lead couple, Yang Zi and Li Xian,
were centre stage, the rest of the cast got their share
of the praise as well. So it is speculated that Hu Yitian will reprise
his role as Wu Bai, and partner with Li Yitong in Fish in the Secret Chamber
as Wang Zhen’er will not reprise her role as Appledog, the gaming goddess and representative
of Team SP. Li Yitong has had a terrific past couple of months
starring in high-profile dramas like Sword Dynasty, Blossom in Heart and Royal Nirvana In Go Go Squid, Wu Bai has a 10-year crush
on Appledog but since they weren’t the main couple in
the drama, their relationship wasn’t as developed and in focus as the main. However, many viewers were fond of their story but never really got to see how the couple’s relationship unfolded. Now that a spin-off is announced, fans can
look forward to a more elaborate story between the two. Fish in the Secret Chamber follows the romance
between Wu Bai and Appledog as they challenge each other in E-sport tournaments. They are both fierce leaders and their respective
teams are in opposition to each other. Due to their competitive nature, they constantly
suppress their feelings for each other. While Handsome Siblings features a pair of
twin boys, upcoming costume drama, The Twin Flower Legend, will feature a
pair of twin girls. The drama features Mao Xiaohui and Kai Xuan
as a pair of twin girls who were sold as slaves to a powerful family,
and tells the story of how they use their wits and personality to rise to glory. Mao Xiaohui’s character, the main one, gets
four guys to fall heads over heels for her as she rises up the ranks. Yes folk, the ‘irresistible female lead’ trope
is well and alive. Anyway, they have released a bunch of character
posters and a trailer on their Weibo page and they plan to release their slated 60 episodes
some time this year. I’ll keep you guys updated on it. So I recently checked the Joy of Life playlist
on YouTube and it has yet to air the finale. I thought it was going to air this week but
I guess it will come out in a day or two. I gave my thoughts about the finale in my
last video so if you haven’t seen that, be sure to check it out. Here now is a piece that I came across recently
that I found interesting. I thought I’d share it with you guys. Recently, Zhang Ruoyun shared that his most
memorable scene in Joy of Life was where his character recites a long series of poems while
drunk. I’m sure those of you who watched the drama
remember the scene in episode 27. Zhang Ruoyun revealed that to prepare for
that scene, he “..started drinking at 8am in the morning”. He also said that they took three days to
complete that scene – filming over 300 shots on the first day, and several hundred more
the following days. As someone who works in film, I can tell you
that 300 shots a day is unheard of in North America, but I guess somehow they get it done
in China. He continues, “If you haven’t had any alcohol,
pretending to be drunk can come out quite fake on screen.” Acting drunk is one of the hardest things
to do convincingly. That’s because very often a drunk is
trying his or her best to act sober. So in a way, acting drunk is trying to act
sober. You can see where the difficulty lies. Li Qin (AKA Chicken Leg Girl) also had her
own little anecdote as she revealed how much chicken she ate for her scenes. She said, “I ate so much chicken leg to the
point of throwing up. All I ate for those scenes were chicken legs,
only chicken legs! If there’s one thing actors are reluctant
to do on set, it’s eating stuff. Imagine having to do take after take after
take, you’ll really get sick of it, even if it’s your favorite food. In fact, sometimes there’s a bucket right
next to the actor so he or she can spit out the food after every take. The next time you’re watching a drama and
see and an actor sit down to a bowl of delicious noodles or something like that,
watch how she takes only small nibbles despite saying she’s starving. You’ll see what I mean. And finally, Taiwanese Canadian actor Eddie
Peng reveals that he is still looking for love. Eddie appeared on A Date With Luyu,
a Chinese talk show that has oftentimes been touted as the Chinese Oprah. While there, he revealed that he had been
single for five years. And when Luyu asked him, “What is the one
thing you wish you can get back, anything at all?”, he replied, “My first love”. He elaborated, “Your first love is always
the happiest. You’re always seeking that feeling with
the ones you encounter later on, but it’s never there.. Perhaps after I’m done with this interview,
I might find her.” So there you go. I’m going to do my Asian-Canadian brother
a solid and put all you ladies out there on notice. He’s on the prowl. Yes, this dude, is on the lookout. His latest movie, The Rescue, hits theatres
on January 25th. And that’s it for this edition, guys. I’m going on a vacation this weekend so I’ll
be leaving the snow here in Vancouver for some sunshine and heat in Southeast Asia. And I will have some footage of that to go
with the updates in upcoming episodes so stay tuned. This show would not be possible without your
support, whether it is through Patreon or simply by watching, liking and subscribing. so thank you all for watching I wish you all
health and happiness. Until next time, cheers.

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    Hu Yi Tian's drama
    Hansome Siblings on Netflix. It's great drama , I recommend to everyone!

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  • It has! Confirmed January 22, 2020
    Let's cheers, everyone!


  • marcus, can u tell us your thoughts on the recent actor changes in ever night 2. personally it was unbearable. not only did the lead get changed, but a lot of people including the royals in the story got changed too. and ur overall thought on swapping actors in dramas would be a good topic to talk about too, for example leo wu supposedly not starring in fights breaks sphere. keep up the good work and happy chinese new year!

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  • It's confirmed, 22/1/2020, there are 2nd trailer in tencent video site.
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    Drama doctor cutie is available at YouTube with English subtitles posted
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    Total 28 episodes 4 episodes per week

  • Hi Marcus can you make a reaction about the latest trailer of the Pillow Book itโ€™s out now and Iโ€™m so excited. Fans have been waiting for 2 years!

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