Philips PrimaryDiagnost DR at MEDSTAR 2000 in Constanta, Romania

My name is Marius Enescu. I am an orthopedic
surgeon and a partner to MEDSTAR 2000 a clinic located in Constanta, Romania. We are a fast growing private clinic with
30 beds, two modern operating rooms and able to provide medical services in an ever growing
list of medical and surgical specialties. The private sector in Romania is ramping up
strongly now and we want to be prepared for the moment when modern and versatile facilities
like ours will be needed even more. This is why we have chosen a strong partner to help
us in the imaging solutions. We looked into the X-ray offers on the market,
those able to match our requirements. The Philips distributor in Romania has helped
us a lot along the way. They actually put themselves in our shoes and came up with the
idea of this floor based digital X-ray machine. We chose to purchase this PrimaryDiagnost
machine and we are very happy we did so. Well, I remember once this woman came to our
clinic as a victim of a car accident that happened days before. In spite of her relatively
light diagnosis she still had pain and functional disability. And thanks to the imaging processing
capacity of our PrimaryDiagnost we were able to find a hidden fracture. Therefore, you
can imagine that the outcome of the story was very different in terms of treatment and
legal consequences. We choose PrimaryDiagnost from Philips because
it is a very powerful machine. It has a small footprint and enables us to place it in a
small room like ours that is fifteen square meters. In spite of its size, in a manner
of speaking it’s like a tiger packed inside a small cat. Secondly, it is easy to use and it has a robust
and light detector that weighs only 4.5 kilos. And it can easily be handled by our radiographers
– women or men. The wide mobility of the tube head and portable
detector enables us to perform X-rays even on immobilized people in bed or in wheelchair. However, what I like most about PrimaryDiagnost
it is that it is easy to operate with and extremely reliable. It works like clockwork.
We were at peak times forced to do like 25 chest X-rays per hour and we did it. The Eleva interface is great. It enables our
radiographers to concentrate on the patients instead of the technology. Our radiologists are very satisfied with the
image quality because of the excellent UNIQUE image post processing software. We are very happy to have this reliable and
powerful X-ray machine for the right price. Thanks to Philips, our clinic has become more
of a one stop shop for our patients because now we are able to provide a broader range
of medical services for their needs.

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