Perfect {Juice} Prep For A Week Of Perfect Days!!

hey guys Hannibal Bray, Perfect Day
Lifestyle it’s Saturday which means I’m doing my
meal prep for the week today we’re focused on the juicing and tomorrow we’ll
do a little bit of cooking but I want to show you some of the ingredients some of the tools I use to make this a little bit easier there you go if you’ve got
questions about any of this just go ahead drop in the comments and I’ll be
glad to reply to you after after the video so we flip this around and show
you what we got here so this is this is a week’s worth of juice for me this is
eight days worth of green juice and everything I’m gonna put in there this
is the collard greens so what this means for me when I go to Whole Foods I
usually have to buy two bundles of the collards and you can you what you can do
is you can you can look at them on the shelf and you can kind of count and see
how many stalks you’ve got there I know for my recipe for eight days of
juice I’m making juice for two people I need 16 of these Leafs so I usually find
two packs of eight plus or minus and I’ve been if I have a little bit extra
no big deal I just throw that in to the bin and again these are the these are
the bins that I use to kind of keep everything organized I’ve got these long
ones which are nice because they hold the cucumber’s and I’ve got these these
shorter square ones they both hold about the same amount of stuff but just I
couldn’t fit more of these in my fridge this is just the way it works in my
fridge so we got the collard greens for my green drink for two people is there’s
two collar Collard leaves that go in which means I need to buy two bunches if
you’re making your grocery list two bunches of collard greens the cucumber’s
I really like these cucumbers so these are organic from Mexico they just start
and things are in different season right so last time we went shopping I had to
get the ones the European ones they have the plastic wrapper on them these ones
actually are wax they have wax on them to kind of keep you fresh a little bit
longer I’m still gonna put them in in the bins here or in my crisper to help
keep them fresh took two just because these are the things that are gonna go
bad first in my experience of doing this over the last almost three months so
each one of my juices gets a whole cucumber but again I’m making it for two
people if you’re making for just one person just put half the
cucumber in there the ginger what I do is I break off or I cut off an inch per
serving so I’m making juice for two people so I’ll put two inches of ginger
in there and again it’s you know it’s a rough it’s a rough measurement you can
add or decrease that to taste for two people I put a whole lemon in there and
I’ll peel off I’ll skin off most of this and I’ll kind of leave the white innards
on there and it gives me a really nice really nice flavor celery I’m putting
four of these celery stalks in there in my juice so four of these are gonna go
in there the and then I’ve got cilantro and parsley and I’ll be honest I always
mix these up I think I think this is my salon I think this is my Italian parsley
and I think this is my cilantro but again I just get a bunch of each one
bunch at the store and then I just divvy it up into the bins and we make all that
fit finally we got the kale you can use any kind of kale you want the red kale
the green kale this is the red kale that I prefer dinosaur kale lacynto
kale whatever but what I wanted to show you is like I said it’s all about the
prep and you want this stuff to stay fresh so I’ve got these boxes right I’ve
got these these produce keepers I got on Amazon from oxo I can send you a link if
you want that but they have these little charcoal filters in there that are gonna
keep your produce fresher longer right but then after I get back from the store
I wash everything and I set it out here to dry you know got out here to draw in
the towels but one thing that helps me is I got these these pretty slick
calendars my wife just got these for us and I think she got ya from pampered
pampered chef so we got three of these we got a small one here we’ve got like
this medium one here and I want to drop all this stuff you got this big one here
but I think what we’re gonna do and then this is just other ones that we had I
think what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna replace replace this one we’re gonna get
another set of these and the cool thing is I don’t like pull these out like once
a week when I’m doing my meal prep but they stack up and if so they don’t take
any room in the cupboard so that’s all I want to share with you guys
as with anything they say it’s not just practice makes perfect it’s perfect
practice makes perfect so if you want to have perfect days you’ve got to put in
the preparation you got to spend some time on the weekend to make sure you’ve
got the supplies you need and I’ve just found some of these tools over the last
three months there’s been a bit of a learning process so that’s kind of the
purpose of this group here if you’re watching this on YouTube definitely come
on over to Facebook check us out here find the group Perfect Day Lifestyle you
can join you can add anybody in here you want anybody else who’s trying to lose
weight just wants to live a healthier lifestyle that’s we’re all about and you
know like Vince Lombardi says perfection is not attainable but if you chase
perfection you know you’re gonna wind up getting excellence and excellent days is
something there’s something to be said for that so have a great weekend and
have a perfect week take care

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