Patreon Then Came Sober James Sobriety and Recovery Videos

Patreon Then Came Sober James Sobriety and Recovery Videos friends family complete strangers in
this video I’m going to tell you how you can be a patron of the arts and
contribute to the growing cause of them became sober James coming right up for
you the strangers let me introduce myself my name is James I’m a grateful
recovering addict and alcoholic I drank and used for two decades and I’ve been
recovering for four years I post videos on sobriety and recovery right here on
this channel weekly feel free to subscribe like and
share to get the message out there and scroll all the way down to comment share
with us your experience strength and hope I’ll keep this short I just want to
let you know that I’m hoping opening a patreon account what is patreon down
there in the link that says you can help if you click it it will tell you what
I’m offering and what you can do to contribute to me as a creator and the
message and the cause on a whole the channel I have open this because I
realized that over a year ago I posted my first video right here in this room
it was from a my phone duct-taped to the wall opening that camera that I’m
filming this on staking my claim to YouTube bound and determined to make it
I am pleasantly surprised by how this community has grown I’ve hit a thousand
subscribers not too long ago I’m well over I’m approaching a million watch
minutes I’ve posted 40 feature-length videos I’ve opened two blogs and I’ve
gotten tons of comments from you out there on my sobriety your sobriety
everything in between I’m stoked on your participation and I’m opening this
patreon account click on the link you can help down there explore it I have
one tear so far it’s a then came sober crew tear it allows you access to my
posts on patreon um you can vote on the polls that I
posted to polls so far one is what do you want my next videos to be what do
you want me to offer you on future tears I’m gonna make five tears there’s one so
far explore it I have five patrons already one part of that tier is I’m
gonna put your I’m going to recognize you as a part of the team
part of the crew you’re contributing to a message that I consider very important
and my own personal dream to help addicts and alcoholics online so I thank
you and I’m going to list all my patrons on in the in each video as well as shout
outs right now I have five patrons my first and second patron my my dad and my
sister you’ve been my patrons my entire life I
got nothing but love for y’all Wayne Lisa Marissa thank you so much and
consider yourselves part of the family tell me what I can do for you tell me
what you’d like to see in future of Tears
what do you want I’ve thought of maybe I then came sober your name here coffee
mug I could do a monthly live stream where patreon members and myself get
together on camera if you choose to have your own webcam or just chat I don’t
know I still have to explore it you guys can help me out maybe do a tear with
behind the scenes and blooper reels bottom line click the link down below
that says you can help I can barely express how grateful I am for the
community that has evolved I thank you for your comments and your shares and
likes and all of that I I’m realizing my dream and I have you to thank so thank
you very much well until next week just keep it clean
keep it real and keep doing this damn thing together peace you

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