Parwal Ki Mithai Recipe – Parwal Sweet Recipe – Pointed Gourd Sweet

Namaskar, welcome to Today, we will prepare Parwal sweet. The sweet of Parwal is a different and delicious sweet. Let us see what all do we require to prepare sweet of Parwal. Parwal (snake gourd) – 500 grams (15). Sugar – 300 grams (1 and 1/2 cup). Mawa (dried milk) – 200 grams (1 cup). Powdered sugar – 1/4 cup. Almonds – 1/4 cup. Cardamom – 5. Pista – 1 tsp. We will first have to peel the Parwal first and cut it to prepare the Parwal sweet. Remove its stalk from both the sides. We have washed and dried the Parwal first. Peel all the Parwals in the same way. We have peeled all the Parwals. Now, we will make a cut in Parwal so that it is attached from the other end. Take out pulp and seeds from the Parwal. Cut all the Parwals in the similar way. Boil the Parwals now. Take water in a dish to dip the Parwals. Here we are taking four cups of water. Boil the water now. Cover it with a lid so that water is boiled in a less span of time. We will boil water for 4 minutes. 4 minutes have passed and the Parwal have boiled. Turn off the gas. Keep these in same water for 5 minutes. Take these out after 5 minutes. Put these in a sieve and let them cool down. The extra water will come out of the sieve. The rawness of Parwal will end after this. Let the Parwal cool now. In the meantime, we will prepare the Chasni. We add 1 cup water in 1.5 cup sugar. Cook the chasni till the time sugar melts. Sugar has dissolved in water and therefore Chasni is prepared. Squeeze water out of the Parwal. Parwals should not break. Cook Parwals till their color changes. The color of Parwal has changed and Chasni has also become thick now. Now, we can check the Chasni. Take the drop between your fingers and test it. It should make one wire on putting fingers apart. Turn off the gas. These Parwals have cooked well in this Chasni. Cover it with the lid and keep it down. We have keep like this for one hour to make them sweet. Let us prepare the filling for Parwal now. Heat a pan and crumble Mawa. We can also grate it. Put this on a pan. Roast the Mawa by turning it with a ladle constantly. Mawa has turned light brown now. Mawa is roasted and is ready. Turn off the gas and keep the Kadhai on slab. Let the Mawa cool down. In the meantime, we will cut Pista and almonds. Cut 10 almonds finely and make a powder of rest of the almonds. We have cut 10 almonds and made a powder of rest of the almonds. Add almond powder, powdered sugar and cardamom powder in Mawa. Mix all these things. Here, we have prepared the stuffing by Almond powder. We can also prepare the stuffing without almond powder. These Parwal were in Chasni since 1 hour. These have now cooled down and have become sweet. We will take them out now. Drain out all the Chasni and put it on a plate carefully. Now, we will fill the filling in Parwal. Pick up a Parwal and fill filling in it. We have made filling less sweet, so that its taste is very good. Keep two to three pieces of almond and two to three pieces of Pista and press it. Prepare all the Parwals in the same way. The sweet of Parwal is ready now. It can be prepared easily if it is handled properly. Prepare sweet of Parwal on a special occasion or on a festival. The sweet of a Parwal can be eaten up to 10 days if kept in a refrigerator. Prepare and enjoy Parwal sweet and share your experiences with us. Let us meet again at

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