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Hey my lovely viewers, welcome to Kanak’s Kitchen Today I will be showing you a wonderful and tastiest Paneer Appetizer, which I was eagerly waiting to show on my channel, that is Paneer pockets or Paneer puffs This snack is prepared with combination of Paneer and cheese with vegetables and pizza flavours in it Usually these are prepared with all purpose flour Today I will be preparing these with some pizza dough Over to my kitchen to see what you need for this Ingredients Here I have some ready pizza dough Refer to one of my earlier videos on how to prepare this It is very simple and easy to prepare with little igredients. I have prepared this dough last night I had refrigerated it and removed it an hour before using For the filling, take some olive oil in a pan. Once heated add in the onions, garlic and saute it for a while Next goes in the capsicum, carrots, sweet corns very little beans, you can also add few peas over here Saute everything until they are tender for a min or two Add some salt, pepper, red chilly flakes, mix herb seasoning Some sugar, pizza sauce, ketchup and mix everything Mixture should be little dry for 1-2 mins After 2 mins, switch off the flame Add the crumpled paneer to it, along with small pieces of paneer, and very little salt Switch off the flame, since paneer is very soft Do not overcook it. Transfer it onto a plate Let the mixture cool down enough Add some grated cheese to it I am using a mixture of cheddar and mozerrala cheese Mix it well For making the pockets, take a lump of the dough With the help of dry flour, roll in onto a flat surface Into a big round or rectangular sheet out of it It should be atleast 1/4 cms thick Do not make it very thin Cut it into rectangular shapes They will become square pockets Take 1 sheet and place 2-3 tbsp filling Wet the edges with the help of your fingers Gently fold it and press it slightly on all sides Keep doing this on all sides Once all pockets are ready, let them stand for 5 mins Heat oil for frying and lower these into medium hot oil in batches, fry these flipping these occasionally Do not flip them too many times otherwise, the cheese filling will ooze out. Keep frying until they turn evenly golden brown These are now ready You can serve these hot with some ketchup on the side So my paneer pockets are now ready Though theese are small they are packed with flavours My children often used to have these at Mcdonalds So I thought I will recreate these with some of my own twist and flavours You can use the same filling and make some baked paneer puffs Do try this simple and amazing and delicious recipe and let me know how it turned out for you If you enjoyed watching this video, then do share it with your friends and family Click bell icon to receive mobile notifications Till then take good care of yourself, Bye Bye

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