Oreo Milkshake Recipe

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel. Today I’m sharing with you how to make an
oreo milkshake. This is simple and quick to make and tastes delicious. So if you would
like to learn how to make it then lets get started. The first thing I’m doing is picking out
glass to serve the milkshake in. You can either go for a traditional tall milkshake glass,
or you can use a mason jar like I am. To make the milkshake look extra good I’m
starting off with decorating my glass with chocolate syrup. You can skip this step if
you would like, but I think it gives a great effect to the milkshake. Take your glass and
tip it to the side, pouring a small amount of syrup out. The syrup will start to run
down the side of the glass as you continue. To make a syrup look more interesting try
adding more syrup in different places creating a more interesting effect. Once you’re happy
with your design set the glass to the side while we make the milkshake. For this milkshake you will only need a few
ingredients and a blender. The recipe will be listed in the information box as well as
on my website, so just click the link on the screen now. The first ingredients is milk.
You an can use whatever kind of milk you would like here, I’m just going with regular milk.
Measure out the milk and pour it into the blender. To the milk we are going to add some vanilla
ice cream. I’m using vanilla because it’s plain and won’t take too much attention
away from the oreo flavour but you could use any flavour you would like. Use an ice cream
scoop to scoop out two medium sized scoops of ice cream. Place these in the blender with
the milk. This recipe has quite a liquidy milkshake but if you would like it thicker
just add another scoop of ice cream. And the last ingredient is of course oreos.
I’m using 6 for this recipe, but make sure you have a few extra to garnish the milkshake
at the end. Add these straight to the blender, theres no need to break them up at all. Place on the lid and begin to blend the milkshake
together. This shouldn’t take too long, about 20 seconds or so. You don’t want to
blend it for too long as the ice-cream will begin to melt and the milkshake will be a
very liquid consistency. Before serving check the consistency and either
add more milk or ice cream depending on your preferences. Pour the milkshake into the decorated glass.
This recipe makes enough for one large glass or two small but it can easily be doubled
to serve more. Top the milkshake with some whipped cream and garnish with some crumbled
up oreos and straws. Serve immediately. I hope you enjoyed this video. This oreo milkshake
is great to make when you feel like a treat. It only takes a few minutes and it tastes
delicious. If you make it don’t forget to send me a picture of your creation. For more drink recipes give this Margherita
a go, or for more videos take a look at my channel. Thank you so much for watching and
I will see you in my next video. Bye.

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