oneConcept Smoothy 2G Mixer (Magic Bullet clone)

oneConcept Smoothy 2G Mixer It is basically a clone of the Magic Bullet this is the power base in the description and in the manual It is written 400w, but the label on the base indicate 218w in the lower part there is air vent and soft legs the base has safety switches so the engine can’t start invane unscrewing the small glass (200ml) you can see flat blades the blade group can be screwed on any glass for blending, just press the blade group in the base + cup the glasses with the handle can not be inserted in the microwave 2 drilled lids are supplied for example to pour the grated cheese and two covers freshness This is the squeezer also called “centrifugal” the operation is simple: you have to insert the food in the center the food is chopped by the cross blades the rotation of the blades pushes the liquid against the metal filter and then in the jug the problem is that this method is not very efficient the pulp remains very humid. To make the juice is much better use the slowjuicer the jug can also be used without the filter so you can blend 1.2L food This is the group with cross blades the cover to avoid sketches let’s try to make an orange when the blades do not rotate the juice tends to fall into the filter and wet the pulp in this way the pulp remains very wet let’s try to make almond milk a bit more water grind coffee beans always use the flat blade to get the food chopped finely blend fruit I put a banana half orange and a little cranberry juice omelette in seconds First grate the cheese and then add the egg chop the rosemary disassembly the blade unit

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