Official Sea of Thieves Developer Gameplay #4: “Four Feathers”

[Ben] Is anyone on the ship? [James] Yep everyone but Topher [Jessica] Where is Topher? [Topher] I’m up on the island I can see you
guys [James] Cool have you found the chest? [Topher] No [James] DO YOUR JOB [Topher] Oh my God [Ben] Do you want to go back to where they
are or the other side of the island? [James] Let’s go back to where they are ‘cos
we can sink them [Ben] Good news they’re moving [James] I’ll get more cannonballs So much for our express let’s get as many
chests as possible [Ben] They’re dead ahead I need to take a
moment to eat five or six bananas [Topher] Just a man and his bananas [Jessica] Oh [Ben] Someone’s firing cannons on the far
side of the island [Jessica] Yeah [James] Is that going to be the skeleton crew? [Jessica] That is skeletons I think [Ben] I mean I don’t want to pass judgement
on their aiming code but [James] Hey you saw how deadly they were [Jessica] Are there other people on this island
now? [Topher] Oh God there are other people on
this island now [Ben] Are we heading back to get Topher? [James] Yeah we should head back to get Topher [Ben] This ship’s going to pass by right in front [Jessica] I’m going to aim at them [Topher] I can hear other people near me Oh God there is a skeleton ouch [Ben] So we’ve got damage back of the ship [James] There’s nothing downstairs [Ben] Topher we’re back where we were before [Topher] Yeah and there is a ship sailing
right past me and I don’t think they can Oh that’s you [Ben] That’s us I can see you you’re up on
the ledge [Topher] Can you get this skeleton near me
I’m scared [Jessica] Okay I’m lowering the anchor okay Otherwise we’re going to go into the sandbank [Ben] Right so have we got this chest yet? [Topher] No [James] What the hell have you been doing
Topher? [Topher] I’ve been looking for the four feathers
at the north west of the island [Jessica] Stone near the top of the island
to the north west shine a light [Ben] I’m staying on the ship [Topher] I’m just shining my light everywhere
just going crazy [James] Well there’s only one way to go Up [Topher] I also went down [James] Okay let’s see if I can do an up-and-under
bye-bye Oh I think I can see you
I think I can see you [Topher] Me? [James] HailshotHanna hello [Ben] Are all three of you on the island? [Jessica] Yeah I’m on my way up to the top [James] Hello [Topher] Ahoy [James] I cannoned myself up [Topher] I see [Jessica] Are they coming back? [Ben] Yeah they’re coming back
right I’m moving the ship because otherwise we’re going to get a kicking [Topher] Save me JT [James] On it [Topher] Ow [James] There you go [Ben] Right I’ll do laps of the island in
lieu of staying here and getting shot [Topher] Why did I eat that banana needlessly
earlier [Jessica] I should have stayed on the ship
I don’t know where you guys are Oh I see your lights [James] So what are we doing then we’re looking
for the four feathers painted on the stone The four feathers we’re looking for the four
feathers [Topher] Is that meant to be like a forefathers
pun? [James] I think it might literally be four
feathers [Jessica] Not everything is a pun Topher God [Topher] I disagree [Ben] Everything should be a pun let’s be
honest [Topher] I agree [Jessica] If everything’s a pun is anything
a pun? [James] Are we puns? [Ben] Guys this ship is on us we’re going
to take a bit of a battering at this rate [Jessica] Oh no we can’t lose our chest If it comes to the worst take the chest and
run away Bravely [James] So I found an altar [Topher] Yeah I found that altar but it doesn’t
clearly have feathers [Ben] Right we’re moving we’re moving So if you go back to that beach where we landed
that’s not our ship just FYI [James] There’s a ship going by very fast [Ben] That’s probably our ship the one that
looks like it’s running away [Topher] Are we the one that’s being chased
or doing the chasing? [Ben] Yeah we’re the one that’s being chased [James] I mean it looks dramatic from up here [Topher] It’s very pretty it’s quite nice
actually I’m enjoying this [James] And now the skeletons are firing on
you [Ben] Oh give me a break guys if one of you
guys want to take out that skeleton [Jessica] I’ll take out the skeletons that’s
my responsibility now [James] Yeah you made this problem [Jessica] I did time to fix it [Ben] **** I need to fix the ship [James] If it’s any help they’re firing at
both of you Yeah the other team have broken off pursuit
so you’ll be fine [Jessica] Oh I came out of a bush and there
was a skeleton there Okay I’m dead so I’ll come back to you then
fire some cannons [Ben] The ship might not be here when you
get back just to warn you [James] Meanwhile we continue to look for
feathers I’ve found three triangles [Topher] That’s closer than what we were at
before [James] Yep [Topher] Three is close to four [James] Oh hello oh God I was about to shoot
you HailshotHanna But this is the bottom this isn’t the top [Topher] I know but maybe they meant like
the top of the bottom [James] Metaphorically the top? [Topher] Maybe they meant like the top places
and the top place to be [James] Oh so if we look on TripAdvisor [Topher] Yeah that sort of thing [Ben] Oh these bloody skeletons [Jessica] Are they still firing at us? Okay shall I take care of them?
I’ll take care of the skeletons again [Ben] Again so put upon [Topher] So passive aggressive [Jessica] They just won’t behave themselves Ah ooh I heard the whistle as the cannon went past me the cannonball [Ben] At least now they’re shooting at you [Jessica] They’re not shooting at me [Ben] Are they not? [Jessica] I assure you they don’t know
how to [Ben] A peek behind the curtain [James] I’ve found six leaves around a man Oh just **** you [Ben] Feels like there could be a lot of bleeping
in this video [James] I don’t think our story’s going to
get shown that’s for sure [Ben] Oh guys that ship’s coming back
I’m having problems [James] I’ve found an altar [Topher] Does it have feathers? [Ben] James I’ve found a pirate ship
like perspective No seriously is anyone coming back to help? [James] No no in all fairness it’s easy to
find a pirate ship they’re quite big Ben Feathers feathers are small [Ben] Right well I’m going to crash our ship In my defence you sort of brought this on yourself Friends? [Jessica] Oh I shouldn’t have left I can’t
even find the skeletons [James] Okay I can see I’m coming back I’m
coming back [Ben] Hello random fellow ship
shall we be friends? [JV] Yeah let’s do it ‘cos I ain’t got any
cannonballs anyway [Ben] Yeah let’s just be friends that’s fine [JV] Alright [Ben] I like your natty green ship
that’s pretty good [JV] Yeah yours is quite nice it’s kind of
all looks like oak to me which is a quality ship [Ben] That’s a quality wood yeah [JV] Nice bear on the front as well [Ben] Yeah I’ve got to go pick up my crew
now so I’ll see you later Sorry I was conversing I was making friends [James] Could you ask them if they’ve seen
four feathers? [Ben] Joke’s on you guys I’m getting in the
video now [Topher] Hey this island looks like a bird
that’s pretty cool [James] OH I’VE FOUND FOUR FEATHERS [Topher] Where where? [James] YES [Topher] Which where? [James] I have no idea I’m pulling out the
compass now [Topher] Compass [James] Okay can you see the mermaid smoke? [Topher] Yes [James] Okay if you go to the mermaid smoke
then I’m directly **** YOU NO DON’T YOU TAKE THIS AWAY YOU YOU [enraged animal sound] I JUST I was so close I was so close I saw it [Jon] Hey thanks for watching If you enjoyed what you just saw then please
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