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hello friends welcome back to git er
vlog evil I Ament a oka simple basic office makeup look to bitch about the
Nano Challa simple and each a lacuna product
search of which about to now no a Quaker makeup sweats Kony our fiscal demand
condom when the Kamata moilee I put in him on a skinny man the minimum office
and the eight hours working to the color so eight hours were cool when I move
easier carriage is a makeup to be chosen on and mother-child a core products so
to bitch about the nanos so let’s get started so Nene curvature and EMM
products use just – no no just aloe vera gel and I’ll add my peach milk
moisturizer and bones BB cream under basic things use just turn on and meta
mmm Cavalli and choppy so to cerca de evey products told chest Kubota nano
under Daniken de mundo Nene kara biotic advanced fairness fish was chest cunanan
mutton and you’ll see a face wash it a business skincare routine Lotus in guru
so II face was use just cutting a bunch of fish was jest Cunha know another
vitamin G Komen hate tight chases Conde in case her hate Monica moon depart to
tame animals Erica makeup just Cola move under that to man on BB cream our
pledges continum colosso dango sangha manchinga hate pikeys as condé and a
miracle and a toner waistcoat una and rose water toner vicuna new hundred
cervical Mancha aloe vera gel apply chases Coney mortem face on top like
Jesus Coney oka five to ten minutes will sa ND a pramana phase can toddy absorb
out to Leah pachala refresh gone is Tony Lamanna Skinner and that there was an
any Cadillac my peach milk moisturizer applicant una no I dunno every day
moisturizer and each Allah Bhagwan Tony you know ain’t no months known to use
just to know needy and Adi applied she says cone the merest you say a
moisturizer in of our LeDoux under bottom a car under sunscreen lotion
could apply a scorcher Nicorette sunscreen lotion scriptures to
nano under a BB cream our pledges as Conley so to cerca de chollet aquatic
una no Monaco a critical highlight part soon are you a current Ave Sakuni
managing a highly chases : Mota over alderman a phase and the places Coney me
cover and the blender throw in a blend just go to layer on the chair throw in a
blend just go to any college a tournament Jigga Jesus come – no no –
renly Mark J Toni need because – Lee on the
blender a new blender to face is called
choo-choo circa remote Amitabh Lynch’s Kanye kurayami can be check under and
Iwate Nene Carol Acme compact powder use just come to nanu McCarville until
concealer to highlight parts occurred on Io Ida Akira on the lips together
motorways kochu but unlike ocean Laden matter Sudan Kisangani no equal to pitch
at ladoo telecoil products so chip is to nano and that there was a lack my
compact powder business Kony and I put Kajal pet Kohli so Nene Cadillac me
iconic Kajal face come to none o so Charlie bound to needy so to cerca de a
la mancha complex Jesus condemned me Cowell and the aisle and I’ll put up it
called true but linear Akira eyeliner skipped just tuna no eyeliner pet cüneyt
Atlanta miru waterproof eyeliner pet Conde in the country cause a pool long
lasting around Al Queda Sudan kasanga so miracle but cuneta Peru kinder Pettis
Cunha Theravada just Allah I close JC Merrigan a pet Cunha on Gandhi Miku pine
eyeliner pet could not look on pistol Manmatha so he put tube essentially this
teller I close she’s his cornea play chess Conde
so let me quit sha Allah Bhagwan piston and Matta under that wat emiru eyebrows
kochu shall alighted Kakutani no eyebrow pencil and that other wat emiru eyelash
a carloon kannada down to man chica girl Jessie only child bound to none de la
cascada malama no eyelashes on a vehicle jump I Cunha and Conda gala kuru lava
can be such Allah Bhagwan to none Matta and mascara easy Mothra Marcel skip chia
candy so under the Implanon than madam mascara is called a mala Mauna ala
burger can be sky each other clean the cella because I can be stir and matter
so Alex Len to counter and leave Monaco overall Luke Kennedy mask Aragon away
score Amala soon a new mascara compulsory base Kunta no mere color
mascara sell scripture candies which Allah baka can twist I am Anna is a
mascara Vesco Ramallah so alderman of face makeup on type only
so I put o Cucina lipstick lipstick or emiru L of a squirrel and a light
couplet ask only Patrick Quay co-operators Cove or do ye two shades
same amount a via play chess Conley so choose Arcada
so Monty red lipstick you table TSS Cunha No
and they play moment you go to bed Carly zone in a lap it contains Elsa / – I
like me eyeliner una caja donto pet Kunta no chip is Tangier endemic ooh
Nakul naamam pick code Amanda chili stir more like catching Nabila bed Karanka na
sono Aprilia eyeliner tone a pet cuttin on manager Andy so finally I point Li
easy okay simple basic office makeup look on chopper to knock you watch
carriage a romantic Chandra kala is to move will enter Mon the kabocha
carretera mr. Minelli knock of compensation Lafayette just Conde so
watch put upitis Coonan also Idina office basic makeup load meander key
Alon bit chilly so Janice the co-products Tobias Cunha new juicer
kadhai and I thought what a me game common law
of any handbag Lois’s code – handbag could have mistakenly couldn’t jump a
quake or design on Aviva’s coke and a simple Ghana vs Conde handbag Talib Abu
candy so to circa died in an office make a blue Kalyan which enemy under key hope
me and their key nuts in and I’m going to Nauvoo so in the cute Garnica down so
alone are alone on one chip in a quick comment session oh shit just currently
so each office makeup look me under key nuts in and I’m going to none o next
night one day please like chain deed comment and Al and which Indian ad so
Shh A&E machine scheme Assemblymembers K ever Kennish hae and every knock at the
Gov you just not your day subscript Escada matter much for do subscript just
gonna fuckin wanna be like on until II and they could activate trainee so that
in a name video approaches nomic notification on it’ll soon be so thank
you so much for watching and be so you office makeup look around negentropy
knock off comment session with a coconut HS Conley thank you so much for watching
take care bye bye

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