NutriBullet vs Vitamix Review – Which Is Best? See for Yourself

This is John Kohler with
Today I have another exciting episode for you, and this is definitely going to be a
fun one. I know it’s one you guys have been waiting for a long time, especially if you
saw an infomercial on TV for this little guy right here. It’s called the NutriBullet. What
we’re going to do today is actually compare the NutriBullet to the good old-fashioned
VitaMix Turbo Blend VS. So, you know, many people may wonder, how is the NutriBullet?
Is it really as good as they say? Is it really not a juicer? Is it really not a blender?
Is it really a nutrition extractor, which is what they repeat several times during the
infomercial? Well, you know what? In this video, I’m going to explain more about that.
So, let’s get right into it. So, in the infomercial, the infomercial sales person tries to convince
you that this is like the most revolutionary thing since sliced bread, and is it? Well,
I don’t know if it’s the most revolutionary thing, but I’m glad they got the infomercial
running, because it lets you guys know that the way to health, according to the infomercial,
is by eating some of the natural foods, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, that you can
grind up in your own NutriBullet to make your own superfoods at home, because most Americans
are eating far too much processed foods, animal foods, and things out of packages, bottles,
and jars. We need to get back to eating the foods found in nature. So, if that got you
to this video, that’s great. We’re going to take it one step further in this video. So,
anyways thy explain that the NutriBullet is not a juicer, and I definitely agree with
that because a juicer is something that basically separates the juice form the fiber, and it’s
the juice form the fiber that feeds you, at least according to what the juice (unclear)
says, and I have plenty of videos on juicers, so refer to those videos if you’re interested
in juicing, because that’s a totally different process. If you’re interested in learning
how a juicer differs from a blender, please check my videos out. Several good videos that
explain the differences in detail. We’re not going to get into that today. Now, also the
infomercial they say the NutriBullet is not a blender. Well, the definition of a blender
is one that blends an electric appliance for mixing or grinding, and you know what? That’s
what this does. In some commercials, they say the VitaMix is not a blender. Now, why
would they do this? They want to convince you that this appliance or this appliance
is something totally different than your standard household blender, and on that case, I would
actually have to say that they’re correct. I mean, this is a standard household blender
that you might own already, but this is in a league of its own compared to these 2 guys.
This guy, you know, runs at about 450 watts. This guy’s actually at about 600 watts, oh,
and start it up, and this guy’s actually 1380 watts. So, you know, this guy’s more powerful
than this guy, but this guy, guess what? This is the big daddy. He’s really powerful. So,
as you can see it really is blender because it’s the blender that mixes everything’s up,
it blends it up, it just grinds it up at the same time, and that’s what the NutriBullet
does. So, don’t be mislead by the infomercial that gets you to buy this. Another thing the
infomercial says is that this is the only machine in the world that has the patented
extractor blade right inside here that’s going to do the exact same job as this. Well, that’s
probably true. This is probably the only appliance that has the blade itself, but, you know,
there’s other blades in other machines that are just as effective, or in my opinion, even
more effective than the blade in this machine here. Now, I want you guys to remember that
the NutriBullet is made by the same company that makes the Magic Bullet, the Baby Bullet,
and even the Party Bullet, and they’re just another company making housewares that are
imported from china. Actually, VitaMix is made in the good old USA. So, they just want
to sell you more products. While I think this product is definitely really good, you know,
I think supporting Americans and American jobs is a lot more important. So, in any case,
as we found out, this is still just a blender, and in a minute we’re going to test it in
2 different tests that I’d like to share with you guys to show the capabilities of this
machine, compared to the VitaMix. The firs things I Want to do is actually go over some
of the specifications of the NutriBullet compared to the VitaMix. So, the NutriBullet, as I
mentioned earlier, is made in china. The VitaMix is made in the good old USA. Now, the NutriBullet
is probably about, you know, ¼ the cost of the VitaMix. Now, yes, granted, you get what
you pay for people. You know, this is less money, it’s going to do a pretty good job
but not as good as the VitaMix, but once again, let’s take a look at the warranty. I want
you guys to purchase an appliance that you’re going to use every day, day in day out, for
the rest of your life, so that you will make the investment in the most important thing
you got. What is that? Do you know? Not all the money in the bank, silly. The most important
things you got in your life is your health, because guess what? Without your health, you’re
not here. If you’re not here, you cant’ enjoy the money in your bank, you can’t enjoy your
sports car, you can’t enjoy your house, you can’t enjoy your wife, you can’t enjoy your
kids, you can’t enjoy anything in life without your health. So, you know, think about it.
If you make a one-time investment in the VitaMix, 7 years warranty, compared to one year, although
you can purchase extended warranties for the NutriBullet. Let’s next go to the capabilities.
So, this guy holds a scant, in my opinion, 24 ounces of liquid. This guy rated at 64
ounces. So, that’s over 2.5 times larger. So, if you’re just paying around wit getting
more fruits and vegetables in your diet, this might be good for starters, but let me tell
you something. A meal for me is filling up this carafe and drinking it, and that’s one
meal to get as many fruits and vegetables in my diet as I’d like. My goal is to get
2 pounds of leafy greens in me every day, and the VitaMix ill easily put, you know,
if I stuff 1 pound of greens in there wit other things, no problem all the time. Now,
with the NutriBullet, because it is 2.5 times smaller, you’re going to have to at least
make 2.5 batches. So, you know, that’s a pain in the butt and it’s going to take you longer
as well. So, the carafe size is significantly different. Next, let’s talk about the RPMs,
to how fast it spins. This guys spins at 10000 RPM. So, that’s actually fairly fast, but
guess what? The VitaMix spins 3.7 times faster, at 37000 RPMs, that’s a lot quicker, to assure
you you’ll be done in a shorter amount of time, and its going to save you time in the
kitchen. Also, less blending means less oxidation I the long run. Next lets go over the wattage
we talked about briefly earlier. This guy’s 600 watts. This is 1380, 1 thousand 3 hundred
80 watts. So, that’s over twice as many watts. So, I’m sure this is a lot more powerful,
especially if your putting load on it and putting some nice hard rich mixtures in there.
Like this guy can make nut butter if you push nuts down into it with the tamper, and let
me tell you, this guy’s going to choke. It’s not going to make the nut butters to the same
exact consistency. Another things on the NutriBullet is that it only has one speed. So, if you
like you’re car black like Henry Ford said, you know, you like the NutriBullet because
there’s only one speed. You don’t got to worry about it. With the VitaMix over here, you
have variable infinite speeds. Think about it. If you turned your TV on, and there’s
either off or on at a high volume, right? With the VitaMix, you have a little dial like
those old-fashioned volume controls on the TVs where you could turn it down all the way
or turn it up all the way. You could even turn it up onto high which is turbo mode to
get you’re smoothie done especially quick. So, I like the flexibility that the VitaMix
has. Another thing that I talked about earlier, nice again, is the NutriBullet is made and
imported form china, and the VitaMix is made in the goo old USA. Actually, I visited the
factory in Cleveland, Ohio, and I’ll have a video in it really soon with my factory
visit. It’s a great place. All American workers working in there, and they’re doing a phenomenal
job. So, vote with your dollars, keep your dollars close by inside the United States,
and then you want to go with the VitaMix. We also talked about the warranty. Once again,
one year on the NutriBullet and 7 years on the VitaMix. Now, to me, an appliances such
as the NutriBullets or the VitaMixes, one of the tools that you can use to make a change
in your life for the better, because these tools allow you to eat more fresh fruits and
vegetables so that you can be healthy, because in my opinion, fruits and vegetables are the
best things on earth you could be eating, especially ones you grow yourself. So, start
a garden if you’re not already, because then guess what? All the greens and all the foods
you’re putting into your blender that cost you some money is going to be free, and plus
there’s no better things to eat home-grown food. No better taste and no better nutrition
either. In any case, along with the blenders, they also come with some information to get
you motivated and to get you on a plant-based diet so that you can be healthier, and let
me show you the differences with these. So, the NutriBullet comes with this little small
user guide and a little booklet, but check out this one with the VitaMix. I mean, the
VitaMix people put this together for you. I mean, this things is a serious book. It’ll
actually stand up on your counter. It has, you know, hundreds of recipes in here that
are plant-based, so that you can make these healthy changes so that you can get healthier
to day instead of tomorrow, because tomorrow may be too late. So, I like that it comes
with a nice large book. Also, the VitaMix Turbo Blend VS comes with a DVD that’ll teach
you how to prepare some delicious plant-based uncooked recipes. In addition, it comes with
a hemp nut milk bag to make your own fresh nut milks, you know, like hemp milk, almond
milk, even things like brazil nut milk, are absolutely delicious and they’re excellent
substitute to get the milk out of your diet, that’s actually very high in fat and, you
know, can be an allergen for many people. So, I really like the nut milks and even better
than the nut milks, to me, are the coconut milk. Oh, that’s absolutely fabulous, and
you can make it fresh in your VitaMix. The Turbo Blend VS is the only VitaMix model that
comes with the Live Fresh Raw Vegan Vegetarian recipes. If you do buy a different model VitaMix
it may come with a different recipe book that’s not as geared towards the healthy recipes
that I want you guys to live on. Other than that, for the most part, the Turbo Blend VS
and VitaMix models are all similar. They share the same the motor, and many of them share
the same carafe. Actually, while we’re on the carafe, I do want to mention that both
the VitaMix and the NutriBullet have a BPA-free carafe if that is an important feature to
you. I guess the next thing, since we’ve compared them pretty much in detail now in the specifications,
let’s see how they work. So, the first test we’re going to do is something that I like
to do a lot. It’s using these guys right here. Now, these guys are actually called flax seeds,
if you guys can see those, and flax seeds are high in omega 3 fatty acids. Basically,
on some of the research that I’ve read, most Americans are deficient in omega 3 fatty acids
because they’re eating foods that contain far too many omega 6 fatty acids. So, a lot
of the processed foods have far too many omega 6′ and not enough 3’s, and we want to get
a good balance or a good ratio of 3:6’s. So, by eating flax seeds, you can do just that,
but the problem is these flax seeds, I mean, they’re literally just little seeds and if
you just take a bunch of them in your mouth and just chew them up, you know, you’re probably
not going to chew them adequately, and they’re going to come out the other end whole, and
then they’re not going to do you or me any good. So, for that reason, that’s why I like
to take the whole flax seeds and blend them up in the blender. So, you can buy the whole
seeds at most health food stores, and they many try to sell you the milled flax seeds
in the health food stores. Now, I highly discourage you guys form doing that because when you
buy milled flax seeds they’re actually breaking apart the cells walls and breaking open the
little seeds and then when they’re broken open all the nutrients inside are exposed
to air which causes oxidation which may cause the nutrients to degrade and also the flax
can go rancid. So, in my opinion, the best is to buy your own flax seeds and then grind
them up just as you need them. Don’t grind a whole batch at the beginning of the month
and then use them through the whole month. If you want to use some flax seeds for dinner
tonight, grind some tonight and use that in your dinner. If you want some tomorrow, grind
some tomorrow. That was you’re going to be assured the highest quality omega 3 fatty
acids in your diet. So, we have here about ¾ of a cup of flax seeds. We’re going to
go ahead then and put that into the VitaMix here, and we’re also going to go ahead and
out that in the NutriBullet. We’re going to have to be kind of careful pouring this. Alright,
right in there. So, when you are grinding flax seeds, what I want to recommend to you
guys is actually you make sure your whole container is dry. Make sure it’s completely
dry and your blade is completely dry, because if it’s not completely dry then the flax seeds
are going to stick to the water in the container, so we want it completely dry. Now, the trick
that I’m going to have to do is, you know, I’m going to run both these blenders the same
amount of time to let you guys know the difference, because if you ran the NutriBullet longer,
you know, more than likely it’s going to catch up to what the VitaMix performance is. Without
further ado, let’s go ahead and turns these guys on. To turn on the NutriBullet, I’m just
going to press down, and to turn on the VitaMix I’m just going to flip the switch up. Ready?
1,2,3. As you can see, both blenders are spinning around the mixer fairly well. The NutriBullet
is still spinning around, but in the VitaMix, the edges are not spinning around too much.
Just shake this up a little bit. Alright, let’s stop it. Alright, so, we’ve got it done.
Check it out. Were going to shake that up a little bit. Shake the VitaMix up a little
bit. The fatty acids are released actually when you’re blending this stuff up, so that
we’re going to see this. Sometimes it gets stuck to the sides of the container. We’re
going to go ahead and pour this stuff out. Alright, the VitaMix milled flax seeds on
that side. Next, let’s check out the NutriBullet. So, once again, this is ¾ of a cup of flax
seeds right here on the plate. Wow. There’s a significant difference in color. We started
out with the same volume of flax seeds from the same container, and, man this is very
interesting. Alright, there’s all the flax meal from the NutriBullet. Now, I don’t know
if the camera can make that out here. I don’t want to tip this too much, but this one’s
actually a lot lighter in color and this one’s a lot darker. I guess next I’m going to go
ahead and pick this up and check out
the fineness. They’re both fairly fine. After looking at this a little bit more closely,
I can definitely determine that the NutriBullet actually did an excellent job at grinding
the flax seeds but it’s just not quite as fine as the VitaMix, but, in my opinion, it’s
definitely acceptable. So, the next test we’re going to do it the liquid test, and this is
what really counts because this is what they call a NutriBlast, and you want to make a
NutriBlast, or what I would call blended salad, in your blender every single day so that you
can get more of the good stuff in you and, you know, exclude some of those junk foods
and processed foods. The more you eat the healthy stuff, the more you get an acquired
taste for it, and the mote you’re going to desire more, and the better you’re going to
feel. Now what we’re going to do is make a blended salad recipe to see how both of these
machines work making a blended salad or maybe if you want to call it a NutriBlast or a VitaMix
blast or a vitablast a whatever, it doesn’t matter the name. What matters is that you
want it to contain the most fruits and vegetables with a little bit of nuts and seeds as possible.
That’s the healthiest recipe that I can give you. You want to use whole foods. Foods that
if you want out to you’re garden, you could pick up and bring them in. Now, you couldn’t
go put and ick, you know, olive oil off the tree. You could pick some olives. So, I want
you guys to use whole foods. Olive oil is just, you know, extracted fat from the olive.
Instead of using olive oil, I’d rather you guys use whole olives, that are pitted of
course, in your blended salads. So, this could be a salad if I want to eat it, and normally
what I’d do actually is I’d blend up the Brazil nuts with the orange juice, and that’d make
a nice dressing. I’d then pour that over my salad with some cut up tomatoes on it, but
the blender can save you some time and also allow you to get more nutrition out of the
foods because it’s going to turn those cells inside out like they do in the infomercial.
What they do in those blenders is actually fractionate and turn at high speeds to literally
grind up and break open all those cell walls so that you’ll get the best digestion ever.
One of the things that if you ate a salad, you know, most people don’t chew they’re food
into a mush, like when you were a baby and they had to feed you a baby food because you
didn’t have teeth. I mean, we should be using our teeth to grind things up into mush every
single time. Like 200 chews a mouthful, but nobody has time to do that, and that’s where
the blenders can really save you time and also allow you to get more of this healthy
nutrition in you. So, lets go ahead and put together our blended salad recipe. First,
what we have is we have the orange juice. So, we have approximately half a pound of
orange juice going into the NutriBullet, and we have a half a pound of orange juice going
into the VitaMix. The next thing we have is we’re going to go ahead and put our greens
in. So, I have baby kale right here. This is 2.5 ounces of baby kale. This is going
to go into the VitaMix, and now we’re going to put that same 2.5 ounce sin the NutriBullet.
Now, one of the things about the NutriBullet id that this carafe is particularly small,
so you can’t fit as much leafy greens in it as I’d like. So, if you do end up buying the
NutriBullet, I want you guys to make at least 2 NutriBlasts in one sitting to get at least
a good amount of greens in you. You want to remember that greens should always be in your
blended concoctions that you make at home, whether you want to call it a NutriBlast,
a green smoothie, or just a blended salad. So, that’s the 2.5 ounces of the baby kales.
Next, we’re going to put in 1/3 pound of organic baby tomatoes. So, we’re going to go ahead
and put this right in the VitaMix, and we’re going to go ahead and put this right in the
NutriBullet. Now, one of the things I want you guys to remember is that when you’re feeding
items in the different respective blenders, you always want to put your liquid items closest
to the blade. So, in this case I put the tomatoes closest to the blade of the NutriBullet, but
unfortunately, I put the kale in closer to the blade in to the VitaMix, but it should,
be aright. Finally were going to add the Brazil nuts. Brazil nuts are high in selenium, yet
another mineral that can be hard to find in the average Americans diet, so that’s why
I like to eat brazil nuts every once in a while. Just a few Brazil nuts a day and you’ll
meet your selenium requirement. All these fruits and vegetables have a wide variety
of different vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants, and, for me, the most important
is the phytochemicals in there. I mean, in kale there are literally over 1000 different
nutrients, many of them yet undiscovered and, you know, we just don’t even know what they
do yet, but take it from me that kale is just one of the most nutrient dense foods on the
planet, according to Dr. Joel Ferguson, who cam up with the ANDI scoring system. That
stands for Aggregate Nutrient Density Index, and if you go into any whole foods market
in the country or even in the world, they’re using the ANDI scoring system to score the
foods sold in the Whole Foods, and the highest on that scoring system is 1000, and that’s
where kale lies, and on the lowest on the scale is a 1, and that’s where soda lies.
So, what are you eating more? Are you eating kale, which is the most nutrient dense food
on the planet, or the soda, which is one of the least nutrient dense foods on the planet?
I want to encourage you guys to eat the most nutrient dense foods and the foods that are
highest on that list are guess what? The leafy greens followed by the vegetables and then
by the fruits. So, by eating fruits and vegetables you’re eating the highest nutrient density
foods on the list and guess what? Foods high in nutrient density are low in calories, so
those are the ones that may help you lose the weight as well. So, now we’re going to
go ahead and put these Brazil nuts in. This is actually 1/8 of a pound of Brazil nuts
going into the NutriBullet and 1/8 of a pound right in the VitaMix. We’re going to go ahead
and put the lid on the VitaMix, and we’re going to go ahead and put the lid on the NutriBullet.
We’re going to shake this mixture up in the NutriBullet a little but to see if we can
get tit mixed up pretty good and we’ll do the same with the VitaMix, and then now we’re
all ready to blend. So, in the VitaMix we may have to user the tamper because I should’ve
put on the bottom, or actually I should have put in the tomatoes and then I should’ve put
in the kale and then I should’ve put in the brazil nuts on top. I kind of put it the way
that the NutriBullet would’ve liked it the most, and so that’s just what it is. We’re
just going to go ahead and stick the tamper in there. Now, this tamper let’s you make
especially thick mixtures in the VitaMix because all blenders, they require liquid to blend
properly, except the VitaMix because you’ve go that tamper. That means you can push tings
into the blade if it doesn’t have enough liquid in it. If something’s not blending in your
NutriBullet then you have to add extra liquid or shake it around to try to get the blade
to come in contact with the food. In any case, let’s go ahead and turn both these guys on
the exact same amount of time to see what kind of consistency we’re going to get. Okay.
Ready? 1, 2, and 3. Alright, you can see the VitaMix is already blending up and the NutriBullets
blending up now. We’re going to go ahead and count to ten and then we’re going to stop.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, stop. Alright, we stopped both blenders. Now, let’s see what
we got. We’re going to go ahead and pull the tamper out of the VitaMix, take off the top.
We’re going to go ahead and twist this NutriBullet around, tap it down a little bit. Man, this
stuff smells really good. Let’s go ahead and screw off the extractor blades. I’m going
to ahead and clear this flax seed out of here. I’m going to go ahead and bring in our 2 containers
with a similar, exactly similar straining device. Now, I want you guys to think about
it. When they did the test between the NutriBullet and the standard blender, the infomercial
person used a strainer with actually large wholes. So, that’s no fun. I’m using one with
particularly small wholes. So what we’re going to do is actually pour both these mixtures
through the strainer to see hat’s left over. So, let’s go ahead and do it. 1, 2, 3. Alright,
we’re pouring both through, and both strainers are catching actually a lot of different things
in it. Let’s go ahead and pour it all out. Wow, those strainers are pretty full at this
point. Alright, now we’re just going to go ahead and shake this down and see fi we can
get the liquid shaken down and see what we’re left with. Very slowly but surely there is
stuff coming through the strainers. Alright, man, on the play-by-play, I don’t know if
you can see this but I can. The VitaMix strainer actually has about ¾ stuff left over and
the NutriBullet looks like it’s about completely full, and guess why that is. That’s because
the VitaMix was able to get in there and really rip those cells apart and break your food
down even more than the overhyped NutriBullet. So, let’s go ahead and continue to strain
more. Straining with the NutriBullet and VitaMix. Having so much fun on the
channel. Alright, we’re still continuing to shake those down, same exact time, same exact
channel, same exact time, and, man, at this point now, the VitaMix, there’s only ¼ of
the mixture left. The NutriBullet probably has about ¾ of the mixture left. That’s because
it does not go down the strain because it didn’t break it down quite enough. Okay, we’re
still shaking it down, still shaking it down. Now, the VitaMix almost everything has gone
down the same exact strainer basket and on the NutriBullet, not much is actually going
down. I think we’re going to shake this down a little bit more so that actually all the
VitaMix liquid, or most all the VitaMix liquid is actually strained through. Actually, looks
like almost all the VitaMix liquid is strained through, and as you can see, we’re left with
a couple of chunks of nuts that didn’t get blended. Now, that’s acceptable because maybe
we should’ve ran it a little bit longer, pulsed a couple of times, but check this out. On
the NutriBullet, even after shaking it down the same amount of time, we still got a lot
more left in the strainer basket. So, you guys saw it here first. I mean, I didn’t do
a taste test, because your taste buds can lie, but guess what? The exact same size strainers
don’t lie. They let the same particles go through on the VitaMix Turbo Blend VS that
didn’t on the NutriBullet. So, I want you guy to consider that, you know, when you’re
going to buy a NutriBullet. I would highly encourage you guys, and I know it costs more,
but I want you guys to get the appliance you can use for the rest of your life, and in
my opinion that’s the VitaMix. It has a seven year warranty, and as you saw it works better,
you’re supporting Americans with American jobs because it is made right here in the
US, it does a better job, it has a better capacity so that you can eat more fresh fruits
and vegetable sin your diet and get better results than people with the NutriBullet.
I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. Once again, my name is John Kohler with
Be sure to visit for special promotional offers for YouTube

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  • By the way John the Nutribullet is great for shakes made with the tree kale you recommended. I got several plants after watching the videos. They are getting bigger every day… thanks for telling us about them!

  • 5 mins in, and Im switching to Vitamix. I had a Nutribullet and it was Good but my thing is I have a long a list on fruits/veggie/nuts-seeds list and want more in my blender. but i do see that vitamix comes with the black jammer pusher down thingy. Don't really like the idea of doing that, but can live with.

  • Thank you for this product review. I have been wondering which blender to get and you have helped me to make my choice.

  • what's the point of straining the juice after is done, I thought it is better to take it all? that is why you buy one of this machine or no?

  • Thank you for this John! I have been tempted to purchase a NutriBullet to mix up smaller green smoothies for snacks. Thanks for taking the time to explain everything to us!

  • It's kinda of obvious that the Vitamix is going to come out on top. Great video though with some great info about both appliances!

  • John, I hate throwing out the pulp from jucing. What compost bin would you suggest. How do you maintain the bins? Do you need earthworms? Would you please make a video on composting properly? Thank John!!!!!!

  • Thank you for telling the truth! Basic marketing is taking advantage of us cause we're not used to reading. Good blenders, good juicers… these are old concepts but our new generation needs to be re-educated. Thanks John. I bought my Omega 8004 from you… I dont regret it and I've never consumed as many vegetables and fruits! Thanks and KEEP GOING! Start doing Google Plus Health Hangouts that air live globally and are stored on Google!

  • I really do like my nutribullet John BUT in less than 6 months I noticed the plastic vessels chipping on the INSIDE. Also when I added hot water to it for a blended herbal drink the spines around the vessels developed hairline cracks. The small vessels now have very fine cracks still usable but when the liquid is juiced it comes through the cracks especially when running. Also the large size is 24 oz but you can only fill to 18 oz or it leaks. @1 yr the blades are dull! bummer!!

  • @Jane Sorensen Love my Vitamix too! Wr have the turbo 750 wide carafe that came out within the last year. I use it everyday, several times a day. You definately pay for what you get and its worth it to save your money for it. Besides its made in the USA not china!

  • @Ferarri4444 Out of touch really? Have you ever heard of saving your money? The vitamix blows the nutri bullet out of the water. Nutri bullet would be great for travel but would never hold up to the amount of blending I do. You pay for what you get…quality made in Usa or made in China. Maybe you wouldnt spend $500 but many people do and they last a lifetime

  • Love my vitamix but when I bought the nutribullet, I put it away. Nutribullet is a great machine and I don't mind making the smaller batches, it doesn't take long for me because I'm organized. The only downfall is that it's made in China. The price of the vitamix is restricting (severely) so if it goes, it will not be replaced once out of warranty.

  • I have had my Vitamix for about a month and I just can't say enough about it. I use it every day, sometimes 2 & even 3 times a day. I did have a little accident with the plastic piece that screws on to the lid, so I have to call the company to see if I can get another one. I even get my husband to have smoothies that I make from the Vitamix & he's a SAD eater!

  • yes buy american support companies here get us back working on american soil!!!!!!! I did!!! love my vitamix use it daily it is wonderful! I love it! smooties nut butter dressings sauces, even juices once swquezzed thru a nut bag wow it does it all and it heats up with longer time to make soups.

  • Nutribullet may be good for traveling as it's small, but I'll stick with the Vitamix as it's made in the US, and probably will last 3 times as long as the NutriBullet. I like the Nutribullet as fall as size, but anything beats stuff made in China.

  • I make hummus in my 5200 all the time. I use the 48oz capacity carafe so I am not digging it out in the deeper 64oz carafe. It works great!

  • It may not be a fair one but this is the most asked question I have from my customers.

    Thanks John for your video!! You ROCK!!

  • I use a combination of the vitamix and the Omega VRT to make coconut milk. Please see my other video where I show this:

  • The point of straining the mixture in this video is to show the particle size that each blender created. If you want a juice, use a juicer that removes the fiber/pulp. The machines shown in this video are blenders that combine the liquids and fibers in the juice. For the differences, see:

  • For composting pulp, using worms is the best. I do have videos on composting on my other youtube channel

  • My Vitamix has enabled me to make homemade treats like coconut milk and tahini in just a few minutes. But I'm concerned that this product that promotes healthy eating contains plastics that are dangerous our health. BPA-free does not equal safe.  Let's tell Vitamix to  bring back their stainless steel carafes and make Vitamix a truly safe product! For consumers looking for more information on plastics, the following links are a great resource to get informed!  
    There is also a petition on  Eating whole foods is not enough, we need safe products in which to prepare them! 

  • Good video, and personally for me i think you did a better job at selling the Nutribullet then the Vitamix, if the Nutribullet is doing just about as good as the other one i would rather save $400 and get the bullet, i just got it at Costco for $60 and i love it !! I agree American Made is the way to go and i try to as often as possible but the Vitamix is extremely expensive

  • I have a nutribullet, and he is right about the oxidation. You can see it right in the video how much lighter the vitamix's side is. Recently I've been getting annoyed with the whole flipping the nutribullet upside down to work it thing, having to add water to blend what doesn't get blended, it's small size… The vitamix is sounding really appealing to me. Not to mention American made!

  • I dunno, I have a NutriBullet and it's the best thing I've spent money on- It's easy and the whole family knows how to use it since it's just a couple of simple steps, some of them think it's fun to use. XP Idk, It does it's job.

  • I went through two nutri bullet in two years… I broke down and bought a vitamix and well i'm happy with the vitamix..

  • The Vitamix is THE BEST!!!! Worth every single penny! I bought mine on the Vitamix site 7 years ago..I bought a refurbished one..and the warranty was still 7 years like buying it brand new…and best of all…they PAY for you to ship it to them if you think something is wrong with it!!! Who can beat that?!?

  • It's rubbish the Nutri bullet I bought one it lasted a week it leaked on the first day the motor stopped after a week

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