Alright, so we got all our fruit cut and ready
to go. We’ll be ready to make our first Nutriblast. And we are making the Toxic Cleansing Blast
as it’s dubbed. The ingredients are as follows: 1-2 handfuls of spinach, 1 cored apple, 1
cored pear, a cup of pineapple, and 1 banana. We’re going to stuff all that into our large
cup and top it off with some water, and we’ll get our blast on! So here’s the max line. So they say about
half.. that looks about half, right? Well, a little more. So I wasn’t able to put in all of the apple,
or all of the pear, or all of the banana, but it’s beyond the max line. I put water
to the max line. I’m going to throw the extractor blade on and we’re going to fire this thing
up and if it reduces down pretty well then I’ll re-open it and re-add the additional
fruit, otherwise I cut my fruit up too big? Maybe? I don’t know. It’s my first time guys, it’s my first time,
alright. I’m trying to figure this out! Alright, here we go. Cyclonic action! We’re
going to go with that. Almost 30 seconds. It’s green! It’s super green! Oh yea, it smells
a little green. Maybe I put too much spinach in it. Okay, I taste the banana. The unriped banana.
The banana wasn’t ripe yet. It needs more fruit, like it’s not quite sweet enough. I had a banana this morning. It tasted fine. It’s not bad, but it needs more fruit. Like
I clearly put too much spinach and not enough fruit in it. So it’s definitely, it’s not
liquid, it’s not juice. It’s definitely a little thicker than juice. Like I said, the
first thing that I taste is an unriped banana. It needs more pineapple. Do you guys want to try it? Alright, Sierra’s
going to try it first. And I can smell the banana. You can smell the banana? It’s alright, but it needs to be sweeter,
right? It needs more fruit. Alright, you try it now. And it’s a little thick, too. It’s a little thick, yea. I think I put too
much spinach.. I stuffed too much spinach in there. It’s okay, right? You don’t love it. You want to try, Lucy? Because it’s kind of like, it’s kind of like
fuzzy. It’s kind of fuzzy! That’s a good description.
It’s kind of fuzzy. Alright, so I added the other half of the
banana, another half a cup of pineapple, and another 3 pieces of apple. I think the banana
was ruining it. The banana is not quite ripe, as you can see here. They’re not quite ripe,
and that’s what I taste. In my opinion, the perfect banana is the one
that’s starting to get freckles, just starting to freckle. That’s when the sugar starts to
get because it’s really sweet, because it’s a banana. That tastes like a green, unripe
banana, and that is the predominant flavor in that thing.


  • nutribullet has to be the best thing i have ever got…easy to clean and i get all my veggies and fruit and i see positive changes in my body

    After using it for three months the thing starts leaking brown stuff (rust ?) Maybe usefull if you got a shortage of iron in your blood but very disgusting to see. Just another worthless apparatus and a waste of money…

  • Should used half a pear half a apple whole banana the spinach you was ok the first time. Sometimes it good to use organic juices. Like half water half juice.

  • Just got a used one w/o booklet. Will this bullet crush ice cubes? I want to make smoothies using ice but don't want to break bladesn  Have you tried peanut butter ot try to make p. butter? Does it work? I just don't want to try this w/o knowing

  • Hello, I began using a Bella juicer in May,2014. I then viewed a ad for the nutribullet. With the waste of the produce from my juicer, I purchased the nutribullet. My choice of drink, is kale,spinach,cinnamon,ginger,whey,or protein powder,old fashioned oatmeal, flax seed, water,and a somewhat ripe banana. While I continue to use, and love my Bella juicer for carrot juice, I use my nutribullet,several times each day. I have lost weight, my cholesterol is down 60 pts.,my skin continues to glow.

  • Just want to share something I found with the bullet cleaning. 
    I clean my bullet each time..VERY WELL..but find unless you also remove the rubber ring and clean it, it WILL start to get moldy. YES in fact very moldy and you cannot clean the ring it once it has mold. I tried everything but nothing including bleach would get rid of it. I urge everyone to check this as i'm sure you will not want to be drinking anything that has been contaminated with this mold. Do the sniff test. after you have washed your blade head, have a good smell around where the ring is. You shouldn't smell anything other than maybe dishwashing liquid. If you have a slight or bad odor you need to remove that ring and see whats happening.  I get my ring out with a smooth round metal nail file. You need to be careful you don't damage the ring so don't use a sharp knife that may cut the ring. 

  • I highly recommend waiting until your bananas are extremely spotty, THAT'S when a banana is truly ripe.  Many think it's when the banana is yellow, but no, yellow bananas are not close to being ripe.  A banana turns spotty when the starches have properly turned into sugar, it's reached its peak nutritional value, and it's the easiest to digest.

  • Okay so I just bought one! And I'm very nervous to use any vegetables because I really don't like the taste
    I love fruit but I know I need veggies

  • I have been in the market for a blender but I have made my mind up and I am going to purchase the Magimix 11610 but I am away for a weeks at a time and may consider this for those weeks when I am travelling but it would not be my main blender.  I prefer a nice glass jug but that is just my personal preference and from some of the things I have seen the Magimix blends faster and smoother and for everyday use that is ideal.  I do not mind something of lesser quality if I am away.  The key is just having something that I can use as an alternative to ensure I am able to consume my healthy breakfast and for those times I think this may be a solution.

  • Hello I too like nutriblast, I share an application for android where you will find many recipes.

  • I was wondering how the everyday blender, set on puree, is any different from the nutribullet? The tv info commercial outlines the process of how the nutribullet works & its benefits, but it just sounds like they're trying to sell a regular blender with "mysterious powers." But ultimately it looks like a blender, acts like a blender, & does nothing more than a blender, so it's just a blender.

  • Proper toxic clean is spinach, celery sticks, whole lemon and some ginger, but making it too smooth does not have proper "scrubbing your guts with fiber soaked in acid" effect 😀

  • Instead of water, I'd highly recommend a juice of some kind. And be aware that going over the max line will over time ruin the blade and it'll start rusting nonstop.

  • u have cute lil kids n i like that "fuzzy" yer lil boy said.lmfao. cant wait to try this. Ive never had a smoothie w/ spinach in it before.

  • Woohoo, over 200,000 views on this video now, thanks guys and gals!  Keep sharing the Nutribullet love and maybe one or two of your SECRET recipes! *winkwink

  • omg, how clever!!! I am so happy that you decided to do a review with your children! 🙂 After all, children are so honest! I love this video, you honestly seem like a wonderful parent!

  • This video was cool! I make healthy comfort food on my new YouTube channel. I'd love it if you would check out some of my recipes and share any tips you might have for growing my community…Thanks! 🙂

  • Recently bought the Nutribullet Rx, and I absolutely love it!
    Nowadays it's hard finding a product that works just as it is promoted, but Nutribullet definitely offers the bang for the buck.
    5 stars.
    I've been Kaling and carroting my ass off.

  • you are another one conned by tv ads bullshit, first by blending fruit and veg ,,you are destroying the fibre in the fruit and destroying 80-90% of the nutrients ,, the fibre in fruit gives you the full feeling so you do not overload on sugar (fructose),, second by blending fruit you release all the fructose in the fruit all at once ,, when you eat pieces of fruit, your body breaks down the fructose slowly so you do, not get a blood sugar spike,, when you blend fruit your body gets all the sugar at once so you can get a high blood sugar spike,, the machine is a blender and not what they say,, infusion and extraction, what a joke,, nutribullet fruit drinks have more sugar than coke,

  • this single serving blender meaning use less of all ingredients make smothey one person. if plan do lot for 4 people want use a pitcher blender or do this 4 times. i think if used 2 peaces pair 2 peaces apple and hafe banana and less spinch it do fine

  • I use this everyday, twice a day. My mate also uses it everyday, twice a day as well. If you take literally under 1 minute to whip the blender's base, it will be nice. Cleaning it after every use helps it to stay new as well. Once you keep it clean, it will last long. It is truly a good investment. You can get cheaper blenders that do the same thing, but I must say the power of the nutribullet is quite impressive.

  • Thanks for the video. awesome smoothie man. The best results that I have noticed was at Smoothie advantage (just google it) it was the most awesome tips that I tried.

  • Need more sweet, without overpowering flavor? -Dates. -Available chopped/crumbled and are low-moisture (so you'll probably need to soak 'em in water in the frig. overnight to soften 'em). And there's also honey, just pour a bit and go. For people reducing sugar intake, there's natural products like stevia.

  • Take out the O-ring around the blade to see the mold build up. Drink the moldy juice is not healthy. Be careful all consumers🤔🤔🤔

  • Your kids are awesome! I like how adventurous they are, because most kids probably wouldn't try something like that. Good dad! I just bought a 900 series, so I'll be doing my first one tomorrow. Excited!

  • I brought a Nutribullet about a year ago. The only thing I dislike about it is it's too small. You can't blend a great deal together. I'll be buying a much bigger blender today.

  • I was looking forward to using my NutriBullet. after 3 tries, I took it back. It leaked inside and even leaked through the bottom of the unit. A mess. Clearly I had a lemon as I don't see anyone else complaining about this in review videos except for one reviewer who mentioned there was leakage inside.

  • …Need: larger container OR less fruit and cut smaller…ripen a bunch of bananas cut in half and freeze on a tray then store loosely in bags or containers in FREEZER…pineapple sweetens best…add different fruits…frozen ORGANIC ONLY (Aldi) strawberries work well…LARGER cup will help lots… )P.S. Use Frozen Bananas within a month…if they turn very mushy use them anyway.

  • I love my Nutribullet it's changed the way I eat. I try to make the process easy. For bananas I just peel a bunch and throw them in the freezer, I don't even think about it. Cauliflower is also good for texture. Every smoothie gets flax. Almond milk is usually the base.

  • Put an EQUAL amount of each fruit in the container, cut them up SMALLER, do NOT go past the max fill line, then add some water for the blender to mix properly!

  • Use 1 1/2 bananas (large bananas) or 2 small bananas. Could also add some raw honey and/or dried fruit (raisins, dates, cranberries) for more sweetness. Nice family !!! 😃👍

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