NutriBullet Breakfast Smoothie that Tastes like Dessert!

Hi Everyone, welcome to my kitchen.
Today I’m making a breakfast smoothie. It could also be an “after lunch, before
dinner smoothie”. You know, when you feel that drop in your
energy and you need a bit of a pick-me-up… Well, coffee gives you a pick-me-up, but it’s not nutritious but this is a pick-me-up nutritious. So this is a pick-me-up nutritious drink, that’s going to get you though your
whole afternoon. I have: some prunes and walnuts. I soaked those overnight in the fridge… so they are really plump and juicy. And the smoothie’s
not going to be crunchy. I’ve also got: ground Chia Seeds, and ground Flax Seeds, (I ground these myself, but you could buy them that way), Strawberries, bananas,
and avocado. Really good for you. Got a oil. I’m just going to put some Greek Yogurt in there. This one isn’t flavored, it’s just plain. But if you’d you could put put vanilla in there. If you want to keep your sugar down, going for the plain yogurt is best.
And I’m using Almond Milk today. Okay, that’s ready to go! Give it a wiz!
It’s going to get a bit noisy. Looks great. Give it a taste. Yep. YUM-SCRUM.
Have a great day! Bye.

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