Nutribullet Blender Demo

Hi there. This is Jen from Simple Green Smoothies and
today I’m bringing you into my kitchen to try out this bad boy. It’s called the NutriBullet Balance and it’s
one of the newer blenders. It’s a smart blender which means that it comes
with an app that you can download to your phone and once you pair it with the Bluetooth
you can actually pull up recipes from NutriBullet and get directions on how to prep your smoothie,
put it in here, measure it out and also figure out the nutritional information behind it. But today we’re going to kind of forget all
of that stuff and just focus on the power behind this blender and figure out if it really
will even blend a green smoothie. ‘Cause that’s what it’s all about, right? So we’re going to do Takes Two to Mango, which
is one of my favorite smoothie recipes and it’s in our program Simple 7, which you can
download and join through our website at And you will get seven green smoothie recipes,
the shopping list and a support group to help you start your green smoothie journey. So let’s get started and make Takes Two to
Mango right now. With this blender you have to take it off
the base and twist the blade off to get to your container. We’re going to do one cup of spinach, which
is about a handful. Next we’re going to do one and a half cups
of frozen mango. I like to use frozen mango because then I
don’t have to cut it or prep it or any of that and it also keeps your smoothie cold. There we go, gotta get that last piece. Now we’re going to add in one orange. I am using a blood orange which is really
bright and vibrant inside because that’s all I have. But it’s just as good, it’s just sweeter. And when I’m cutting the orange, I like to
keep the pith on it which is the whitish, yellow part because that has the most vitamin
C out of the whole orange and we need vitamin C. We need to keep our immune system strong. So don’t get rid of that pith you guys. All right I’m just going to chop it up a little
bit to make it a little easier to blend. Put it in there. The last thing we’re going to do is add the
water. When it comes to the NutriBullet you need
to make sure because it’s an inversion blender so we’re going to flip this upside down once
it’s on, you need to make sure that you screw it on super tight just to make sure the seal
is on there and so it’s not leaking. All right, that bad boy’s not going anywhere. Put it on here. You push and turn to activate it. All right, if you saw me looking up close
it’s because I was looking at the chunks still and waiting for them to blend up. All right when you put that seal on tight
you also have to use those muscles and get it undone but I was able to. And one thing with this container, it actually
comes with a lid. So if you want to take it on the go you can
just do it like this but it is a really large container and I know it would not fit in my
cup holder so I’m actually going to pour it into my Mason jar which I always use for my
smoothies. Look at that. Perfect. All right, and I can look at it. It’s super creamy, there’s no leafy chunks
so it definitely blended which is the most important thing. And let’s see how it tastes. All right, Takes Two to Mango is still a winner. So if you liked this recipe or want to try
it, if you enjoyed the blender demo or have any questions, I want to let you know that
you can reach out to us, you can leave a comment below and I’ll answer it. You can also enter to win this blender. We’re going to give one away right here on
YouTube. So what I need you to do is leave a comment
below telling me what was your favorite part of this video and then on May 30th, end of
day, I’m going to announce the winner. So comment below and let me know what you
loved about this video. And if you’re interested in more blender demos,
I have plans to do a lot more of these. So make sure you subscribe to our YouTube
channel at Simple Green Smoothies. All right, bye.

100 thoughts on “Nutribullet Blender Demo

  • What was your favorite part of this video? I'm planning on making more blender demos, so let me know what you want to see more of!

  • I love how quiet the blender is. My blender is sooo loud!!! I also learned how to peel an orange and keep it as nutrient rich as possible. I always made it my goal to take as much pith off as possible. I love your programs…thank you for sharing this video!

  • I am very impressed with both the recipe and the blender itself. First the simple number of ingredients for the smoothie, four including the water. Plus the ease of use of the blender. These two key things makes the idea of being to do this so much more approachable for everyone.

  • My daughter & I blend smoothies every day for breakfast. She’s leaving for college soon and this wonderful blender would perfect for her to take to college!

  • I like that it's bigger the container and nutribullet does last long time mine just broke down so I do need a new one. Definitely I'll be doing that recipe for my next smoothie.

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    I wish I would win as I gave my blender to one of my friends and I am looking for having a new one 😍🙏😘

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  • Jen, how generous of you to be giving one of these away! NutriBullet is an awesome machine. I’ve had 2 in 15 years & they were mainly used for my daily smoothies. My latest one is about to die & this would be an awesome replacement. Living in tropical Queensland Australia mango is my families favourite fruit to throw into the blender. This recipe looks delicious tfs. Love the new lid with this version.

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  • I would have liked to see the finished product up close, perhaps while you were pouring it, so I could see for myself how smooth it was. Also, I saw the few spinach leaves stuck at the top, and wondered if you would need to stop it to shake those leaves down, as I have had to do with other blenders of this type. I assume you didn't, but the camera kept moving up and down the blender, so it didn't show if they just finally fell, or the mixture got high enough to grab them or what. I could see the bottom of the container (at the top of the screen) with leaves, then the camera panned down, and in the next shot they had blended it. This is not really "my favorite part", but hopefully these comments will help you to make videos that are a little more helpful again. Oh yeah…also, you gave the recipe, but did not say how much water. I assume a cup, since I follow your basic smoothie recipe every time I make one, but people who are not familiar with you and your amazing recipes might wonder. Sorry if that sounds like a list of criticisms – they are not! – they are meant to be helpful. I love, love, love your recipes and you!

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    Aren't they part of the recepie Jen?

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  • My son has lived on Juice and Smoothies for several months due to digestion issues and surgery. This blender looks amazing and would be wonderful gift for him, he has been through so much; we have owned several Nutribullets in the past and they have always been great but need the stronger motor . This Nutribullet RX looks amazing.

  • This is amazing! 😄 I've been wanting a Nutribullet for ages! I really like the fact that you can blend hard fruits and veg, not all blenders are able to do that, like the blender I have currently. I definitely need to get myself one of these! 😊👍👏😍

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  • Thanks so much for this video! I love how we can get the free green smoothie recipes through your program. I really appreciate it and can't wait to try it out when I start blending! You make it looks so easy and yummy!

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  • what's the point of using the most expensive blender by nutribullet designed to give you a nutrient count of what you are making if you don't take advantage. How many calories and how many carbohydrates are you drinking in your recipe? People want to know the nutrition of their smoothies. This is just a sales for your blog and recipe book.

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