What’s up everybody? Welcome back to Rackboyz
Fitness. Now, so while things are going on with this new competition for the Nutribullet
and the Ninjabullet the Nutri Ninja, I can’t even..I don’t know why so similar name it’s..the
Nutribullet, the Nutri Ninja. Anyway, we will talk about the blades right now, the difference
in the blades. Anybody that knows about the Nutribullet there
has been tons and tons of issues with the blades. They are leaking, they are falling
apart, the bearings are screwed up, aah, it’s just problems. This is a good machine but
this is the main source of the problem. Now, I know a lot of people are gonna ask, what’s
the difference in the blade? So let’s do the comparison. The only real difference is, well
there is a big difference, actually the construction is way different. With the Nutribullet blade
it has the ability to loosen around the bearings right here, around the seal and leak. That’s
where your problems are coming from. This, as far as it looks, is solid right here, sealed.
Now as time goes on and this part right here wears out maybe this will loosen up and leak,
I don’t know. But for now this seems a lot more sturdy, solid and better constructed
than this one. Obviously you can see right off the bat this blade is more rigid and upright
compared to this. It looks sharp but actually it’s a little is a little sharp. You
are not really gonna cut yourself unless you are going crazy but it is pointed on ends
and it does have some sharpness compared to this. These are not sharp at all. So just
as far as the sharpness and the positioning of it, even at the top, you can tell just
by looking at it. This is gonna have a much better possibility of breaking stuff down
quicker as opposed to this. So, this end, I’m sorry, that’s bad, but the seal is better,
this has the rubber seal on the bottom, when it screws on it snaps in very snug. You can
feel it. This, it doesn’t feel the same way. It doesn’t feel as secure and snug as when
this goes in. And the bottom, they pretty much look the same but the design and construction
on this one is much different from this but like I said, it does have the ability, I guess
to loosen up but only time will tell. So I’m going to keep a eye on this moving forward
but just to let people see the comparison in the blades. Just the way it’s constructed,
I would say that the Nutri Ninja blade is much better than the Nutribullet blade. I’m
gonna do a product comparison, direct comparison soon, stay tuned, any other questions comparing
these two let me know because the war is on apparently with these two. These two, they
are fighting for position, who is number one and I am gonna get to the bottom of it. So
until next time, stay focus, stay fit, please hit that like button to show your support,
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