What’s up, everybody? Welcome back to
Rockboyz Fitness. We’re back with another one. Check it out. Nutri Ninja has put
out a new model. A lot of people have
been asking me about it. Lot of people are
talking about it. Of course, of course, of
course, I had to go get it, let you guys know
what it’s all about. Now, first things first,
it’s the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ. What’s the Nutri Ninja Auto IQ? Let’s see what the box says. The box says, first
of all, 1,000 watts. Has 1,000 watts of power. Auto IQ has the one
touch intelligence. Pretty much, it
has auto settings. So it makes it easier to blend. It has the blend, ultra blend,
the pulse, and a start and stop button. And it’s pretty much going
to run through the cycles by itself. So you don’t have to think
and worry about too much. Other things it comes with,
a 32 ounce multi-serve cup, an 18 ounce cup, and a 24 ounce
cup, as you can see right here. That’s pretty much it. It’s not a whole bunch
of technical stuff to it. It’s not a whole bunch of
bells, whistles, surprises. You’re going to get– this
is a little bit stronger than the other model. The other model was 900 watts. This is 1,000 watts. It gives you some
cookbooks, some recipes. Basic stuff. Don’t really care about these
things right now, though. No, we really don’t. We’re here to make sure
this thing works and see how it works and
see what’s going on. So this is the big,
big-ass cup, 32 ounces. It has your
measurements here so you can know how much
you’re putting in there. You can measure this
stuff out perfectly. Of course, it has your tops. Three tops, three
containers, pretty much it. You have your blade. Same blade as the other
Nutri Ninja 900 Series. Same blade. Yes, people are going to ask
me, does it fit the other model? Yes, they both fit. Same size cups,
all of that stuff. So we’re going to get right to
it, see how this thing works. Now, it only comes
with three cups. This is my old cup. There was no reason for
me– like I said, they fit. So actually, just like I
said, to answer your question, it does fit, the same thing. I’m going to use my old cup. So no, it does not
come with four cups. I’m using my old
blade and my old cup. So I get this plugged in. Let’s see what is going on. Like I said, it’s real simple. Pop it in. Pop it in, and you turn it. See the light comes on at zero? Now, you know it’s on,
you know it’s locked in, you know it’s engaged,
and you’re ready to go. Now, from there,
you pick whichever cycle you want to run with. I have frozen stuff in here. So if anybody’s wondering how
strong this blade is if you’re not already familiar
with this product, this stuff I have
in here is frozen. And it’s going to break
it down very easily. Now, this is my first
time using this product. So we’re going to be seeing
what it does together for the very first time. So I’m going to start
pressing these buttons. And we’re going to
see what happens. I’m going to start with pulse. Let’s see. OK, now you see those
three little quick pulses that broke everything down
pretty fast, pretty quick. This is strong. 1,000 watts of power. I’m going to switch
it off to the blend. Ah, let’s go with
the ultra blend and just see what’s going on. Let’s skip right to it. OK. It’s automatically going
into its own cycle. It’s slowing down so that the
contents can go down and catch the blades properly. OK, as you can see,
it counts it down, lets you know what’s
going on, lets you know when it’s
going to stop. Now, if you didn’t hear what
I said when it was blending, because it does get kind of
loud, it runs through a cycle, obviously, as you can see. It stops and slows
down and starts again so that the contents,
whatever’s in there, can settle, reach
the blade, and make sure everything is chopped up. So that’s pretty much it. Like I said, everything
in here was frozen. I had frozen– what
did I have in there? I had mixed frozen fruit,
I had frozen broccoli, and I had some green spinach. That’s what I had in there. Look, completely liquefied,
no chunks, no clumps, no frozen anything,
no hard pieces. Look at that. And pretty much this was
just regular frozen fruits and vegetables. I didn’t have to put
it on ultra blend. I could have done the
shorter, regular blend, and it’d have broken it down. But you know, I just wanted to
see what the ultra blend does. You know, us guys
always want to go with the strongest,
biggest, longest thing. So that’s what it is. So for anybody wanting to know
about this Nutri Ninja Auto IQ, this is pretty much it. It’s not a whole bunch
of complication with it. It has your presets. It’s going to do this– if
you know about the Nutri Ninja anyway, it’s a great product. I’ve been using it for months. I use it every day,
and it’s great. This is pretty
much the next step. It has your auto pre-sets. That’s pretty much it. It’s not a whole bunch of
complicated stuff to this. Definitely check
this out if you’re interested in the huge
cups and the auto features. Hope this helps. Till next time, stay
focused, stay fit. Please hit that Like button. All my new subscribers,
thanks for tuning in. All my old subscribers,
thanks for tuning in. Hit us up on Facebook. Hit us up on Instagram. Let me know what you
think of this product, if you have it, if
you’re looking for it. Oh, by the way, it’s
not in the stores yet. I almost forgot. It’s not in the stores yet. I got it from Bed,
Bath & Beyond. I actually had to
go in the store and order it and have
it shipped to me. So if you go into
the store as of now, they probably won’t have it yet. So you might have to order it if
you don’t want to wait for them to get it in stock. So once again, please
hit that Like button. Rackboyz Fitness.


  • Just bought this I can't wait to use it from the video it looks easy enough I had the old version of the ninja 1500 watt it still works good but for some reason the attachment for the blade for the small cup no longer works found a deal at Bed Bath and Beyond $99.99 with the 20% off coupon

  • I have a question. in this video, you say the the cups and blade assembly from the AutoIQ system (BL480) can be used in the old unit, the BL450. Ninja Kitchen is trying to tell me that the 32 oz cup, which is all I want from the new unit, is incompatible with the old unit (BL450). Can you please confirm that the 32 oz cup can be used on the Nutri Ninja Pro (BL450)?

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    and is de auto setting ideally to the nutri ninja 900?
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    Thanks for this video! I want to buy a ninja one… but have to decide which one… 😉

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  • I would have thought that since everybody is going down the healthy path and getting into juicing more that there would have tons videos on these blenders but i was mistaken.. your like the only guy on youtube to do fully comprehensive hands on reviews on these blenders and do comparison videos too.. Thanks Alot but im stuck between this one and the nutribullet pro 900 what would you suggest? 

  • i bought this one today instead of the regular unit only because it was on sale at bed bath beyond for 119.99 and a 20% off coupon made it 95 bucks.  

    But im not sure the auto-iq is really needed.  certainly dont think it would be worth paying more than a few dollars more than the other.

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    Thank you for your time kind sir.

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  • Used my auto iq for the first time tonight and hated it so ordered vitamix 7500 on QVC Lol my auto iq is definitely going back tomorrow

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  • I bought one, Ninjas are supposed to be quiet, This is the noisiest thing ever!
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  • love your reviews i just purchased my Ninja Auto, i didnt buy this for fitness its mainly for nutrition and health benefits im suffering kidney disease, and i have found your videos the most informative on here so thank you from the United Kingdom

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