hey guys I definitely have to do a video
on this because I see a lot of on Instagram mainly because I’m not really
a facebook person but on Instagram I see a lot of people using lightning cranes
and stuff like that to lighten up their skin and it’s kind of concerning to me
and I also seen some videos and also likes also seeing a live stream on
Instagram and I thought this was interesting so this is why I’m bringing
this up now of a young girl she’s Braska ‘not young
girl who somebody had asked her how did she get her skin lightened and she
surprisingly said to that person wasn’t a surprise to me because I know for a
fact that this does this but you can naturally without putting chemicals on
the body topically lighten up your skin from flushing detoxification through
juicing juicing is a natural alternative for people who are looking to lighten up
their skin not that’s never been my issue but I have noticed that my skin
has gotten lighter I am light skinned it but as I have gotten older and toxins
have builds it up in my body I was getting I was still light but I knew
that I was I’m a light lighter skinned person and I my skin was changing once I
started juice fasting my skin just went back to like when I was 20 teenager 20
years old you know what I’m saying it’s got a really lighter and brighter all
over again and I always talk about my videos on my eyes had even got whiter my
eyes are already white but they got whiter when I look at them now in the
mirror I’m just like blown away that these are my eyes they even the color of
them they’re vibrant like they were when I was a kid and I could remember over
the years thinking maybe this isn’t my but I was losing that luster the color
of my eyes were like a like a glowing light brown eye and it was turning dull
and I just thought maybe it was just all in my head you know but come to find out
it’s not in my head I actually was real toxic so I just
don’t want to see you guys go down the wrong road and stop putting these
chemicals that you don’t really know what these chemicals coming from what
they’re made with and what could be the potential time it can do in the long run
for you using these products to lighten up your skin so I suggest that if you’re
looking to lighten and brighten up your skin naturally juice if you’re not if
it’s not about losing weight and you want to lighten up the skin the best
fruits not even vegetables to use or any kind of fruits because fruits of a more
astringent and they strip the blood and the liver and the kidneys and all the
tissue in the body I’m better than vegetables do like I said again that’s
to me fruits more astringent and strip all the toxins and flush them out of
your system which it doesn’t make you skin appear lighter it is lighter and
you’re flushing internally what’s you know you know in the body that’s toxic
out and make sure your skin lighter so it’s just a healthy alternative just you
know just my piece of advice it’s healthy it’s no pan that’s going to be
done doing it this way and I think that you guys should give it a chance come
back to this video in 30 days and tell me how it work for you so with all that
being said please subscribe to the channel like and share the video and
make it a favorite and I’m getting tongue-tied and I’ll see you guys in the
next bye for now


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