Myth Crashers – Think You Drive Better Drunk?

Hey everybody, Richard here with Myth Crashers. Uh, we’ve been hearing a lot of myths floating around lately but the craziest
one we’ve heard so far is “I drive ‘better’ when I’m drunk because I’m more
focused.” We’re outside of the hub here in Missoula today to drive some to go-carts to
see how well I can drive “drunk.” Let’s see what happens. All right, the way we’re going to test my drunk
driving versus my sober driving is with these drunk goggles. Now I know what some of you are
thinking — being drunk is nothing like the these drunk goggles. Well, yes and no. I’m not actually getting
inebriated by pumping my body full of a chemical, but I think we should watch some side by side comparisons of me wearing these drunk goggles and see how close it really is. Now you can see why they use these drunk
goggles as a comparison to the actual thing. I’m gonna race myself and the way we’re
going to do that is I’m going to drive this track sober, once. We’re going to record
that time, and then I’m going to drive it again with these drunk goggles. And then
compare the times to see which one’s faster. To make sure that I’m being honest I’m not
skewing the results one way or the other, Ben and I have a little bet: If I can’t drive
the track faster with the drunk goggles than I do sober, I owe Ben twenty bucks and I have to drink a bunch of soda and eat
two bananas, which, if you didn’t know is uh… certain recipe for vomit. I’m gonna do everything in my power to make this
happen — drive that track faster and put Ben in the ground. Alright, how’d I do? Felt pretty good about that one. 27 seven two Alright! Let’s gear up for the drunk lap. Huhhh. Haven’t got a good feeling about that. Thirty-six. That was rough — what was that? Thirty-six Thirty six? Twenty bucks, baby!
Ah man —
Down the hatch, I guess.
Ooop! Good thing I’m not drunk. Alright, that’s the entire two liters and two bananas. Well, that was terrible. Now, I’m out 20 bucks and I feel like I’m gonna cry. But obviously you don’t drive better when you’re drunk. You do not have the ability to focus in your body simply does not possess the
reaction time necessary to operate a motor vehicle. Do everybody a favor on the road alright? Call a cab, call a friend or just stay where you are. And don’t drink and drive. This myth’s been crashed. I need a blanket.

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