My tutorial for using SCS blender tools PART 1

MOTTO: “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”. (Socrates) Hi. Here is my way on how I make my mods for ETS2 / ATS with blender tools. If you want to jump to a specific section of this video, just hit the “SHOW MORE” button from Youtube description, where I added the time. Also, I wrote only suplimentary description or comments where I thought it was necessary. In rest, the video tutorial it’s more than explanatory itself. Suplimentary comments are not necessary related with my video actions! They’re only for your own information! So, now, as you can see, I just showing you from where you can download necessary tools for making mods. Now, prepare the folders for unzip blender tools and ETS2 game files Unzip all ETS2 game files with scs extractor Now, just drag and drop, one by one, each default SCS zipped files Even if it’s easy and tempting to select them all and drag them all in the same time, I recomed to you to just drag and drop them ONE BY ONE! If you’ll drag them all in the same time, maybe it’s a possibility that scs_extractor to unzip them with some errors or your pc to frozen (of course, this depend on how powerful it’s your pc). Delete all default ETS2 archive files Prepare folder for convert (with “Convert_Pix” tool) the default ETS 2 unziped game files, into import/export game files (.pim, pit etc) Just drag and drop the “base” file into Converter_Pix Prepare Blender to be able to import/export and convert SCS models Import default ETS2 firetruck for looking and try to understanding the SCS model structure Here you can drag all default ETS2 files and change it by your own desire, but try to follow the SCS structure! Now, change the default names with your desire names ALWAYS, when you make new mods, to avoid future conflict in game, it’s recomended by SCS to change the default names with new ones Quote from a default SCS .sii file: “SiiNunit …Warning: Even if the units are specified in more than one source file, they share the same namespace so suffixes or prefixes should be used to avoid conflicts” Now, let’s change the path inside all TOBJ files Now, let’s customise with GIMP and DXTBmp programs the default ETS2 firetruck .dds files into your own design for those .dds files First, let’s export it as DDS, BC3/DXT5 with Generate mipmaps Like this, every time you’ll overwrite a new dds file imported in gimp, gimp will overwrite as a DXT5 structrue If you’ll close Gimp, you’ll need to do this steps again. Otherwise, Gimp will overwrite as DXT1! We can delete it, because we don’t need it! Everytime when Alpha channel it’s DIFFERENT then image (our case!), use DXTBmp to open dds in Gimp Now, modify “norm” and “temp” with your own design! Now, overwrite “trans” and DO NOT CLOSE IT! Ovewrite “norm” and DO NOT CLOSE IT! (doesn’t matter in witch order you’ll do this) MINIMAIZE Gimp ( and DO NOT CLOSE IT!) In DXTBmp do Image/Reload after Edit Then, Image/Mirror Image and Alpha Then, AGAIN Image/Mirror Image and Alpha! Then, SAVE it as DDS Texture/DXT 5 ONLY NOW we can CLOSE those “norm” and “trans” in Gimp! At this point we’ll minimalize it, because we’ll use it later. If you’ll not use Gimp again you can close it too! At this point, we’ll minimalize it, because we’ll use it later. If the mipmap (“trans”) are white or the same as image you can open dds file only with Gimp (no need for DXTBmp!) After you’ll finish your own design, jus apply File/Overwrite “your name file” When you have the same structure on images, you can open MULTIPLE images in Gimp! Modify each one as you like it Make them all visible and export them all, using the EXPORT LAYERS gimp PLUGIN! Now, let’s use those .dds files that we made before to customise the default ETS2 firectruck meshes Customise entire default ETS2 meshes with desire ones I used default SCS SHADERS and UV maps, but you can make your UV maps and use your desire SCS SHADERS! For instance, instead of the Shader_Presets:”dif.spec.add.env” you can change it with desire one, let’s say, “dif.spec.shadow” Also, you can delete the default SCS UV map and apply your own UV map to meshes! Of course, for instance, you can also apply “Remove Nested Verts” and then “Remove Duplicate Verts”, remodelling those meshes, apply “Decimate” modifier, and so on! DON’T FORGET to do the same for each VARIANT & LOOK of that model (if there are many variants & looks for that model, of course)! Just verify all meshes for mistakes/missing/forgot something I recomended to do this step at least once before you’ll export your model, to avoid any further errors in blender/game! DO this step, especially on complicated models with many variants, looks, parts etc! Now, let’s FIX the default ETS2 locators of firetruck (lights, license number etc) At this moment, in this part of tutorial, will keep the default ETS2 locators structure and we’ll just FIX them! ALL entries from hookup values for locators (default/customise) MUST EXIST/be DEFINED (if they’re new customise entries) inside the specific “:sii” files from unit/hookup folders. Otherwise, blender tools won’t be able to find those records/values (as I’ll show you in this video tutorial a little bit later) Also, with every new customise entry in unit folder, blender library must be updated to find those new recorders/values, by refreshing hookup library (SEE NEXT STEP at: 1:18:21) UPDATE the unit folder and hookup library (at this moment, because we’ll use ONLY default ETS2 records/values for those locators, we’ll update ONLY with default ETS2 base unit folder! Of course, you SHOULD copy-paste from the begining ENTIRE default unit folder
into your mod folder, but I wished to demonstrate you what happen when you’ll won’t find a specific value of those locators You can’t find it, because that value simply just DON’T EXIST (yet!) in your unit folder! Save your model for later use DEFINE the corect PATH to EXPORT your model and then just export it! As you can see Export worked without errors! Open our saved model, import default ETS2 “lod:pim” model, move ONLY mesh that contain wheel apply material, UV map for each variant and modify the mesh (by keeping only wheels and delete the other unnecessary verts) Delete unnecessary locators and then export the model as “lod” and then as “lod_2” If you’ll encounter ANY error in EXPORT, then turn back to previous steps and do as I did till now! Now, let’s PACK MOD for ETS2 Choose between ETS2 and ATS (if your mod it’s for ATS, you’ll choose ATS, of course!) DON’T FORGET to GIVE A NAME to your mod, BEFORE
you’ll hit the PACK MOD button! Otherwise, your ENTIRE mods from mod folder WILL BE DELETET PERMANENTLY (like Shift+Del!) As you can see there is no error on packing! If you’ll encounter ANY error in PACK MOD, then turn back to previous steps and do as I did till now! Now, let’s copy-paste in def folder the default ETS2 firetruck “sii” files and customise them Now, let’s create the customise wheel for our mod, by modify the default ETS2 wheel for firetruck Of course, you can do this step before you’ll pack your mod and like this you’ll have one mod from begining, but I wished to demonstrate you that you can always add another modification to your mod Also, you can customise default ETS2 wheels with your own mesh/dds etc Also, you can skip this step if you’ll wanna use the default ETS2 wheel and definition! I do this all the time before I play ETS2 and CCD, because they’re great FPS eaters and I like to help a little my RAM, GPU and CPU with this step ALWAYS when you’ll test your new mods, open BEFORE the Task Manager Also, prepare your “config” file (My Documents/ETS2/config.cfg), to be able to see the errors/teleport etc Just replace “0” with “1” for following records: developer, minicon, console and fps (if you want to see also FPS in game) If there are ANY errors in console (during the play), they will all appear in game.log file (My Documents/ETS2/game.log) Now, DO NOT DO THIS STEP! This step it’s ONLY for DEMONSTRATE why it’s better to have the game graphics set to WINDOW mode and not FULL mode So, switch to WINDOW mode, BEFORE and EVERYTIME you’ll start to test your new mods! If you’re in FULL mode and the game crashed, because of that Windows WerFault computer may FREEZE and you’ll won’t be able to switch with Alt+Tab keyboard combination between crash and Task Manager and END that process! (of course, depend on your computer resources, size of mods enabled in Mod Manager etc.) WARNING! DO NOT end (kill) ANY OTHER process in Task Manager, except ETS2 crash and WerFault, if you don’t know what you’re doing! The OS may crash! As you can see the errors imediately appeared in game console! And, of course, the game will CRASH! Now, because I had only one small mod enabled, the computer doesn’t frozen on crash and I was able to switch between crash and task manager using my mouse and not Alt+Tab and END (KILL) ETS2 CRASH and WerFault processes! Once again, DO NOT end (kill) ANY OTHER process in Task Manager, except ETS2 crash and WerFault, if you don’t know what you’re doing! The OS may crash! And NOW, finally, let’s test the mod! You MUST DO this STEP, if you wanna check if your new mod works or not! 🙂 I also enabled in Mod Manager my emergency traffic mod (which it’s the default ETS2 emergency models) and my rush hour mod to proove that the new firetruck created can run along default ETS2 firetruck in game! If you’ll give a different names to your blender models, sii files (and inside of them), as I told you before, then, you’ll have no problem to run the same default ETS2 / ATS models beside your own new model made from the SAME default ETS2 / ATS files! Otherwise, the game can crash (in case of fatal errors, as I showed you before at “DO NOT DO THIS STEP” section) OR if they’ll use the same name you’ll won’t see your model in game! Now, let’s see if our mod working or not! NO ERRORS! Default ETS2 firetruck (modified by me) appears in traffic Also firetruck from our mod we just created in blender (using blender tools) appeared in traffic. As you can see it’s different then default ETS2 firetruck (skin, drivers and no sound) even if we made it from the same default ETS2 firetruck files! Also, all our 5 looks of our firetruck model appeared in traffic (as we called: ro, ja, pl, ru and au) Sorry, but I was patient until only four of them appeared Now, let’s check again for errors… NO ERRORS! So, our mission it’s complete! In next part (PART 2) of this tutorial I’ll show you how to change drivers (by making firetruck drivers, also from default SCS files; in fact in all my video tutorials you’ll see me using ONLY SCS files!) Also, I’ll show you how to change lights and add a model made from scratch in blender to this model. GOOD LUCK, happy modding and driving safely (especially in real life!) NEXT: PART 2 (final part of this tutorial)

10 thoughts on “My tutorial for using SCS blender tools PART 1

  • Hi Loong Hoong. I sit with a problem where i get to blender section, i stil don't have the small squarer that you select and on the right you get the yellow/orange bars. I did everything as you say, did it 4 to 5 times now, all the same. I save all files in D drive as it is the driver i run all my stuff from, C drive i just use for win 10 files and win related files. Hope you can give some info on what i can do. Also, love to here more on your ideas you working on, on the more driving simulator than only a game.

  • Bro i'm dead in the water here, have all open, got the little square in right top section and it is tick't, but no scs section and no bars in orange color on the right section. Where i go wrong.

  • Thank you very much!!! I just made a standalone steering wheel for my mercedes benz truck! Took alot of time learning! But finally I did it!

  • Hi … it's me Muszek .. sorry that I have not spoken for such a long time .. I had huge problems with the computer .. everything stopped working, and I lost my enthusiasm for creating mods .. later holidays for the period I rested and I slowly analyzed your movie … now I've managed to create the first model thanks to this video (link at the end)

    However, using the original UV MAP I am very limited, I would like to reproduce painting guard 1: 1 but I can not, because the map uv does not allow it … and I can not figure out how to create my own uv map ..

    Thank you again for all the help, and I apologize for my absence …

    Link for my mod:

  • thx for great tutorial bro! anyway, can you show how to make truck/trailer ui_shadow? i'm stuck in PS when to make shadow ao bake texture 'border' for it (after invert the image)..teach me masta. thanks

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