My Grandmother Told Me a Secret To Grow Extra Long Hair, I Can’t Believe!!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel my simple
remedies. today we are going to talk about how you can
grow your hair more than 7 inches in just a few weeks.with this remedy you have stronger
thicker more beautiful hair in no time. This process is a traditional Indian remedy
which is being used for ages to cure common issues such as baldness and hair loss. if you have been considering on spending the
money on hair transplant you should give this regrowth remedy a short first . you will be
amazed by the results. you will need just two ingredients for this
remedy. black cumin seeds and carrot juice. black cumin seeds improve your scalp health
over all and is a great solution for hair loss and regrowth. There is nothing quite irritating and embarrassing
then having a itchy flaky or oily scalp. studies have shown that adding black cumin seeds to
a scalp treatment can improve scalp health drastically. and can even prevent hair loss
over time. black cumin seeds is currently recognized
for treating thin hair , baldness or even hair fall. After you have thoroughly ground up the cumin
seeds. we will be using one table spoon for this
remedy . This mixture also requires half a cup of carrot juice. carrot juice will make your hair stronger
from root to tip . It also stimulates hair growth . and prevents breakage . carrots also
offer vital vitamins needed to maintain healthy hair . vitamin c and E in carrots improve
blood circulation in your scalp thus preventing premature graying. Apply this mixture to your scalp and leave
it on for up to one hour. rinse out with a mild shampoo using Luke warm
water. for best results use this mixture up to three
times per week. let us know in the comments below if you decide
to use this remedy at home and give this video a thumps up. Also be sure to subscribe to my channel and
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